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 The African Champions League 2000 
  match report, May 7, round of last 16, 1st leg match 
 Raja Casablanca (Morocco) v Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) 2:1
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The African Champions League 2000
What is the African Champions League and how is the mode? Who won last years and how?
African Champions League explained
 Title holders Raja Casablanca have stabilised their team by winning price money through the Club World Championship. But now they face dangerous Jeanne d'Arc who have eliminated the Algerian champions easily. (Probably Sunday)  

1st half 
-1500 GMT Kick off has been a little delayed - it takes some minutes for the referee to organize who is allowed to wear what rings and where cameras are positioned too close to the field. 
-The Senegalese which have a number of slim tall players do not hide and show that their strenghts are in attack, they have a first opportunity in 8th minute, answered only a minute later when Raja reveals two times Senegalese problems when attacked using wing play. 
-After somer scary situations for the weak Jeanne d'Arc defence, Raja themselves are lucky when on a counter attack a broken through striker misses the goal in a one against one situation with the goalkeeper 
-Both teams have had a situation in the first 25 minutes in which they liked to get a penalty but the referee decided otherwise 
-('34) a fine solo run against a defence without safety brings the first goal by #4 for Jeanne d'Arc - 0:1 
-('38) the equalizer on a counter attack: a pass into the back of the defence orientated towrds their own goal backward running, and  a difficult bouncing shot from 14 meters slips through the hands of the Senegalese keeper - 1:1 
-Raja had become nervous but now they look confident again, apply pressure on the Senegalese 
-('injury time) biggest chance for Raja when the Jeanne d'Arc keeper finds himself alone facing  two attacks but can deflect the shot for a corner 
- Halftime 1:1 - 
2nd half: 
-('51) Raja have started the second half determined and with a lot of pace while Jeanne d'Arc seems to much focussed to preserve the scoreline despite their vulnurable defence. The biggest scene ios when their keeper saves a diving header for a corner. 
-('61) On a counter attack after a Jeanne d'Arc corner Raja beat the offside trap (a close decision) and #17 alone against the keeper scores - 2:1 
-('64) second yellow card for Raja #11 - Raja now with 10 players 
-('65) the free kick is wasted (already the second one) and only leads to another dangerous counter attack 
-('68) a stupid retaliation by Senegalese #15 - referee sees it and sends him off - 10 vs 10 now 
-approaching the end of the match Raja is far more dangerous and creates several good scenes but lacks in finishing 
-('85) the biggest chance when two attackers go up for a header from less than 5 meters, maybe interfere a bit with each other, the header then misses the goal narrowly 
-Jeanne d'Arc try to play forward but run into wave after wave of counter attacks when they lose balls quickly in build up 
-('89) almost the second goal for Jeanne d'Arc: this time one of their attacking attempts goes through to #4 again who misses the goal with his shot only by a close margin 
Final result 2:1 
Raja face a difficult task in the second leg, like they did the same time last year against Djoliba from Mali. Will they again be lucky like last year when they survived two penalty shoot-outs on their way to the title (one in the round of last 16, one in the final)? 
Raja: Omar Nejjari 38, Youssef Ashami 61  
Jeanne d'Arc: Mohammed Diallo 33  
Halftime: 1-1; Attendance: 15,000
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