World Cup 2002 - African qualification

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World Cup 2002 - African qualification 
Group C  match facts + reports
Algeria, Senegal, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt
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week1 June 16-18, 2000 
In the probably toughest group anything can happen. Though Morocco and Egypt are favorites, depending on the outcome of matches, Algeria and dark horse Senegal could become a surprise. They play each other Friday at Algeria.

In the second match Morocco plays at Namibia. It could become very important in the end not to lose any points here.
Algeria - Senegal  1:1
Dark horse Senegal tried everything to bag in the 3 points but eventually almost lost everything by two penalties against them. In a group where a high number of draws is expected it would have been valuable to win here. Nevertheless it is not a bad start. 
Judging from this match Snegal has the potential to race for the world cup spot, Algeria is a decent team, but should hardly a chance.
1st half:
Senegal strong like champions in the first minutes: Senegalese counter ('7), another clear opportunity for #7 ('8), great goal ('17): low cross from the left hand side exactly on the right spot and at the second goal post a player, Diop, has no problem to score for Senegal
next big opportunity ('21), Senegal would like to get a penalty here, referee waves on and a shot hits the outside of the net
After 23 minutes some excitement on the other side, Algerians also want a penalty but referee sees it differently.
Algeria with some good looking attacks and eventually they get the penalty they were seeking ('26): #10 Saifi scores - 1:1
oppoertunities Senegal ('38), Algeria ('43), and a huge one for Senegal in injury time
2nd half:
Algeria has the better start, but the best looking attack is by Senegal ('55). Something like a bottle is thrown by the spectators towards a Senegalese player and the referee ('56), 
Very good Senegalese attack but shot across the bar ('64), more half chances by the Senegalese ('70+), it is all Senegal now but there is still a threat of Algerian counter attacks
('78) Senegal, attacking, but with difficulties to produce clear cut chances now.
('82) after a free kick cross Senegal #13 is all free in front of the goal but his header has neither power nor accuracy
('84) out of the blue a second penalty for Algeria, frusttration, scuffles, the match is interrupted for minutes until the penalty gets executed:
-('88) the keeper is sendt into the wrong corner, but the low shot goes wide
-5 minutes into injury time a last opportunity for Senegal, but the players are not calm enough
Namibia - Morocco0:0
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week2  July 8-9, 2000 
Egypt were the real winners of week1 in a group that looks like it will produce a high number of draws. Senegal are the dark horse for a surprise and this is one of the most crucial matches. Can Egypt confirm their new poition as group favorites or can Senegal enter the race for a place at Korea/Japan?

While Algeria cannot be counted as a strong enough contender for first place, they might be still able to take away a numbber of points from the three favorites Egypt, Morocco, and Senegal. Morocco had a disappointing start and their reshuffled national team has disappointed several times now. Originally the top seat of the group the outcome is completely open now. In this match they are favourites anyway.
Senegal - Egypt 0:0 July 9 1630 GMT?
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Morocco - Algeria 2:1 July 9 1900 GMT?
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week3  Jan 26-28, 2001 
Group C is a wide open affair, suggesting a head to head race at least between Egypt and Morocco. Those two cancelled each other out Sunday night at Cairo and this will most likely not be the last draw in this group. Algeria is seeking a way back into the race and have taken the expected three points against Namibia without concincing. But this group with a low percentage of 3-point-games give winners a fast opportunity to catch up with the leaders. Morocco has a slight advantage now, two more key game look to be the encounters in February. 
Algeria - Namibia 1:0 Jan 26, 1430 GMT
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Egypt - Morocco 0:0
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week4  Feb 23-25, 2001 
In Group C it is the discourse of the ultimate football thriller: three exceptionally strong teams, Senegal, Morocco, and Egypt battle for a World Cup spot, cancelling each other out, and Algeria as outsiders, having taken maximum points from their last but unconvincing performance against Namibia, are still in the race with them.
Although none of the teams has yet been able to work out any bit of advantage, Egypt seem on the verge of losing faith after rather strong appearances especially in the first two matches have brought only 1 goal and three points while Morocco has gained a lot of momentum since the arrival of Humberto Coelho, their Portuguese coach.
But if there is any Cinderella fairytale role it will belong to Senegal. The team seems to be a second success story of the French football school: 15 of 18 players of the squad which held Morocco to a draw are professionals at France and the team is led by French coach Bruno Metsu.
The upcoming home matches against Namibia and Algeria will demand the answer to the question whether Senegal can perform as concentrated in the role of favorites as they have done in the role of outsiders.
Namibia - Egypt 1:1
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Morocco - Senegal 0:0
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Mar 9-11, 2001 
Egypt - Algeria 5:2
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Senegal - Namibia 4:0
1:0, 2:0, 3:0  El Hadj Diouf, '20?, '42, '46 - 4:0 '63 Henri Camara)
Namibia had had some difficulties on their journey to this away game and once again displayed their second face - the one of a weak away team. Or was it Senegal so strong in front of the 50,000 crowd? Henri Camara was a key figure in attack and one of only about 6 players left over from the squad that impressed at the Nations Cup a year ago. This already surprising team has now been transformed into a hungry, in majority  French based, group which is pursueing a dream observers would have only smiled about only three years ago. 

week6 Apr 20-22, 2001 

Senegal - Algeria 3:0
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Morocco - Namibia 3:0
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This group is supposed to be a thrilling affair between Egypt, Morocco, and Senegal. But a lot of draws, and thus 2-point-matches have been played in this group and so Algeria had still been left with a good chance. 
They arrived to play at Dakar without Ali Benarbia but with Moussa Saib but sugffered again a loss by a three goal margin. Now a lot will have to go their way and a qualification seems quite unrealistic.
For Senegal it had been rather a must win game to keep up the deadlock with Egypt and Morocco as both had won their home matches against Algeria. El Hadj Diouf of Lens, France, more and more turns out as the scoring hero for the West Africans but as remarkable is him and Henri Camara functioning as a dangerous tandem.
The same pressure had been on  Morocco who needed patience in their match against Namibia: any slip could have spoiled their World Cup campaign. They are still some goals behind now as they had beat Algeria only by a one goal margin.
This group should be wide open until the last matches. Yet all three leaders have reached similar results in comparable matches.

week7 May 4-6, 2001 

Algeria - Morocco 1:2
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Egypt - Senegal  1:0
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A thrilling affair between Egypt, Morocco, and Senegal. But a lot of draws, and thus 2-point-matches have been played in this group and so Algeria had still been left with a minimal chance before the encounter with North African neighbours Morocco. 
But Morocco had another lucky match, escaping by a very good defending and profiting from two fatal Algerian errors to take valuable three points on a weekend where the 'normal' results in this group would have been two draws.
Algeria by this result are now mathematically eliminated.
Senegal have impressed, showing qualities that have been known from the French national team rather than from West African teams yet, finally were beaten the first time at Cairo. They now have to rely on the help of others to find back into the race as they have only drawn 2 points from 3 very strong away matches at Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt.
Egypt have made a big step and if they can hold Morocco in the next match they will be very close to qualification.

Namibia - Algeria 0:4
Both teams with no more chance on qualification and without their key players. Both in instabile condition concerning coaching and administration.
goals: Fadel Settara, Brahim Ouahid (2), Fares el Aouni
halftime 0:3, att. 5,000
Morocco - Egypt 1:0
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After Morocco has beaten Egypt, Senegal, too, are back in the race. If they beat Morocco and win at Namibia, it might become a race for the better goal difference with Egypt. But for this the North Africans will need to win themselves their remaining matches and the away match at Algeria is difficult to predict.
For Morocco the receipe is easy: not lose their last match at Senegal. This means secure qualification. Anything else would leave them paralysed watching in front of their TV's on the last weekend of the qualifiers when they then will need Senegal and Egypt to fail in their away matches at Namibia and Algeria.

week9  Jul 13-15, 2001 
Egypt - Namibia 8:2
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Senegal - Morocco  1:0
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between week 9 and week 10:

detailed preview
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week10  Jul 27-29, 2001

Namibia - Senegal 0:5  *Senegal qualified
Algeria - Egypt 1:1
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