World Cup 2002 - African qualification

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World Cup 2002 - African qualification
Group A  match facts + reports
Cameroon, Angola, Libya, Zambia, Togo
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week1 June 16-18, 2000 
Cameroon faces a difficult match at ambitious Libya. Will they march through the qualifiers easily? 

Angola plays Zambia, if one of the two wants to challenge Cameroon, they will have to win here.
(Togo idle)
Libya - Cameroon  0:3
detailed match report on extra page
Angola - Zambia  2:1
Two goals by Akwa turned around the result within two minutes at Luanda and gave Angola a good start into the World Cup qualifiers
Angola: - Cuca, Bodunha (Renato), Paulo Silva, Helder Vicente, Neto, Mendonca, Paulão, Zico (Edson Cata), Joni, Akwa e Quinzinho (Isaac). Coach - Carlos Alinho (Luso-Caboverdiano).
Zambia: - Collins Mbulo, Laugher Chilembi, Kingsley Masabula, Manase Muanza (Ennex Masiya), Jonas Mwewa, Elijah Tana, Andrew Sinkala, Hanrry Milanzi, Chaswe Nsofwa, Denis Lota e Chanda Mwape (Sandrous Kumwenda). Coach: George Mungwa (Zambiano) 
0:1 Hanrry ('38), 1:1 ('82), 2:1 ('84) Akwa
yellow cards: Neto, Kingsley, expulsion (second yellow card): Elijah Tana
referee: Mathabela (RSA), attendance: 40,000

week2  July 8-9, 2000 
After a convincing start, Cameroon will look to leap away from the pack early. Angola, quite strong at home, will look for a draw here. But whether they can compete with Cameroon for the first place will not be decided today. This question will be answered in Angola's away matches at Togo, Libya, and Zambia.

Togo should not be a real candidate for qualification so it is a must win match for shaking up Zambia, after they squandered a lead at Angola in week1.
Zambia - Togo 2:0 July 8
The following report was posted at a soccer forum at Zambia online:
Name: Changwe
Country: Zambia
Date: 08 Jul 2000
Time: 19:41:41
Scorers : Milanzi 1st Half Nsofwa 2nd Half 
System : 3-6-1 
Goalkeeper: Davies Phiri (8) 
Defence: Chintu Kampamba (8), Charles Bwale (6) & Jones Mwewa (6) 
Midfield: Hillary Makasa (7), Ian Bakala (6), Gift Kampamba (8), Numba Mumamba (5), Chanda Mwape(6) and Harry Milanzi (8) 
Attack: Bernard Makufi (5) 
Substitutes who played: Chaswe Nsofwa (7) and Emmanuel Zulu (7) 
Zambia started with a strange formation, with Harry Milanzi playing like a right winger with Makufi alone in front. The first goal was scored after Chanda Mwape on the left crossed into the box, the togolese goalkeeper missed it and Milanzi stooped low to send in diving header for 1-0. 
Mumamba was playing like a supporting No 8 which was quite difficult to understand and he seemed to have been lost. Togo appeared to have fit players but they lacked a system. 
In the Second Half, Coach Brouwer took out Makufi and brought in Chanswe Nsofwa. Nsofwa went to the right wing with Milanzi taking the No 9 position. It was not long that Nsofwa against the run of play short from outside the box into the right goalpost for the second goal. It was like watching Euro 2000. It was truly a world class goal. 
The Defence did not look well blended, though the togo did not pose any serious threat. Mwewa and bwale made two blunders that could have cost goals, but Phiri was his execellent self. The good news is that Kampamba Chintu may take over the No 2 position from Chilembi from the way he performed today. 
Ian Bakala though talented may be better placed as attacking midfielder and not at No 6. Maybe the recalling of Dabid Chilufya would improve the position. 
In terms of formation we better retain the 4-4-2 system once players like Tana return from suspension. 
Cameroon - Angola  3:0 July 9
Halftime 1:0
The unstoppable lions on their way to Japan/Korea...
Reuters/ Scorers: Patrice Abanda 20, Bernard Tchoutang 68, 74 
Halftime: 1-0; Attendance 55,000.

week3 Jan 26-28, 2001 
In Group A everything looks clear, with Cameroon running away and the others take points off each other. But after only 2 matches Cameroon promoted Olympic coach Akono to coach the national team while African Nations Cup winning coach Lechantre was made some kind of technical director. Judging from the styles of the two teams this could mean also a change in playing philosophy which may have different effects playing against African or European opponents. 
It is remarkable that all three Cameroon top players of the African Footballer Of the Year election are no regulars anymore at their clubs, partly a consequence of injuries. A warning should be the situation after Nigerias Gold at Sydney, when the impression came up that some players were able to improve the monthly arriving sums on their accounts but not their merits and skills on the pitch. In some cases this was caused by long term injuries which could have one causing factor in the relentless schedule for African professionals. Mboma, Laurent, and Geremi have played Olympics, Nations Cup, and club matches. And in July 2001 the three last rounds of the African World Cup qualifiers are scheduled, just when European players have their holidays which are badly needed for regeneration. So Cameroon should concentrate hard to gain maximum points from all matches now and here to be able to play without their stars in July. In 2002 Nations Cup and World Cup plus preperation will stress their muscles and minds. They might not be the same anymore.
Maximum points taken from their away matches make it look clear, but the group will not be decided before Cameroon does not take away points from Angola and Zambia, or those two leave points at Libya and Togo (or each other).
Togo - Cameroon  0:2
2nd half scores by Eto'o ('57), Mboma ('75), att.20,000
Angola - Libya  3:1
0:1('18) Jiad Montaf, 1:1('49) Bodunha, 2:1('52)Bodunha, 3:1('75) Akwa pen., att.40,000

week4  Feb 23-25, 2001 
In Group A everything continues to look clear with Cameroon running away and seeking premature qualification to hopefully spare their key players a vital rest in July before another stressful year. But with the most difficult matches yet ahead it is rather up to Zambia and especially Angola whether the race will be decided early or not. Zambia came close to the equaliser in the second half at Yaounde and so proved that qualification for the Indomitable Lions is not automatic.
After the first draw in the group Libya and Togo should be out of the race, especially when considering their performances.
Cameroon - Zambia 1:0
Mboma '20, att. 80,000
Libya - Togo  3:3
detailed match report on extra page

Mar 9-11, 2001 
Zambia - Libya  2:0
1:0 Jones Mwewa '12, 2:0 Charles Lota '25
Togo - Angola  1:1
1:0 Maman Cheriffe Touré '60, 1:1 Akwa '67

week6  Apr 20-22, 2001 

Zambia - Angola  1:1
0:1 ('16) Gilberto, 1:1 ('47) Charles Lota
15,000 saw also a red card for Zambian Mark Sinyangwe
Angola had started with Goliat, Renato, Neto, Julião, Yamba, Filipe, Stopirra, Bernardo, Gilberto, Avelino Lopes,  Flavo. Substitues: Love, Akwa, Silas
Cameroon - Libya  1:0
detailed match report on extra page
The draw at Zambia leaves Cameroon as the big winner - with a maximum 17 points possible for Angola now, Cameroon will 'only' have to win 3 more points from any match or to hold Angola to a draw in two weeks time at Luanda.

week7  May 4-6, 2001 

Angola - Cameroon 2:0
1:0('63) Akwa, 2:0 Quinzinho 
Cameroon were playing with a changed line up, Alioum Boukar in goal, Tschoutang, Job, Alnoud ji, Olembe among the players, apparently without Song, Mboma, Eto'o, Foe.
The match at Angola was the first of the two more difficult away matches for the Indomitable Lions in this group. Still three points from either the home match against Togo or the away match at Zambia will be sufficient to qualify. But now qualification will not be possible before beginning of July earliest.
Spartak Moskau defender Tchouisse seems to have made his debut for Cameroon while a player, possibly Njanka received a red card (dangerous play?) later in second half.
Before the match the Football Association due to reports had increased the competences of technical director Lechantre concerning his influence on the work of head coach Jean-Paul Akono.
stats as reported from Angolan news:
Angola: Goliath, Filipe, Dias Caires, Neto, Paulão (Bernardo, 85 min.), Joni, Akwa (c), Gilberto (Avelino Lopes, 82 min.), Renato,  Quinzinho (Johnson, 87 min.), Yamba Asha. 
coach: Mário Calado
Cameroon: Boukar, Kalla (c), Djanka, Geremi, Tchiusse, Olembe, (Epalle, 74 min.), Alnoudji, Mimpo, Etame, Job (Tchoutang, 69 min.), Nsilienu (Suffo, 75 min.). 
coach: Jean-Paul Akono
yellow crads: Djanka (29 min. 86 min -> explulsion), Etame (67 min), Akwa (61 min.)
att. 35,000
Togo - Zambia 3:2
0:1('16, pen.) Elijah Tana, 1:1('48) Assignon, 1:2('65) Izimbo, 2:2('80) Dote, 3:2('85) Akoto, att. 20,000, Zambia is mathematically out

Cameroon are still comfortably leading despite losing to Angola and need three more points to qualify (or an Angolan slip) but seem to face similar problems as their West African neighbours Ghana and Nigeria on the backgrounds of the recent coaching twists. 
(see coming special report)
A decision after the Olympics had promoted Olympic coach Akono to run the National team, which had been up to that point perfect with Pierre Lechantre. Inevitably discussions around Akono arouse when performances became less convincing and meanwhile the football association has reacted giving Lechantre more competences.
This looks another perfect setup for more trouble, when two people who are reported to have different philosophies have to run the same team,

week8  Jun 29-Jul 1, 2001 
Libya - Angola  1:1
detailed match report on extra page
Cameroon - Togo  2:0
1:0('27) Eto'o, 2:0('48) Foe)  *Cameroon qualified

week9  Jul 13-15, 2001 

Zambi - Cameroon 2:2
0:1 Foe ('52) 1:1 Mwewa ('60) 1:2 Ndiefi ('66) 2:2 Nsofwa ('68)
Togo - Libya  2:0
Kossi Kofi '30, '45

week10  Jul 27-29, 2001


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