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 The African Champions League 2000
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African Champions League 2000
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Before week 1:  team previews 
A difficulty of the portraits and for the teams

In some countries the competitions are played over the year (January to December) and in others like the West European football calender (July to June). So some teams, who just finished their championships and start into a new one, might have changed faces and form. This is the case for Espérance Tunis, Mamelodi Sundowns, Lobi Stars, and Al Ahly. The latter two have just finished their championships last week so they might have no form problems. Apart from the fact that they do not seem to have a real break at all.

Al Ahly (Cairo, Egypt)
Al Ahly are maybe the most prominent African club. They might have the biggest number of fans in the world and they have dominated the Egyptian scene for ages. They have just defended their title. So they are favorites to reach the final as they are usually. But in the continental competitions they have been far less successful: they have won clearly less titles than Zamalek, their big Cairo rivals. Last year they were favorites too and beaten eventually by Raja Casablanca. This year there are no North African rivals in their group. An important fact as North Africans seem to dominate the competition with their team building, organisation and logistics on and off the field. But they will face some grown opposition like Hearts Of oak and Jeanne d'Arc. Al Ahly has lost prominent veteran striker Hossam Hassan and his twin brother Ibrahim Hassan, who both according to the coach did not cope with the no-stars attitude of his team philosphy.

Hearts Of Oak (Accra, Ghana)
The famous Accra club is maybe the third West African power of today (see Africa Sports). While ASEC Abidjan has become a factor as modern football enterprise, Hearts Of Oak have build a competitive team including a number of bright young talents and are challenging for the title for the third consecutive time. Al Ahly are maybe the most prominent African club. To reach the final they will have to improve their impact in away matches where they had shown a similar weakness to the national team: good individuals but a bit teethless concerning creating goal scenes.

Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar, Senegal)
The 'Cinderella 2000' story of Senegalese football has been contributed to by Jeanne d'Arc when they beat title holders Raja Casablanca to qualify for this years Champions League. They look a good team consisting of some tall but not massive players. They might be not strong enough to reach the final but they surely will be able to compete with Al Ahly and Hearts Of Oak. Don't count them out.

Lobi Stars (Makurdi, Nigeria)
Nigeria, similar to Cameroon, has no big impact on the African club scene nowadays. And Nigeria had not had before as the (too) big country had had a more difficult task to establish a national league asknown from other countries. So Nigeria has not had one single name on the Champions Cup until today. Nigerian champions come and go, if they win, they will often lose players, and it even happens that the champions become relegated the next year (like the Shooting Stars were last year). Lobi Stars at least have achieved to remain among the top four teams this year and will try hard to find against the 'Nigerian jinx' (no success in the Champions Cup). Again there are reports of problems in the camp: arguments over (unpaid) bonusses, lack of professionalism. Outsiders of the group, but might take some points off the others. 
The following information has been posted on the CyberEagles Fanforum:
Dear all; Here is a list of the Lobi Stars players and their shirt numbers. It could be helpful for those who can watch the game. 
This team was founded in 1981 and won one League title. It is also necessary to notice the extremely relative young age of the players. Therefore, Ahly can not complain of a lack of experience. We are on equal footing. 
The formula is: 
Home crowd + determination + good team spirit + speed + critical finishing = Victory. 
InshAllah Ahly will have an easy passage. 
                            Good Luck Ahly. 
                            Ahmed Ragab 
                            LOBI STARS (Nigeria)Founded 1981 
                            STADIUM: Aper Aku Stadium (45 000)CLUB PRESIDENT: Tersoo Luga 
                            Winner of the National Super League division one 1999 
                            List of players for the 2000 CAF Champions 
                            1 Paulinus Onyeje Ifeanyichukwu, 22.12.80 
                            2 Emmauel Derek Abah, 28.12.76 
                            3 Cletus Finbar Yanmelu, 27.12.80 
                            4 Timothy Tse Tertsea, 29.11.83 
                            5 Lawrence Adoga Okekeni, 28.09.83 
                            6 Kingsley Elvis Dick, 27.05.80 
                            7 Terlumun Imadu, 04.02.83 
                            8 Dooyum Imadu, 24.11.80 
                            9 Emmauel Akile Tersoo, 17.10.78 
                            10 Joseph Ikwoche Paul, 09.11.80 
                            12 Emmanuel Yua Terzungwe, 21.12.83 
                            13 Jeremiah Kuhwa Iorsue ,13.11.80 
                            14 Terfa Apurugh, 28.08.78 
                            15 Leonard Igwe Uzoma, 06.07.82 
                            16 Sunday Ibeji ,02.07.82 
                            17 Ibrahim Mohammed Abba, 27.07.75 
                            18 Joseph Akombo Tar 15.02.79 
                            19 Charles Iortyom Iorember ,23.09.76 
                            20 G. Eze Okorie 20.08.80 
                            21 Johnson Akighir Terkimbi ,21.02.82 
                            22 Barnabas Imenger Shikaan, 15.05.75 
                            23 Emmanuel Okupulla 07.11.74 
                            24 Tom Shugaba Alabi ,03.12.79 
                            25 Rufus Abulatan Taiwo, 14.07.80 
                            26 Robert Akaruye, 28.03.81 
                            27 Mohammed Dahiru 
                            28 Onaivi Shafe 
                            29 Ode Ogah 
                            30 Njoh Njoh Mpondo Alain 
                            Ahmed Ragab-
Lobi Stars is a good team. They have hired a Youguslavian coach for four months to help them win the CAF League. However, their defense remains highly vulnerable [GT says - typical!]. Their strength is in their left wing and midfield. Ahly should be able to contain them. The factors of determination and success should make a significant difference. ]

week1 July 22-23, 2000 
Lobi Stars (Nigeria) - Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal)  3:1

reuters/ halftime 2:0, att. 25,000 
AFP/sportserver: New signing Mohammed Mohammed and Robert Akaruye scored in the first half, Terlumun Imadu in the second half before a Jeanne d'Arc consolation goal.Success has been the first for new Yugoslav Kostadin Papic, helped temporarily by national team assistant coach Shaibu Amodu, but he can't have had much impact: when he arrived last week the players went on strike because of unpaid bonusses they demanded. They have won the match nevertheless.
Hearts Of Oak - Al Ahly  2:1 
> detailed match report on extra page

week2 Aug 4-6, 2000 
Al Ahly - Lobi Stars  3:1 

> detailed match report on extra page
Jeanne d'Arc - Hearts Of Oak  2:4
> detailed match report on extra page

week3 Aug 18-20, 2000 

Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) - Al Ahly (Egypt)  1:1
> detailed match report on extra page
Lobi Stars (Nigeria) - Hearts Of Oak (Ghana)  0:2
A most valuable away points for Hearts in a competition in which away points are predicted to be the key and Hearts now have already collected their second away win. Reports speak of a handful of opportunities wasted by Lobi Stars especially in first half.
Sunday Aug 20, 1430 GMT
Reuters/ reported:
MAKURDI, Nigeria, Aug 20 (Reuters)(DS) - 
Lobi Stars (Nigeria) 0 
Hearts of Oak (Ghana) 2 - result 
African Champions League, group B 
Scorers: Ossei Kuffour 55, Ismail Addo 75 
Half-time 0-0; Attendance: 15,000 

week4 Oct 13-15, 2000 

Al Ahly - Jeanne d'Arc 3:1
as posted at Forum by amro:
                          1-0 Hossam Ghali 2' 
                          1-1 Dialo 8' 
                          2-1 Alaa Ibrahim 53' 
                          3-1 Ibrahim Saeed (pen) 88' 
Al Ahly: Essam El Hadary, Shady Mohammed, Ibrahim Saeed, Ahmed El Sayed, Hossam Ghali, Saeed Abdel Aziz, Hady Khashaba (Hisham Hanafi), Mohammed Gouda (Isac Awal), Waleed Salah El Deen (Yasser Rayan), Ahmed Belal, Alaa Ibrahim 

Hearts Of Oak - Lobi Stars  2:0
Kenneth Sarpong 22, Emmanuel Kuffuor 81 
Halftime: 1-0; Attendance: 40,000

week5 Oct 27-29, 2000 
Jeanne d'Arc - Lobi Stars 0:0

Al Ahly - Hearts Of Oak  1:1 
> detailed match report on extra page

week6 Nov 10-12, 2000 
Lobi Stars - Al Ahly  4:1

(halftime 2:1)
a match nice to watch, as players have more freedom as usual to display their skills
the Egyptians a bit unlucky, great free kick goal by Lobi #10 Robert Akaruye

Hearts Of Oak - Jeanne d'Arc   1:1

Hearts Of Oak*  6 12-5 14
Al Ahly  6 10-10 8
Lobi Stars  6 8-9 7
Jeanne d'Arc  6 6-12 3
* = group winners have qualified for final
> final  (Dec  1-3/15-17 2-leg )


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