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 The African Champions League 2000
  GROUP B match report
 Al Ahly - Hearts Of Oak
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African Champions League 2000
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Friday Oct 27
Al Ahly (Egypt) - Hearts Of Oak (Ghana)   1:1 

Hearts with a huge chance of winning the group: Al Ahly needs to win to keep the race open. Al Ahly the first time with new German coach Dörner on the bench.

1st half:
- As expected Al Ahly starts pressing and attacking while Hearts act a little timid
- ('5) A fast break brings the first good opportunity for Al Ahly but a defender can rescue right in time
- ('6) Al Ahly: a cross finds the defence unorganized but the unmarked striker cannot hit the ball properly and it goes wide
- ('9) Hearts warm up and pay a first real visit to the Egyptian half
- Al Ahly try their wing play especially along the left hand side, but now good defending by Hearts. 
- But the build up attempts by Hearts too often do not even reach midfield line
- Hearts have grown stronger now in direct duels but not in passing game - but the Egyptian passing game is not running as smoothly as often seen
- ('21) Al Ahly break through on the right wing - a backwards side pass against the run of the defenders and an unmarked striker with a must score opportunity from about 12 meters, but targeting directly on the keeper
- Al Ahly defenders have complete control at this point
- ('27) Al Ahly with a seemingly harmless shot from 22 meters. The ball takes a bounce on the ground but is perfectly controlled by the keeper (Adjei?) anyway
- ('33) yet a very fair game, a yellow card now for a Hearts player who came a little late with his tackle
- although Hearts defending is good, good occasions for Al Ahly occur from time to time because most of the match is played in the Hearts half. It seems doubtful Hearts will be able to defend that scoreline for the entire match.
- ('41) almost a miracle: a corner for Hearts!
- ('43) a second corner for Hearts
- ('injury time) Hearts keeper saves a diagonal shot after a fast Al Ahly attack

halftime 0:0
Hearts play out of a massive defence and it seems they are going for a scoreless draw. Al Ahly looks a bit helpless, they do not play quick enough most of the times. But that is easyily said. But Al Ahly does have a few chances: The build up by Hearts is quite bad and Hearts lose the balls very quickly. In these moments Al Ahly can make some quick moves into the then exposed spaces and has work out a few rare goal scenes. 

2nd half:
- ('47) Al Ahly with a good opportunity, a low shot wide 
- ('50) error in the Egyptian defence and Ismael Addo with a dangerous close range shot, but the angle had been too difficult
- ('51) Al Ahly answer right away with a half chance
- ('53) nice through ball on Alaa Ibrahim ? but his shot goes up high across the bar
- ('54) brilliant save by the keeper against a Al Ahly (Ali Maher?) header from close range - he deflects it around the goal post
- ('57) a counter attack by Hearts, first good looking then squandered
- ('58) now a fast break by Al Ahly but the eventual shot goes far wide
- ('60) Al Ahly: it seems to be #6 who shoots from 25 meters, alittle deflected by the keeper the ball crushes against the cross bar and goes out for a corner
- ('63) An Al Ahly counter, with the keeper already beaten a Hearts defender throws himself into the shot and rescues, Al Ahly regret and lose concentration while Hearts counter right away:
- ('64) A mismatch: 2 Hearts players against one defender and they play out the situation - it could be Emmanuel Kuffour who scores - 0:1
- now Al Ahly needs two goals
- some Ahly players look resigned, some others try to revive the attacks
- ('69) A fine attack by Al Ahly but in the end defence has the upper hand
- ('70) Alaa Ibrahim who seems to be made responsible by the fans for not converting his chances, is replaced
- Al Ahly keep attacking, Hearts keep defending, now it looks much like first half
- suddenly a a dangerous looking counter attack by Hearts, but offside
- ('80) Hearts are ten minutes away from the final
- ('83) dangerous Al Ahly free kick but wide
- ('84) Al Ahly: deflected shot from 25 meters and spectacular save by the keeper
- ('84) the following corner, defended, a shot from 20 meters, the ball gets stuck in the defence, falls right for another Al Ahly player (#4?) who scoresd from about 8 meters - 1:1
- ('88) wild attacking by Al Ahly and desperate defending by Hearts
- ('90) Hearts attack themselves which seems right - it keeps the ball away from own half for some time
- ('injury time) Al Ahly: A free kick cross from the right hand side and a header, but clearly wide
- ('injury time) Hearts: dangerous low shot from a rather difficult angle and the keeper concentrated has control of the ball

final score: 1:1
Hearts Of Oak have qualified for the final!

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