World Cup 2002 - Asian Qualifiers


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Group B
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World Cup 2002 - Asian qualifiers
Group B
China, Qatar, U.A.E., Uzbekistan, Oman
10 weeks of qualifiers played on 10 consecutive weekends
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Qatar - Oman  0:0
UAE - Uzbekistan  4:1

China - UAE 3:0 
Lifted by a 3rd minute goal China displayed a sophisticated performance and were 3:0 up after little more than half an hour. Key to success was a very good usage of wing play and crosses and quite good stats in one-to-one challenges. Confidence boosted by the early score played a good role as the Chinese switched sides patiently several times to alternate attacking wings.
Despite the scoreline the UAE left a better impression than Iran and Saudi Arabia yesterday. A quite organised defence conceded two goals in the air and one after a low cross from the left. Attacks of the guests were often suffocated by the Chinese midfield and defenece which acted very confident, assured by the early lead.
No scores in the second half.
Uzbekistan - Qatar  2:1
Usbekistan with a rather European style of their game took the lead after 36 minutes when a deflected corner found unmarked #11 who scored from about 8 meters by a low shot.
Qatar showed again their weakness in front of the goal where they failed to convert their midfield play into dangerous shooting.
Early in the second half a brilliant free kick seemed to have decided the match. Three minutes to the end Qatar eventually scored but Uzbekistan survived the remaining time.

Oman - China  0:2
Oman with a more elegant midfield game, but little threat to the Chinese goal. China concentrated and with more dangerous attacks. Oman had a big chance in the first half when the Chinese goalkeeper deflected a penalty to the goal post. In the second half China began to dominate and eventually scored through another fine goal by #19 Qi Hong. A penalty completed the score
UAE - Qatar 0:2
A surprise result which produces Qatar instead of the Emirates as the most likely main challenger to the Chinese. Qatar who had missed a lot of chances in their first match to drop two points in a 0:0 draw with Oman, this time scored twice.

Qatar - China  1:1
China secured a point by an injury time goal. After Qatar had taken the lead in the first half by a long range shot both teams hit the crossbar and had more chances.
Uzbekistan - Oman  5:0 (halftime 2:0)
For Oman this stage of qualifiers seems a level too high as the visiting team was torn apart by Uzbekistan this Saturday afternoon. Uzbekistan might become a challenger to China but will have to improve their away performance. They have to start quickly - their next match will be right on the groups big favorites home turf.

Oman - UAE 1:1
China - Uzbekistan 2:0
A header by #14 (Li Weifeng?) after a corner and a freekick by Fan Zhiyi secured a second half success of the favorites against one of their possibly strongest opponents in the qualifying group

Oman - Qatar  0:3
Qatar made an important step and ambitious Oman learned once more that this level yet is still a little high for the ambitious association which has had already remarkable success on youth level in recent years. 
A valuable success for Qatar: Though China might be out of reach (you never know), the second place is still up for grabs.
Uzbekistan - U.A.E.  0 :1
The Emirates team successfully defended a 7th minute lead throughout the match against the hectically attacking host team. 
China PR  4 8-1 10
Qatar  5 7-3 8
U.A.E.  5 6-7 7
Uzbekistan  5 8-8 6
Oman  5 1-11 2
group winner qualifies for World Cup 2002
second place qualifies for further play-offs

Qatar - Uzbekistan 2:2
Reports: Qatar took the lead through Al Enazi (9th). Uzbekistan hit the framework twice before equalizing through Kasimov right before halftime and taking the lead through Shirashoe two minutes after the intermission. A few minutes before the end Qatar scored their second by a fabulous freekick from Khalifa and had several more opportunites in injury time.
U.A.E. - China  0 :1
It was Qi Hong who provided for the Chinese goal short before halftime. The Emirates had several scoring opportunities in the second half but China defended their lead successfully and are now close to a first participation at the World Cup finals.
After the draw between Qatar and Uzbekistan, China are three points away from qualification, with three matches at hand.
China PR  5 9-1 13
Qatar  6 9-5 9
Uzbekistan  6 10-10 7
U.A.E.  6 6-8 7
Oman  5 1-11 2
group winner qualifies for World Cup 2002
second for additional play-offs

Qatar - U.A.E. 1:2
U.A.E. exploited two weak situations in the Qatar defence including the keeper to score late in both halfs. Qatar had equalised a minute after halftime but failed to copnvert possession into goals.
China - Oman  1:0
China are qualified for the World Cup
China PR*  6 10-1 16
U.A.E.  7 8-9 10
Qatar  7 10-7 9
Uzbekistan  6 10-10 7
Oman  6 1-12 2
*group winner qualifies for World Cup 2002
second for additional play-offs

Oman - Uzbekistan  4:2
Oman won their first match in this second round and provided a big blow against the Uzbekistans hope to reach the second place and additional play-offs.
China PR - Qatar  3:0
A typical mistake allowed China to open the score from a corner early in the first half. From then on it was a downhill game for the already qualified Chinese who added two more the goals and eliminate Qatar mathematically  from the qualifying picture.
China PR*  7 13-1 19
U.A.E.  7 8-9 10
Qatar  8 10-10 9
Uzbekistan  7 12-14 7
Oman  7 5-14 5
China qualified for World Cup 2002
second for additional play-offs

Uzbekistan - China PR  1:0
A 90th minute goal meant the first but meaningless defeat for China. Uzbekistan in the end came one point short of a playoff place 
U.A.E. - Oman  2:2
The Emirates came from two goals behind to secure the vital point and rescue their World Cup campaign against the same Oman which had surprisingly opened the door for them last week beating Uzbekistan.
China PR  8 13-2 19
U.A.E.  8 10-11 11
Uzbekistan  8 13-14 10
Qatar  8 10-10 9
Oman  8 7-16 6
group winner qualifies for World Cup 2002
second for additional play-offs


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