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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Egypt - Zambia 

Before the match:  
The first match in a difficult group to predict. Egypt the title holders with a team that has changed coach and a Zambian team in a generation turn. After the match they will be more sure about how their new receipes will have worked  
The match is also a stage for the two great old players of the tournament: Egyptian Hossam Hassan and Zambian Kalusha Bwalya. 

Egypt: 1-Nader El Sayed, 2-Ibrahim Hassan, 3-Mohamed Omara, 20-Hady Khashaba, 5-Abdelzaher El Saqqa, 8-Yasser Radwan (17- Ahmed Hassan, 78), 11-Tarek Said, 15-Ibrahim Said, 21-Ayman Abdelaziz, 9-Hossam Hassan, 19-Ahmed Salah Hosni (13-Abdulhalim Ali, 90). 
Zambia: 1-Davies Phiri, 2-Laughter Chilembi, 3-Elijah Litana, 4-Moses Sichone, 5-Elijah Tana, 8-Mannase Mwanza, 10- Dennis Lota, 11-Kalusha Bwalya, 12-Andrew Tembo, 17-Andrew Sinkala, 18-Mwape Miti
1:0 ('39) Yasser Radwan, 2:0 ('49) Hossam Hassan

1st half 
- ('3) first appearance of the legaendary Hossam Hassan in front of the Zambian goal 
Egypt has the better start in the first 10 minutes, but only minor opportunities yet. 
- ('15) some problems for the Egyptian keeper after a corner 
- ('16) after a soul the as well legendary Zambian #11 Kalusha Bwalya is injured and treated for but returnes 
- ('23) Zambia: free kick from 20 meters for specialist Kalusha Bwalya: into wall   
- ('25) Zambia now a bit better in the match 
The match is far less exciting yet. The Egyptian defence looks tight again.   
- ('30) dangerous Egyptian corner. While defences will mark Hossam Hassan, the big talent of Ahmed Hosny might spot the opportunity. 
- ('39) With a header from 7 meters Yasser Radwan scores - just as it looked the match could become a typical 0:0 opener. A goal thanks to the 21-year old Tarek Said who conquered the ball on the left wing against a Zambian defender and served perfectly - 1:0 
 ('45) a dangerous attack by Zambia after an error, but the resulting shot rushes wide 

Halftime: 1:0 
Egypt has played out of a solid defence. Zambia has not impressed. They lack the sophisticated passing game with which the under 20 side had impressed 1999 at Nigeria 99.(World Youth Championships). 

2nd half 
- ('49) during a counter attack Hossam Hassan scores one of his brilliant opportunistic goals when a defender fails in clearing the ball - 2:0 
- ('56) nice move by Hosni sets up Hossam Hassan with a free lane towrds the goal, but his 18 meter shot is no big threat 
- ('60) Hossam Hassan collects a stupid yellow card for handball - and he knows 
- ('62) nice attack by Zambia, set up by Kalusha Bwalya but Andrew Sinkala targets wide 
- ('63) good save by the Egyptian keeper after a spectacular Dennis Lota(?) shot 
- (''72) another Zambian opportunity wide 
- ('82) the Zambians create occasional goal scenes against a crowded Egyptian defence, but no real must-score situations 
- ('90) Egypt: a Hossam Hassan Header hits the goal post 
- ('injury time) another Zambian opportunity blocked by another Egyptian defense leg 

Final result: 2:0 
Egypt has more or less taken off where they left two years ago, despite they looked less inspired yet. But it was only the first match. Zambia faught back after the 2:0 but did not have the means to take the Egyptian defence apart. With this match they will have lost their dark horse status for the near future. 

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