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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
looking for the list of players? 
- the 16 squads 
check also the other analysis of the squads: 
- where do they play?
  and the coaching situation: 
the coaches - where do they come from?
The age structure of the 16 teams 
An analysis of the 16 squads based on the dates given by C.A.F. (Confederation of African Football) 

remarks: qualifying date was 1st of January 2000, some data is yet missing 

The most conspicious opposites: 

  • Morocco vs Tunisia

  • Tunisia has the most balanced team with players from all age groups.
    Morocco almost entirely consists of players of one age group.
    Those two should develop completely different team sociology - an interesting matchup.
  • Burkina Faso vs South Africa

  • Burkina Faso arrives with a bunch of very young players coming out of their youth programs while South Africa will bring the biggest group of experienced players - at least what age numbers are concerned. Unfortunately they will not play each other unless they both advance very far.
  • others

  • Relatively few young players for a West-African team has Côte d'Ivoire: Their famous talents are spared for the Olympic qualifier campaign.
    One of their opponents there: Morocco. Who arrive with only one player younger than 25 years here. 
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