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Official sources Results, statistics and news sources Remarkable pages
Official FIFA page! 
The most important  page on the net. 
World rankings, important news and most important continental nation cups, even match discriptions. Also high quality essays from FIFA-magazine.
Official CAF-Page - CAF is the African Football Confederation 
(like UEFA for Europe)
Official AFC-Page - AFC is the Asian Football Confederation (like UEFA for Europe).
Informations even on regional events
Official UEFA-Page - UEFA is the European Football Confederation The emabarassment is over! European football has finally accomplished to be present on the web...
At this point there are so many soccer pages on the net and changing so fast that each index seems to have its difficulties to cover even the most important ones. You can start anywhere and browse on...
Official FIFA page! 
Again - the leading service for results in the most important worldwide international competitions.
International Results and statistics: RSSSF-Archive from Austria
news services rise and decay fast on world wide web, we recommend the winners of the last two months:
African Soccer (and perharps more) live ticker including reports on weekends at 
Searching for a special coverage? A listing of world wide live score pages gives:
A second approach, which links to the coverages in frames right away you find at:
2 Sites on the practice of the game:
A Daily Tip (Soccer)
Soccer Tip, by Coach, Trainer Glenn Cameron, to understand the sport
(game) for clubs, coaches, players, schools
The Game Behind The Game
Ric Millers page on tactics and strategies
La Cancha has been very successful recently in promoting this site of a promising football magazine. Also more background reports but of different kind than The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net 
Just for kicks  (English Version)
Great football comics
The site is from France, so there is a Version Francaise
Postcards from the world of Football new idea

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