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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
This is only a preview version. There will by more here by next week.
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African Nations Cup 
Jan 19 - Feb 10
The coverage is beginning...

During the following days The Shot will begin with the preview for the upcoming African Cup Of Nations 2002 at Mali.
Going beyond the extensive coverage of 1998 and especially 2000 with more than 100 webpages, The Shot wants to introduce some additional projects and ideas which could become possible with your help.

One of it is to start to slowly transform The Shot into a window for African authors to present their views, their writing skills and their own websites. 
The aim is to establish structures for African projects to present themselves and so to put some force against the tendency that information on African football in the media becomes another business run from European or American companies with the danger of  monopolisation of views which is the tendency at the moment.
(not to be missunderstood: non-African sources will not become excluded)

Less complicated: The Shot can become a source where website owners and writers come together to discuss or present topics which could be of interest for all Africa or the world while in the same time they can present their background (site, magazine f.e.) which will go then into detail of the field they are specialised in (f.e. a regional site on football in Tunisia etc.).

But it does not end on the level of that example just presented: you could be a musician who has done a song about football. Or a painter who has made a painting connected to CAN 2002. Then your artwork is relevant for this kind of forum and if somebody likes it, he can go back to your site or your exhibition or your concert to see or here more of what you have to present.

The plans are ambitious and take their time. The features are not programmed yet and will not be to meet the Nations Cup. But The Shot is flexible enough already to build in your contributions, your source, your URL into the actual coverage. So if you are interested, please make contact by mail.

The plans also need big and small support by investors, sponsors or fans. 
The Shot will try some ides here. But suggestions are welcome as there is only limited time for me to care for all those aspects..

There are also further plans to help and strengthen the structures of African football as part of the world. 
Therefor The Shot will invite to build a council discussing the problems and possible solutions even connected to what will become of this website.
It is an offer to connect my opportunities with your opportunities to build something bigger.
I believe we can make it possible. But it needs 11 for a team and it cannot be started if each individual thinks 'ok I'll join them when they are already ten'. Give it a chance. 

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