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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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  • successful long-term build up since 1994
  • though playing with some stars, strong as a team
  • a tough group and a difficult away task could cause a disappointing result which might not correspond to their true form
  • overview: Morocco among the best of Africa
  • the list of players  (includes age and where do they play analysis)
 Morocco has been building up their national team the most thoroughly of all. Since 1994 Henry Michel has constructed his team and their fine display at the World Cup 98 at France signaled an even brighter future, if continuity was guarantueed. And Michel has been given 4 more years to make Morocco a possible 2002 surprise. 
 The story Morocco and African Cup Of Nations is a bit different. Only in 1976 Morocco has won the competion, never before or since has reached the final. Closest African country to Europe and first African world cup qualificant after the second world war the emphasis of efforts have often been on the World Cup. Also it seems that the subsaharan conditions do not boost the teams performances. Ironically the exception to the rule was at Nigeria 1980, when with a third place Morocco had their second best result.

 Morocco after Nigeria and maybe even more than Ghana is the second 'star'-composure (for example Naybet, Chippo, Chiba, Hadji, Bassir) but unlike the Nigerians Morocco has a grown team and on neutral ground would likely even be favorites to do better. But under the circumstances, playing away and in a difficult group, Morocco is only in an outsider role. They remain one of the absolute top teams of Africa, even if happens what is not completely impossible here: an out in the first round. 

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Only once Morocco has won the Nations Cup. But not always the Nations Cup has had top priority: as an early African qualifier for a world cup the desire always had been huge to return.
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