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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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DR Congo - Algeria  0 : 0 

Before the match:  
Algeria the most often predicted disappointment. Everything goes wrong in  the association. And even bad luck adds: a food poisoning has struck the coach who has just returned to the side. But out of that position they will have some surprise potential if they lose their scare in front of the goal. 
DR Congo is a dark horse. Watch out for playmaker Makaya Nsilulu. They finished third last NAtions Cup eliminating Ghana and Cameroon. 

Reuters announces the squads as:  
Algeria: 1-Abdesslam Benabdellah; 2-Maamar Maouni, 3-Abdelaziz Benhamlat, 4-Rezki Amrouche; 7-Nasreddine Kraouche, 8-Billel Dziri, 9-Farid Ghazi, 10-Abdelhafid Tasfaout, 18-Moussa Saib; 11-Fawzi Moussouni, 15-Rafik Saifi.  
DR Congo: 1-Mkueni Makaya; 3-Kabwe Kasango, 4-Kitulele Yuvuladio, 5-Esele Bakasu, 14-Michel Dinzey; 6-Ndjeka Mukando, 7-Banza Kasango, 11-Emeka Mamale, 13-Missilou Mangituka;  8-Makaya Nsilulu, 9-Felix-Michel Ngonge.  

C.A.F. announces the following: 
Referee: Monteiro Duarte (CVT) 
Ass. Referees: Gamal El Hawary (LBY), Hugues Adjovi (BEN) 
Reserve referee: Gamal El Ghandour (EGY) 
Colours of teams:  
Algeria: Green/White/Green. RD Congo: Yellow/Blue/Yellow

1st half:  
-('12) DRC: Nsilulu's first spectacular dribbling - until here Algeria had looked a little better 
-('14) DRC: dangerous #9 Ngonge shot across the bar after corner 
-('16) DRC: Emeka misses close 
'-('17) DRC: distance Ngonge header across the bar 
<computer blackout some data lost> 
-('33) Algeria: several opportunities on fast counter attacks during the recent 5 minutes 
-('38) Algeria: The Congolese defender #3 rescues in the last minute against another fast Allgerian attack 
-('injury time) Nice Congolese attack but the final touch a little inaccurate 

Halftime - 0:0  
Open match with different styles. Both with quite decent opportunities but not yet with the power to force the goal.

2nd half:  
-('53) DRC: The two sides of Kasongo Banza: Energetic approch against several defenders, then a hasty, inaccurate shot with the emphasis on power, not accuracy 
-('55) DR Congo wastes a good free-kick opportunity 
-('57) Algeria: DRC goalkeeper comes out in time against Algeria #9 
-('62) DRC: The rather disappointing Nsilulu is substituted 
-('65) Algeria: Congolese errror leads to some excitement 
Congo with some kick and rush and physical presence, Algeria with passing game. Both teams do not look neither bad nor too impressive. The match sees some hard fought duels. 
A match of solid defenders now, having the last word. No opportunities for neither team. 
-(''81) A rare Algerian error but another hastily executed Kasongo attempt 
The Algerian counter attacks don't work out as they did in the first half  
-('88) almost an opportunity for Algeria, who suddenly pressure the Congolese goal 
-('89) Algeria: good looking head to head ball after corner 
-('injury time) Algeria once more, but again the way to the goal is somehow obstructed  

Final result - 0:0  
And the winner is - South Africa, who only need 3 more points to advance.  
A deserved 0:0, both did not have the impact aginst each others defences. Algeria now in a little better position, because they play South Africa last. But next they will have to take the Gabon match seriously. DR Congo did not look like a potential Cup winner here.

Don't know what to do with the rest of the night? How about taking your friends out to diner? 

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