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The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net
is in sleeping mode:

The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net has been a unique football web site from about 1994 to 2002, maybe the first to cast a global view on the game by challenging advanced background topics while integrating information on
geographical areas (ex: Africa, China) that were at that time neglected, such addressing experts and enthusiasts who desired to expand their horizons and those of their readers.

I had major desire to improve the often stereotype laden discourses as well as putting especially African football (and the biggest country on earth, China), on the map of
observers with a very Europeanized focus.

Although my target was to build a platform for writers and other content producers to reflect on the game, I found it difficult to find enough writers to contribute regularly while not being paid - as well as being neutral, analytic, and lateral thinking in the same time. So I did most of the stuff myself with my limited English. It was not meant as a journalistic effort but as analysis and to demonstrate the potential of the format.

When in 1998 Eurosport did not show the first round matches of the Africa Cup Of Nations, I went into a shop, bought a satellite dish and covered all Nations Cup matches (in a live-ticker). The response was huge. I extended the service onto the following tournaments and the African Champions League, reporting from a small room with an adjustable satellite dish sometimes covering simultanous matches.

As The Shot really took off, the crash of the new market spoiled the chances of financing the effort. Adding to it, I had my ethics: I never wanted the project to become a betting site prostitute, a corrupt promoter for players of a particular agent, etc.
My clients were supposed to be you, not advertisers, the contents to transport knowledge and intelligence, not manipulation. Such an approach is very difficult to finance the way the web is constructed today.

I had to move on anyway to build advanced projects.

And the world wide web contents has improved, too:
The information on African matches and Africa today is available all over the net.
When I began with 'The Shot' the word 'Burundi' produced 0 results (in words: 'zero'!) from the then biggest search engine Altavista. Today the problem is a different one: If you do not search for Burundi explicitly, you will not encounter any of it because it is unconnected and buried under a giant heap of other information we cannot digest all.

A project to help change this is the 'Information Bureau African Football'. Here we try to connect and to push the topic Africa into the consciousness of 'information makers' who could be described as 'cognistion designers' to some extent as well.

Analysis on background issues today is done in many small projects specialised in certain fields.
To combine such into a more collaborative and symbiotic discourse, I meanwhile have created another platform:  The Free University Frankfurt project is a fantastic place for that. It is open to worldwide students of any age and background.

Here that old The Shot's 'Football 2010' section (2010 was in the future in 2000) is somehow integrated into the obscene football project soon to begin.

If I had had time (or the refinancing to hire people) for The Shot, the site would look much different today with new forms of communication. And I don't means the 'new' forms you see today on football website. I mean forms that you do not see today.

Btw: what came up to my mind recently is that the most successful global site Goal.com looks a lot like The Shot did 15 years ago (with some necessary adaptions to web development).
mmh. I still think The Shot would look different today and probably have a different target group, though.

However, now it is 2013 and I consider some forms of blogging or tweeting a few things in very different form.

Just for the affection for the game and the fight against #obscenefootball. But not here. The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net is sleeping, one day to be awoken from its slumber - by YOU.
Welcome to this little WWW-soccer-magazine. You will find essays as well as selected links to servers who offer good soccer-pages or indexes. The aim is to offer new perspectives and access to results and data hard to get otherwise. The layout is kept intentionally lean to enable a fast download for everybody .
The site is divided into subsites like 'Football 2010', 'Football in Africa', etc.
Some parts of the site are always under construction but the big download figures and your inumerous responses have shown there seems a lot to discover o this site. Thank you. TheShot
African Nations Cup 2006
 the-shot.com coverage this time together with the new
'Information Bureau African Football':
IBAF African Nations Cup 2006 Blog !

new in
The-Shot.Net writersclub !:
background articles on African football,
African World Cup qualifiers for 2006,
Euro 2004 favorites,
Real Madrid, the World Cup 2010 decision

If your are looking for the latest additions then go to the little bit chaotic
The Shot LIVE
page which has become a more prominent starting page for the English version of this site
it contains actual additions and reports, especially those which concern recent matches

African Nations Cup 2004:
the big the-shot.com coverage this time in the new tool:
The-Shot.Net writersclub !

The German version has also the link to Bundesligaskandal, which is updated weekly, but is a different format. But all new articles in German are rather to be found at that magazine now.

most actual top topics or coverages in The Shot:

African World Cup qualifiers for 2006, World Youth Cup 2003 (on the live page yet, African Champions League, also)

The WORLD CUP 2002 Korea Japan May 31-Jun30

The AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS 2002 Jan 19-Feb10

Asian World Cup qualifiers
10 thrilling weeks plus playoffs

Trinidad Tobago 2001 - The FIFA Under 17 World Cup

Argentina 2001 - The FIFA (Under 20) World Youth Cup

The African Champions League 2001

The African World Cup qualifiers for 2002

The Tour de France 2001 coverage song

Lebanon 2000 - The Asian Nations Cup

SYDNEY 2000 - Olympic football

The African Champions League 2000

The African Footballer Of The  Nineties  RESULT OF THE POLL

The AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS 2000  (huge coverage: previews, match reports, reviews) 

-The BUNDESLIGA FAQ magazine has a season review and illuminates the background aspects of the excited German TV football rights market. It had been quite appreciated as there are not many English language magazines on German football. Many questions have come in but unfortunately the German FA has given no response to my request for help to answer them. So at the moment updates are suspended.

-The definitive ranking of the Bundesliga players from Africa is in AFRICAN PLAYERS IN GERMANY


plus a lot of new plans for which The Shot needs your help
mail here

next update: at the moment continuing step by step additions

new: Korea Japan 2002
Mali 2002
Bundesliga FAQ
Burkina Faso 98
The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net. [ Mail ]



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