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 The African Champions League 2000 
  GROUP B match report 
 Jeanne d'Arc - Hearts Of Oak
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African Champions League 2000 
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Saturday, Aug 5, 1500 GMT 
Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) - Hearts Of Oak (Ghana)  2:4  

Before the match 
Hearts Of Oak, last minute winners over Al Ahly two weeks ago in the first match, are looking to add valuable away points to their campaign. Only the group first will advance to the final and away points seem to be the crucial factor.  
Jeanne d'Arc meanwhile have to recover from their defeat at Lobi Stars and are already under pressure to win here. They started as group's dark horse after eliminating title holders Raja Casablanca in the qualification. 

1st half 
-('4) first opportunity for Jeanne d'Arc 
-('7) huge opportunity for Jeanne d'Arc after some fine passing against a mispositioned defence a player is free 7 meters in front of the goal but his shot is a bit too harmless for the keeper 
-('9) free kick for Jeanne dark - instead of shooting from (too) far a cross ball is played into the area, catching the Hearts defence sleeping. It becomes a nice triangle play and an easy goal for #5 Pascal Camara with no chance for the keeper - 1:0 
-('12) nice attack by Hearts and Jenne d'Arc is lucky that referee whistles offside 
-('15) a weird goal: counter attack by Hearts and from the right hand side a player plays a low ball into the penalty area. The targeted striker misses the ball but it starts to jump caused by the ground. This makes a defender and the keeper miss the ball as well, irritated by the other misses and the ball rolls into the corner at the second goal post - 1:1 
-('20) another good opportunity for Hearts attackers which again got the defenders beaten on a counter attack. The ball hits the outside of the net. 
-('23) good opportunity for Jeanne d'Arc - a close miss wide right 
-('34) another critical offside call against Hearts who could have had a huge opportunity otherwise - Jeanne d'Arc answers with attacking 
-('36) Hearts keeper rescues against a broken through striker 
-('38) Jeanne d'Arc distance shot by #15 Niokhor, saved - looked rather spectacular than dangerous  
-('39) now it's Hearts turn again but they cannot get moore then a half chance themselves 
Jeanne d'Arc defenders look easily irritated when Hearts forwards attack them during build up 
-('41) Hearts: close range header by # 3 Emmanuel Kuffour saved for a corner 
-('45) this time it is the Hearts keeper who lokks a bit surprised by a strange bouncing ball. But it hops across the bar anyway 
-('injury time) in last moment a Ghanaian defender steps in to keep a Jeanne d'Arc striker from scoring from about 8 meters 

halftime 1:1  
a lively match with two teams who have their strength rather in attack than in defence 

2nd half 
-('51) after Hearts keeper misses a cross ball a first big 2nd half opportunity for Jeanne d'Arc, but #10 Sarr misses the goal narrowly with his header wide left. Several defenders had positioned themselves on the line to be able to rescue 
-('53) a similar big opportunity for Hearts, a header beats the keeper but misses narrowly wide left, too 
-('55) a Jeanne d'Arc defender squanders the ball in build up (did the ground play a role?), Ismael Addo? takes it, paces off and score with style into the corner at the second goal post - 1:2 
-('56) A Jeanne d'Arc attacker jumps into the keeper and causes a minute long injury delay 
-('63) fine goal against a lethargic defence: alow ball into the penalty area from the right hand side finds Ismael Addo who with the back to the goal takes the ball turns and scores with a low shot into the left corner - 1:3 
-('70) a Senegales player is lucky to escape with yellow after an ugly looking late challenge -  
apart from this scene the match yet has been a normal one without any major incidents 
-('74) all the 2nd half Jeanne d'Arc had tried with high balls and finally it has worked: a #10 Sarr header curves over the keeper who has left his goal - 2:3 
Jeanne d'Arc clearly has gained confidence and attacks but... 
-('77) beaten by a counter attack along the left hand side where two players run unchallenged. They curve around the keeper who has left goal too early and now face two defenders trying to shelter the goal. The first shot is blocked but the second attempt hits the net (#10 Ajugou?) - 2:4 
-('80) a Senegalese attacker wants a penalty but the referee says no foul 
-('82) Hearts: dangerous shot but saved - next attempt seconds later misses by a close margin 
-('85) another huge scene for Hearts on the counter attack  - only in the last moment a defender can deflect for a corner (Addo again? the numbers are difficult to read - white on yellow) 
-('89) another header opportunity for Jeanne d'Arc but the way to the goal seemed closed 
-('injury time) Hearts keeper plucks down a last cross 
-('injury time) Jeanne d'Arc: a very last cross and a header which has to be cleared off the line by a defender 
-('injury time) Hearts keeper plucks down a very very last cross - the match is over 

final result 2:4 
A disappointing second half by Jeanne d'Arc while Hearts were very dangerous on their counter attacks. Hearts Of Oak picked valuable points and can dream of a race for a place in the final. They now lead the group but ony 2 of 6 matches are played yet. 

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