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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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A personal note 
You might have guessed, this is neither an official source nor a magazin with a commercial background. I have reported on all matches because I want to support the African game.  
Africa lacks presence in the minds of the Europeans. They love the African stars of their clubs but they do not know about their backgrounds. In the (German) press only klischees like war, deseases, rows etc are reported on. 
There were only few reports on the Nations Cup. But people have to know about the meaning of the Nations Cup, otherwise fans will not understand and accept European clubs have to release their players for the tournament.  
So I decided to do some coverage targeting some experts or writers themselves.  
Suddenly it became an overwhelming success also with fans in the US, who can't watch matches on TV. 
(As well it seemed valuable to Eurosport TV as an information source) 
I thank you all for your mails, of which half I have not had time to answer yet. 
Please excuse language mistakes, but I think a less good English still fits better than a report in German. 
But I could also use some help. Soon my ressources will be exhausted. 
If you know anybody who could sponsor a future coverage of the African game or integrate it into his bigger enterprise, please let me know. 
Even help that seems small to you, might be helpful to me. 
Lutz (The Shot) 

the African Cup Of Nations 2000: 
where?  The West African states of Nigeria and Ghana will co-host the tournament 
when?  Jan 22nd - Feb 13th 2000 
The African Nations Cup is a championship played every two years in a 16 teams format. 4 groups with 4 teams each, teams play each other in the group, that makes three matches for each team. The first two advance to the quarter-finals. From here on it is a knock-out system. 
  • Qualifiers

  • here you will find the results of the qualification matches that reduced the 47 entries to 16 teams for the finals 
  • preview

  • The giant preview: general and team-by-team previews 
  • matches

  • The schedule and later - all match reports 
  • live ticker

  • If it makes sense there will be information here 15 minutes after each half played 
  • review

  • later - general and team-by-team anlysis

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This is an absolutely no budget attempt. Hope you like it. 

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**AUDIO COVERAGE planned for some coming up matches** 
The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net is planning some internet audio coverage during the next weeks.  
The character of this audio coverage will vary. some experiments... 
There is at least 1 match hoped to be covered entirely in a streaming radio mode! 
Whether this ambitious idea can be realised is not sure yet. 
Check again - This page will improve and contain some surprises during the process of the Nations Cup! 
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