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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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3rd place
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parallel third matches: 
Ghana-Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon-Togo 

Before the two matches, which will be played at the same time in two different locations 
a complicated situation from the mathematics point of view: 
on the safe side when: 
-Cameroon will be through regardless of the outcome of the other match if they do not lose by a higher margin than two goals.* 
-Ghana will be qualified for the quarter finals regardless of the outcome of the other match if they do not lose by a higher margin than one goal.* 
-Côte d'ivoire will be qualified regardless of the outcome of the other match if they win by three goals difference or more. Côte d'Ivoire must win by three goals or more, there is no other scenario. 
-Togo advances regardless of the outcome of the other match if they win by three goals difference or more.* 
*=Then there are some in-between scenarios which will be confusing to go into at this point (f.e. Togo could snatch through winning by two goals, if...).  
So far the mathematics. Yet Côte d'ivoire have been disappointing, Cameroon impressive and Ghana improving. It seems unlikely that a scenario will take place which will see either Cameroon or Ghana be eliminated unless they take the matches far too easy. 
But it is not only a race for who is qualifying, it is also a question who will top the group: the second place could set up a possible semi-final against co-hosts Nigeria at Lagos. 
Cameroon  2 4-1 4
Ghana 2 3-1 4
Togo 2 1-3 1
Côte d'Ivoire  2 1-4 1
> match reports on the 4 matches played yet 
1st half 
Ghana doominates the beginning minutes 
-(8) #3 Ghana brakes through on the left wing, reckless challenge by #5 CIV, yellow card, free kick fades 
both teams look improved in their passing game these minutes, but both defences seem concentrated 
-('17) Ghana defence outnumbered against a counter attack, 1 vs.2, but #4 Kuffour conquers the ball 
-('25) Ghana #5 dangerous wide open after corner, his header across the bar 
-('31) Ghana: good save by the CIV keeepr against Ayew 
Match has lost quality. Players returned to keeping the ball too long, solo runs, challenges, change of posession and back 
-('38) CIV: Ghana keeper saves against a dangerous Kalou shot from difficult angle 
-('43) Ghana: some danger as #8 was unmarked and send with a though ball, but the angle was too difficult 
-(45) CIV: a brave effort by Guel who conquers the ball against the entire Ghanaian dfence and keeps it until he is fouled - the free kick from the right is plucked down by the keeper 
-('injury time) great triangle goal: ball from midfield on the left wing, cross ball, brilliant control by Kalou and he scores into the right corner - 0:1 

Ghana - 1-Richard Kingston; 4-Samuel Kuffour, 15-Samuel Johnson, 5-Stephen Baidoo, 3-Emmanual Kuffour; 8-Mark Edusei, 20-Otto Addo, 21-Alex Nyarko,10-CharlesAkonnor; 9-Kwame Ayew, 11-Augustine Ahinful  
Ivory Coast - 1-Alain Gouamene; 6-Olivier Tebily, 5-Ghislain Akassou, 19-Dominique Sam Abouo; 7-Ibrahima Kone, 12-Serge Die, 13-Aliou Siby Badra, 14-Tchiressoa Guel,15-Bonaventure Kalou; 11-Hamed Modibo Diallo, 20-Zephirin Zoko  

1st half 
-('4) Mboma dangerous 
-('18) Cameroon defence (midfield)  unconcentrated, outnumbered about 4 against 6 when a cross ball sails into the penalty area, a shot, keeper saves, and #4 Togo puts the rebounding ball into the net - 0:1 
-('25) more scares for Cameroon 
-('28) Cameroon: some excitement after a dangreous ball into the penalty box 
-('31) opportunity Cameroon 
-('33) another attack by Cameroon stopped by the keeper 
-('34) Mboma with one of his rockets (wide) 

Cameroon: 1-Boukar Alioum, 4-Rigobert Song, 13-Lucien Mettomo, 6-Pierre Njanka, 18-Innocent Hamga, 8-Geremi Fotso Njitap, 12-Laurent Mayer, 17-Marc-Vivien Foe, 10-Patrick Mboma, 19-Marcel Mahouve, 21-Joseph-Desire Job. 
Togo: 16-Kossi Agassa, 3-Yao Senaya, 4-Massamesso Tchangai, 5-Yaovi Abalo, 12-Yao Aziawonou, 13-Komlan Assignon, 7-Tadjou Salou, 8-Lantame Ouadja, 20-Djima Oyawole, 10-Cherif Maman Toure, 17-Abdelkader Coubadja. 
Referee: Olaniyan Olufemi (Nigeria)  

Halftime Ghana - Côte d'Ivoire 0:1  and Cameroon - Togo 0:1 
Few believed it before the matches, but now both matches could become a thriller. Neither Togo nor Côte d'Ivoire have dominated the first half, but they have scored. This could boost their confidence. 
Or will Ghana and Cameroon come out the half more concentrated? Sometimes it is difficult to switch, once in problems. 
At this standings still Ghana and Cameroon are qualified but it is only a matter of the margin (see before the match) 
2nd half 
Ghana looks determined in the first minutes but: 
-('48) CIV: Good opportunity on a counter attack when #11 Diallo tries to score from 18 meters against a mispositioned keeper but wide 
-('49) Ghana agian in difficulties when not enough defenders try to stop a CIV attack 
-(52) CIV: A nother threating situation on a counter attack: 3 vs. 3, but wasted 
-('55) Ghana: similar looking scene on the other side 
-('55) CIV answers with a dangerous attack again, but Guel header misses close 
Côte d'Ivoire lure with three forwards for attacks, the match is wide open now. Also for counter attacks of Ghana. 
-('61) Ghana: Ofori-Quaye is brough in 
-('63) Ghana: Free kick into the wall 
-('65) Ghana: Otto Addo with a brilliant right hand side run and set up but the shot is blocked by a desperate attempt of a defender 
-('66) CIV: two huge counter attaacks by the Ivorians, stopped in the last moment, once by a defender, once by the keeper 
-('67) CIV: Kalou(?) after the corner wide from 10 meters 
-('67'68) CIV: another dangerous attack stopped for a corner, a second corner ends with a header across thebar 
-('69) CIV: Ghana loses the ball agian in buildup for a dangerous moment 
-('70) CIV continue their spell 
a huge match by the Ivorians - but they need two more goals, Bakayoko is in the match now. The defenders stop the promising Ghana counter attacks with great challenges yet. 
-('79) Gouamene with problems after corner and coming late against an attacker but no harm 
Guel and Kalou strong 
-(81) Guel and Kalou set up: Bakayoko (?) hits the crossbar from the right hand side, the ball bounces back into the field 
-('83) CIV: brilliant run by Donald Sie (#21) against the Ghana offside trap - he's alone in front of the keeper and scores from half left into the right corner with a low shot - 0:2 
-('84) Ghana: great save by  Gouamene 
-('86) CIV: another scare for the Ghana goalkeeper 
-('87) CIV: Ghana keeper no problems against a sharp distance shot 
a thriller, the next CIV attack fades 
-('89) CIV: Guamene plucks down a cross and ignites another counter attack, the resulting corner fades 
-('injury time) the last attempts of the outpowered Ivorians fade
2nd half 
-('46) Cameroon: Tchoutang is brough in to revive the Cameroon game 
-(54) Cameroon: Togolese keeper misses cross, but a defender rescues 
Cameroon dominating now, some half clear chances 
-('68) dangerous Togo counter attack, shot misses close 
opportunities on both sides 
-('77) Alioum a good keeper against a shot by the fast #17 
the Togoles goal remains under more pressure than the one of Cameroon 
('injury time) Cameroon hits the goalpost
Final  Ghana - Côte d'Ivoire 0:2  and Cameroon - Togo 0:1 
What a thriller! And what a match by the Côte d'Ivoire. But they are out! It was one goal short. Or you might argue - it was the third goal they conceded the last minute against Cameroon in their second match. Or you might say - it was the sluggish first game against Togo. It is academic. 
In the other match Togo was two goals short and they did not really come close. 
Ghana can be thankful for this and they will have to accept the fact, that if they reach the semi-finals they will have to play at Lagos. 
Cameroon  3 4-2 4
Ghana 3 3-3 4
Côte d'Ivoire 3 3-4 4
Togo  3 2-3 4

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