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 The African Champions League 2001
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African Champions League 2001
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Mamelodi Sundowns - Espérance 0:0
TP Mazembe - Julius Berger 1:0

Espérance Tunis - TP Mazembe 2:1
Julius Berger - Mamelodi Sundowns 2:0
Mamelodi Sundowns with a terrible start into the game, seemingly demotivated, losing almost all challenges, bad passing, deflated organisation, lacklustre play, missunderstandings. On the other hand Julius Berger committed and with a suitable game for the ground. The early goal to the 1:0 lead was logical consequence.
After 20 minutes the picture changed. Julius Berger could not keep up the extreme running work and a apparently superior talent and physics of the South African side came into effect. In the following the chances for the guests grew more and more and bigger. But somehow the Nigerians escaped into the halftime with a 1:0 advantage.
10 minutes into the second half, bad marking (or a clumsy offside trap attempt) made it easy for an Nigerian attacker to score from the edge of the penalty area by a low shot into the corner. Julius Berger then played drawn back, speculating on counter opportunities. Again Sundowns needed some time before an increasing pressure threatened the Nigerian goal. 
Again the opportunities for the South Africans grew more and bigger towards the end of the half, culminating in a saved penalty short before the end.
In the end the players from Pretoria had beaten themselves.
With Hearts Of Oak out of the picture, and other favorites with weaker squads and performances compared to last year, Sundowns might be still well a candidate for the title. The competition, because of the loss of quality, seems quite open, at least in this group. 
Julius Berger - Espérance  1:1

Brazilian star Reinaldo provided the equalizer for the visiting Tunisians short after half time in a match which is reported to have suffered from a difficult pitch.
TP Mazembe - Sundowns  0:0
Esperance  3 3-2 5
Julius Berger  3 3-2 4
TP Mazembe  3 2-2 4
Sundowns  3 0-2 2
top two will qualify for semifinals

Mamelodi Sundowns - TP Mazembe  1:0
Reports: In a lively match Sundowns won by a first half injury time goal against an attacking Congolese squad.
Espérance Tunis - Julius Berger  3:2
Reports: Espérance were the superior team but needed a controversial goal to equalize the early Nigerian lead. Despite blowing several opportunities the Tunisians went 3:1 up during second half before the guests scored a late second goal.
Esperance  4 6-4 8
Sundowns  4 1-2 5
Julius Berger  4 5-5 4
TP Mazembe  4 2-3 4
top two will qualify for semifinals
Espérance - Sundaowns 0:0 *Espérance qualify for semi-finals

Julius Berger - TP Mazembe 1:0
Esperance  5 6-4 9
Julius Berger  5 6-5 7
Sundowns  5 1-2 6
TP Mazembe  5 2-4 4
top two will qualify for semifinals

Oct 20
Mamelodi Sundowns - Julius Berger  1:0
A Bennet Mnguni free kick after 35 minutes was enough to give the predominant hosts the necessary advantage in the race for the second semi-final spot in this group. Mamelodi Sundowns will now play Petro Atletico of Angola in the semi-finals who have already secured their first place (because of the new tiebreaker rule which puts direct results between the tied teams before goal difference)..
TP Mazembe - Epérance Tunis  3:2
A lively match in which there was not much to win for TP Mazembe and only the first place to lose for Espérance. Because of the result in the other group Espérance remained group leaders and will place the second placed team of the other group.
Esperance*  6 8-7 9
Sundowns*  6 2-2 9
Julius Berger  6 6-6 7
TP Mazembe  6 5-6 7
top two will qualify for semifinals

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