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 The African Champions League 2000 
  GROUP B match report 
 Al Ahly - Lobi Stars
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African Champions League 2000 
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Aug 4 1800 GMT  Al Ahly (Egypt) - Lobi Stars (Nigeria)  3:1  

Before the match 
Al Ahly in some troubles involving coach Rainer Zobel from Germany. To his opinion the 'twin brothers' Hossam + Ibrahim Hassan did not work out enough to keep themselves competitive and did see themselves too much as stars than as mean team members. And so Hossam Hassan has left the club and his brother should follow. This has triggered enormous discussions among Al Ahly supporters who are split over the twins. 
Then two weeks ago Zobel critisied sub saharan African referreing in a bad style blaming the referee after Al Ahly lost the first match in last minute at Ghana and TV replays suggested he was completely wrong. A report saying he has been banned for two matches by CAF has not been confirmed. 
Lobi Stars have had their troubles with a player strike before the first match but they have won it anyway. This week a new Yugoslav coach was introduced.   

1st half 
Lobi Stars drawn back deep into their half, Al Ahly dominating midfield but has difficultuies in working out opportunities  
-('11) goal Lobi Stars, player  #9:  a through ball on #9 who is on the asame line as the defenders and he paces off and wins 2  meters by his speed against the defender. He scores from about 15 meters. Great goal. - 0:1 
-('13) Nigerian keeper with difficulties against a low free kick shot from half left hand side.  
-('15) good opportunity for Al Ahly when taking apart the Lobi Stars defence but from the left  wing a player tries to shoot and hits the outside of the net  
-('16) another chance for Ahly  
-('27) a very good attack by Ahly but a mediocre shot, Ahly seems nervous 
-('30)  a cross ball from the right hand side and an unmarked player is able to score by a header from about 5 meters (Ali Maher?) -1:1 
-('35) Al Ahly: free kick from 20 meters almost central position - no problem for the keeper 
-('36) red card for Al Ahly #16 (Ali Maher?) who after a foul by a Nigerian defender retaliated with a kick against the chest of the downlying player 
-('37) good solorun by an Al Ahly player but a weak finishing - no poblem for the BNigerian keeper 
-('40) Al Ahly wants a penalty but the referee refuses in what looked like a hearmless situation anyway 
-('45) a one-two gets the Nigerian defence into troubles but Al Ahly cannot play through  
-('injury time) another good Al Ahly attack with a weak finishing 

halftime 1:1 
Al Ahly dominate the match despite being one man down. But the second half will be more difficult when the heads will start to fear this disadvantage might make the feet tired

2nd half 
-('49) very nice Al Ahly attack, again a good combination - this time the shot is better but misses the goal narrowly (offside?) 
-('51) one of the few occasions Lobi Stars attack, but the Al Ahly counter attack looks more dangerous 
-('53) Al Ahly opportunity, header, wide 
-('55) counter attack gets 2nd Ahly goal, #10 through ball (a lob) on #17 who beats the defence by his speed and the running out keeper by a low ball - 2:1 
-Al Ahly still dominates, Lobi Stars can't get through and work out opportunities. Apart from their good organisation and combinations the Egyptians are superior in one against one now.  
-('75) exciting goal scenes have not occured for a long time 
-('82) Lobi Stars have gained a little more momentum now - but there is still an Al Ahly defender in between in time 
-('84) penalty after what looked like a clumsy challenge against a broken through Al Ahly striker 
-('86) #4 Ibrahim Said? scores with a low shot into the left corner - 3:1 
-('injury time) Al Ahly: spectacular shot against the goal post 

Final result 
Al Ahly was clearly the better team. Lobi Stars had all cards in their hands leading and later playing with one man more but never looked like a team that could win a Champions League away match without luck.  

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