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 The African Champions League 2000 
  GROUP B match report 
 Jeanne d'Arc - Al Ahly
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African Champions League 2000 
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Sunday Aug 20, 1615 GMT 
Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) - Al Ahly (Egypt)  1:1

Before the match: 
Jeanne d'Arc needing a success desperately to retain theoretical chances. Al Ahly also under pressure to win after Hearts Of Oak two weeks ago just did that at the Senegalese club and did the same today at Nigerian Lobi Stars. Al Ahly losing points would mean a maybe already decisive advantage for Hearts Of Oak. At least they would not be able to catch up with the Ghana champions without the help of Hearts unexpectedly losing points at home to to outsiders!

1st half: 
-both teams in their traditional outfits, Jeanne d'Arc in blue and white stripes, Al Ahly in red 
-('8) first nice Al Ahly attack has the defence including keeper played out but no player in the middle to convert the low square pass 
-the first 20 minutes see an open match - Jeanne d'arc attacking and Al Ahly answering, both with some nice combinations regarding the pitch 
-('21) a fast Al Ahly counter attack after winning the ball in midfield and a low ball from the right hand side is pushed across the line by #17 Alaa Ibrahim from close range - 0:1 
-('23) huge opportunity after a corner for Jeanne d'Arc: an all unmarked player (defender) has a perfect header situation from 6 meters but his attempt goes across the bar 
-('24) another huge opportunity for Jeanne d'Arc - a great save against close range attempt - has the ball crossed the line? - the players argue but the referee has seen something different, a foul or an offside, and gives free kick for Al Ahly 
-since the goal the Senegalese champions have even accelerated the game and displayed their potential to create opportunities 
-('30) Egyptian keeper secures a difficult free kick: the shot was neither hard nor precise but it bounced on the uneven ground 
-('34) Jeanne survive a confusing passing sequence of Al Ahly in the Senegalese penalty area 
-('36) it is Jeanne d'Arc again threatening 
-continuing attacking waves by Jeanne d'Arc for the rest of the half but no clearcut chances 

halftime 0:1 
Al Ahly a bit lucky to lead at halftime. In their away match four weeks ago at Hearts they made the mistake (leading with the same score at halftime) to rely too much on their defence and paid with a last minute loss. Against Jeanne d'Arc who have shown in first half that they are capable of creating chances, an attitude like that could become costly too.  

2nd half: 
-('47) Al Ahly with the first goal scene after a free kick cross from the right hand side but ball goes wide 
-('51) the Senegalese attacks have now produced a number of yellow cards for Al Ahly players who had stopped their opponents by fouls 
-in the following minutes Jeanne d'Arc with some more ball possession but only minor goal scenes on both sides. Jeanne d'Arc more and more replacing their constructiive attacks by simple diagonal crosses into the penalty area on the long strikers. What does not look very dangerous finally pays off: 
-('66) Jeanne d'Arc scores - 1:1 
-('67) after another attack by Jeanne d'Arc the Al Ahly keeper has to be treated several minutes for an injury 
.('71)('74) the match continues but after three minutes the keeper sinks down again and treatment continues. After a minute the keeper can play on 
-('84) dangerous looking scene in front of the Al Ahly goal when a bouncing cross ball squares the penalty area and can neither get converted nor cleared 
-('87) promising Al Ahly attack stopped by offside 
-there should be several minutes of injury time after the injury of the Egyptian keeper 
-('injury time) Al Ahly #4 Ibrahim Sahid falls and wants a penalty but gets a yellow card for diving, it is his his second so he is sent off 
-('injury time) Jeanne d'Arc: free kick from 20 meters, good save by the Al Ahly keeper 

final result 1:1 
And the winners are... Hearts Of Oak. With 5 points ahead and two home matches against the two weaker teams of the group at hand they might not even need a point from their only remaining away match at Cairo. Al Ahly can only hope for a little miracle, Jeanne d'Arc needs an absurd one.  

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