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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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South Africa - Gabon  3 : 1 

Before the match:  
A clear favorite with South Africa, but Gabon has beaten them (in a controversial match) 1:0 at home during the qualification. Gabon has surprise potential (in 1996 they had been a big surprise) were but South Africa claims to have found a good team mixture that will make them favorite to walk through the group easily. But the group is difficult to predict, too, as they are some Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hide candidates in it. 
World Factbook entries: 
Gabon, Population: 1,225,853 (July 1999 est.)  
South Africa, Population: 43,426,386 (July 1999 est.)  
what a match-up 
But: on the field 11 vs 11 

South Africa: 22-Andre Arendse, 4-Lucas Radebe, 5-Mark Fish, 15-Pierre Issa; 7-Quinton Fortune (12-Steve Lekoelea 73), 10-John Moshoeu, 11-Helman Mkhalele, 19-Dumisa Ngobe, 21-Eric Tinkler; 9-Shaun Bartlett, 17-Siyabonga Nomvete (14-Pollen Ndlanya 79).
Gabon: 1-Jacques Deckousshoud; 5-Guy-Roger Nzeng, 6-Dieudonne Mouyouma, 11-Francois Amegasse, 15-Eric Endo; 10-Jonas Ogandaga, 12-Chiva Star Nzigou, 13-Bruno Mbanangoye, 18-Dieudonne Londo (19-Rene Nsi-Akue 61); 7-Theodore Nzue Nguema, 9-Daniel Cousin. 
0:1 ('19) Nzigou, 1:1 ('43) Ngobe, 2:1 ('55) Bartlett, 3:1 ('78) Bartlett

1st half (startet 1950h GMT) 
- ('1) South Africa puts big pressure on a nervous opponent right away, Gabon playing with the 16-year old talent Nzigou (club: Nantes, France) who with this match becomes the youngest ever to have played in the finals  
- ('18) Gabon has setlled quickly and just created a first dangerous scene. The outsiders get fired up by the crowd, balancing between flamboyance and thoughtlessness 
- (21) great run by #9 along the left wing, played in low and #12 Nzigou scores - 0:1 
- ('23) Angry response by South Africa but yet Gabon's defence stands  
- ('28) a stupid handball leads to a dangerous South African free kick from right wing 
- ('33) South Africa, big opportunity: Mosheou header saved 
Gabon since the goal has maybe too much focus on conserving the result. If they do not attack themselves, they will concede the equaliser sooner or later 
- ('39) Shuan Bartlett bodychecks the keeper who has long posession of the ball, but gets away without severe punishment 
- ('43) South Africa has locked Gabon into the penalty area since minutes 
- ('43) The inevitable happens: free kick from left and a header by Ngobe - 1:1 
- ('injury time) one of the innumerable South African free kicks around the penalyty box: Before it is kicked in, a South African player gets away with a fist blow against a defender (Ngobe?) 

Halftime 1:1 
South Africa has the momentum coming back from a surprise 0:1. Gabon had excited in the first 20 minutes but then concentrated too much on conserving the score.   

2nd half  
- ('50) Mosheou is free but shoots wide 
- ('51) Bartlett header, easily saved 
- ('55) Quinton Fortune shruggs of an opponent with his elbow and gets a 'bonus' free kick by the referee for whatever. He shoots it into the box and Bartlett heads it in from difficult angle. 2:1 
The kicks by Fortune have been somhow weird curved and dangerous (has he studied Beckham?). 
- ('61) dangerous Mkhalele distance shot wide 
- ('64) for the first two occasions since a long time ago Gabon comes near the SOuth African goal 
- ('73) Ngobe misses close with a low shot after a corner kick 
South Africa is controlling the match. Though it is only 1 goal difference, the match looks as if settled 
- ('76) South Africa has played out the defence on a counter attack but Nomvete misses from 5 meters 
- ('78) Gabon exposes the defence and is played out again, the ball finds the all alone Shaun Bartlett in front of an empty goal - he puts it in. 3:1 
- ('82) Gabon: most dangerous header by #9 Cousin centimeters off target after a corner 
- ('87) South Africa: Ndlanya brakes through but keeper saves 
- ('88) Gabon: South Africa's Arendse saves a difficult one, too 

Final result 3:1 
Gabon has shown Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hide within one match: inspired first 20 minutes and a few neat moves after the 3:1. South Africa has won by their routine.  

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