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The African Champions League 2001
Group B match report
ASEC Abidjan - Al Ahly Cairo

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African Champions League 2001
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ASEC Abidjan - Al Ahly 1:0 

Before: After Petro Atletico has made already 6 valuable away points and Al Ahly has been dominating the group yet, the youngsters of ASEC Abidjan are already under pressure to win this match. Otherwise the groups threatens to become boring very early. ASEC have the talent but a few weak properties in their game as could be seen two wweeks ago against Petro Atletico (see report). Al Ahly who have not been brilliant but quite solid seem just the right outfit to explore those weaknesses.

1st half:
-('5) ASEC start attacking but Al Ahly look more dangerous, ASEC are lucky that three unmarked attackers are ruled offside at a cross
-ASEC lose balls in midfield - a potential danger as Al Ahly seems to speculate on those situations
-('11) ASEC who try a lot through the middle manage a first shot towards the Egyptian goal - it rolls wide after it is deflected
-('13) 2 minutes of ASEC pressure follow with 3 corners
-('19) ASEC work out a good opportunity against lethargic defenders inside the penalty area but fail to get off an attempt on the target
-('22) a promising situation for an Al Ahly counter attack but poorly executed
-('26) ASEC short range ahot against the outside of the net - the angle had been too close
-('28) an ASEC player curves around his defender into the penalty area and falls - he gets a yellow card for diving
-('29) another time that ASEC loses a ball casually in build up but the result is only a harmless long range attempt by the visitors
-Al Ahly control the game but they are not convincing when having the ball themselves
-('33) another harmless Al Ahly attempt proves to be no test for the Ivorian keeper
-('39) ASEC: great solo by defender Branco, the first real highlight of the match, he tries to direct the ball into the corner from central position but the Egyptian keeper makes a good save
-('41) Al Ahly start to have more problems with the fast and skillful Ivorian attackers - an attack is stopped for a free kick from 18 meters which does not get through to the goal
-('45) another ASEC free kick: this time an attempted triangle passing play trick - it does not get through, because of the concentrated defenders and because of the ground which causes the ball to start bouncing
-('injury time) again an ASEC attacker seems to dive for a penalty - but the ref just waves on without awarding a yellow card
-('injury time) the Egyptian keeper saves a long range attempt easily

halftime 0:0
Both teams did not look like scoring. The Egyptians lost their concentration and dominations towards the end of the half,

2nd half:
-('53) a couple of ASEC half chances so far, as the Egyptians look unfocused in defence
-ASEC continue to attack and work out goal scenes which are not really dangerous yet
-('61) two ASEC attackers are in the way of each other after a high ball into the penalty area had provided some danger
-('64) the pressure mounts, a free kick provides more action inside the Egyptian penalty area - it might be onlyx a question of time until more dangerous scenes result from that the game is constantly played close to the Egyptian goal
-the skillful ASEC players work out plenty of free kicks around the penalty area but all those opportunities fade without creating dangers
-('70) ASEC trying a lot of shooting now but most balls fly wide or roll into the keepers arms
-('71) ASEC: spectacular acrobatic bycicle kick by Zoko but 10 meters across the bar
-('77) ASEC: an exciting combination with Romaric, Baky tries to score from close range but his ball is too weak to beat the solid keeper
-('79) another ASEC free kick into the Egyptian wall
-('81) an ASEC free kick does not even get past a two men wall
-One year ago Al Ahly had payed a similar passive performance at Hearts Of Oak with a 90th minute loser
-('85) ASEC: a cross attempt hits a defender and the referee says it was handball and awards a penalty 
-('87) the penalty hits the goalpost as the Egyptian keeper is sent into the wrong corner
-('88) the referee wants to repeat the penalty - the Egyptians protest - the referee shows the red card to an Al Ahly player (#3)
-('90) same corner, this time it is converted by #2 Diaky - 1:0
-only two minutes injury time are signalled although there have been several interruptions, not to speak of the 3 minutes the execution of the penalty took
-('injury time) Al Ahly do not even make it to the Ivorian half as ASEC continue attacking, working out a free kick and a couple of corners
-('injury time) after 3 minutes injury time the match is finished

final score 1:0
Al Ahly have not learned last years lesson - without any promising attack in the entire second half they cannot complain about the end. ASEC on the other hand despite all the talent needed two penalties to make a goal - a perfect image to describe their harmlessness in front of the goal.
With title holders Hearts Of Oak eliminated early this years Champions League clearly is suffering from the still increasing drain of talents from Africa to Europe and even the rest of the world. A process that meanwhile has reached Egypt and Tunisia.

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