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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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3rd place
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parallel third matches - 
South Africa - Algeria and DR Congo - Gabon 

Before the matches:  
South Africa is already qualified for quarterfinals. With a draw they secure first place of the group. Algeria will secure a place among the last eight with a draw. A win over South Africa could put them in top position of the group. (So a draw might fit both well) 
DR Congo needs South Africa to beat Algeria and in the same time must win themselves against Gabon AND close up the goal margin that is three goals between them and Algeria before the matches. 
Gabon do only play for pride. In the past, teams in that situation here and there have staged surprises. Gabon probably will play with a bit different face. The coach has put the blame on the association to have forced him to include the exile professionals in the squad. He said he had prefered to rely on home-based youngsters who had been in a better shape. 
South Africa 2 4-1 6
Algeria  2 3-1 4
DR Congo  2 0-1 1
Gabon 2 2-6 0
> match reports on the four matches played yet 
1st half, South Africa - Algeria
-('2) sharp low ball from the left wing (by Ngobe) into the box and Shaun Barttlett at the second goal post puts his foot in - 1:0
-('8) RSA (South Africa): Tinkler rocket across the bar
-('13) Algeria: Good looking attack by Algeria but Vonk can save the sharp diagonal shot by his left foot
-('19) Algeria: header opportunity but across the bar
both teams with promising attacking weapons and some half chances.
-('24) RSA: dangerous Mkhalele shot from 20 meters saved by the keeper. A very good save, considering the ground made the ball jump in a difficult way
-('29) Algeria: Vonk lets adifficult low shot bounce and a forward going for the rebounding ball trips over the keeper. Algeria wants penalty, but referee says no foul.
-('34) Algeria: Ghazi shot wide after corner
-(40'41) Algeria: series of 4 corners causes some problems for South Africa
-('41) Algeria: Moussa Saib solo run on the left hand side but his shot misses target

Algeria: 1-Abdesslam Benabdellah; 2-Maamar Mamouni, 3-Abdelaziz Benhamlat, 4-Rezki Amrouche, 20-Mahieddine Meftah, 7-Nasreddine Kraouche, 8-Billel Dziri, 18-Moussa Saib, 9-Farid Ghazi, 10-Abdelhafid Tasfaout, 11-Fawzi Moussouni 
South Africa: 1-Hans Vonk; 4-Lucas Radebe, 5-Mark Fish, 15-Pierre Issa, 22-Eric Tinkler, 19-Dumisa Ngobe, 11-Helman Mkhalele, 10-Thabo Mngomeni, 7-Quinton Fortune, 9-Shaun Bartlett, 6-Glen Salmon 
Referee: Tessema Hailemalik (Ethiopia) 

1st half, DR Congo - Gabon
Gabon with a neat looking attacking game but both without clearcut chances in the beginning
('19) DRC: big opportunity after corner, Gabon can't get the ball out, but shot wide
('28) Gabon: A shot from 22 meters far wide
(There isn't much more to report here)
-('33) Gabon: #7 brilliant solorun on the right wing, his cross onto the second goalpost but #10 header from close range misses the target
-('36) Gabon: a rebounding ball is taken direct by #13 Mbanangoye but his shot bounces off a player who is positioned short before the goalline
-('43) Gabon: good looking free kick idea, but execution meant no danger eventually
-('45) DR Congo answer, but offside

Gabon - 16-Germain Mendome; 6-Dieudonne Mouyouma, 14-Chantry Muie Nguema, 19-Rene Nsi-Akue, 20-Cedric Moubamba; 3-Tristan Mombo, 10-Jonas Ogandaga, 13-Bruno Mbanangoye, 18-Dieudonne Londo; 7-Theodore Nzue Nguema, 12-Chiva Nzighou 
Democratic Republic of Congo - 1-Mkueni Mayala; 3-Kabwe Kasongo, 4-Kitulele Yuvuladio, 5-Esele Bakasu, 14-Michel Dinzey; 6-Ndjanka Mukando, 13-Missilou Mangituka, 20-Epotele Bazamba, 16-Apataki Kifu; 18-Ngidi Yemweni, 7-Banza Kasongo 

Halftime: South Africa-Algeria 1:0 and DR Congo-Gabon 0:0  
At halftime DR Congo have come a little bit closer, but they will have to win first and then look what South Africa and Algeria do (see Before the match for mathematics). Comparing the two matches, Algeria does much better. Only - they face a South African team with many weapons to score. Gabon plays a neat match.
2nd half, South Africa-Algeria
both begin the second half less accurate and inspired
-('53) RSA: #18 Bapela rocket from 25 meters, wide
-('53) ALgeria: Ball into the penalty area, #11 Moussouni, manouvers out a defender and scores with a low sharp shot from 9 meters - 1:1
-('55) The Algerian keeper claims another problematic ball - a free kick by Lokoela that took a bounce on the ground
-(66) 2 good scenes for Algeria
Algerians look more motivated now 
The match is looking worse each minute. Since the Algerian equaliser both seem to feel quite comfortable. The question is only: Does one of the two desperately want to stay at Kumasi for the quarter finals?
('85) RSA: Lekoela shot wide and a Bartlett shot across the bar
South Africa keeps the ball for minutes unchallenged in their half 
2nd half,DR Congo-Gabon both begin playing forward with half chances
-('47) DRC: shot across the bar, a good looking opportunity
-('50) DRC: a good distance attempt, wide
-('57) Gabon: long ball on #7 Nguema (?) who runs away with it but his shot is saved by the keeper with his left leg
-('61) Gabon: #7 Nguema does it all alone, this time a 18 meter shot across the bar
-('63) Gabon: a neat attack but DR Congo defenders alert
-('63) The Congolese captain Kasongo is by far the last man to the goal (20 meters distance) and can stop the Gabonese counter attack only by wrestling down the attacker - red card
-('64) free kick no danger
-('65) DR Congo: Some danger by a diagonal ball through the Gabonese penalty area
-('67) Gabon attack: good last minute challenge against the storming Nguema
-('68) Gabon: with his head almost to the ground Nguema heads a ball from 7 meters across the target.
-('72) DRC: Congolese hit the outside of the goalpost with a shot from difficult angle
-('80) Gabon: Substitut #9 appears alone in front of the Congolese goal but hesitates too long
-('81) Gabon: next attack no problem for the keeper
-('86) Congolese keeper alerted again
-('injury time) another good tackle against the threatening Nguema
Final result: South Africa-Algeria 1:1 and DR Congo-Gabon 0:0  
DR Congo continued their unisnspired performance and lacked any impact against the minnows Gabon. South Africa and Algeria after the equaliser were well off with the draw and secured what they had achieved. Not a thrilling afternoon. 
South Africa 3 5-2 7
Algeria  3 4-2 5
DR Congo  3 0-1 2
Gabon 3 2-6 1
quarter finals: Cameroon-Algeria, South Africa-Ghana

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