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 The African Champions League 2000 
  match report, May 28, round of last 16, 2nd leg match 
 Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) v Raja Casablanca (Morocco)  1:0
  (first leg 1:2, Jeanne d'Arc qualified for Group stage)
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The African Champions League 2000
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(1st leg result: 1:2) 
Raja face a difficult task in this second leg, like they did the same time last year against Djoliba from Mali. Will they again be lucky like last year when they survived two penalty shoot-outs on their way to the title (one in the round of last 16, one in the final)? 

Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) v Raja Casablanca (Morocco) 1:0 
1st half: 
-Raja with a good start and some half chances 
-Jeanne d'Arc starts to create some things themselves and want a penalty when a player seems to have been fouled but the referee waves on 
-('12) brilliant through ball on #10 but his shot in the corner is deflected by a great save of the Senegalese keeper for a corner 
-('38) after some minutes with less excitement in front of the goals, a Jeanne d'Arc offside trap fails and Raja storms with 3 players in direction of the Senegalese goalkeeper. Inaccurate passing spoils the opportunity 
-('45) another big counter opportunity for Raja but #18 hits across the bar from 12 meters 
-('45) on the reverse attack Jeanne d'Arc finishes more accurate, a fine through ball by #10 and #4 who had initiated the attack by a cross ball and then had been neglected on the left wing scores from 7 meters - 1:0 
-('injury time): Raja tries to answer right away but is stopped 
Halftime: 1:0 
It had been a match well fit for Raja who could stand well in defence and start dangerous counter attacks. Jeanne d'Arc tried to play patient and defend the counter attacks by the offside trap but got into trouble several times anyway. But an unconcentrated Casablanca team paid on a reverse counter attack themselves and now the whole situation is turned around: If they do not score in the second half they will become eliminated! 
2nd half: 
-the second haalf sees a disappointing game in which both teams only create half chances 
-Raja seems unable to force vital opportunities, now that the Senegalese defence is not open for counter attacks anymore, they seem ineffective in one against one situations in the final third of the field 
-Jeanne d'Arc seeks to conserve the score and play down the clock 
-('85) the match becomes a little more tensed, no wonder - the scoreline is awefully close, one goal can turn it around 
-('85) there are really no clearcut chances up to here in the second half 
-('89) Jeanne d'Arc supporters have to hold their breath awhen the keeper who seems suddenly nervous drops a cross and looks bad on the next one as well, but nothing happens 
-('injury time) the most exciting scene yet in the Senegalese penalty area but eventually the keeper plucks down the ball 
-('injury time) Raja play out the defence but the finishing from 7 meters goes across the bar 
-('injury time) the Senegalese defence has completely lost control: but the keeper can save a shot from 10 meters for a corner 
Final result: 1:0 
A disappointing second half by Raja Casablanca. Only in injury time they were a real threat to the Senegalese goal. Jeanne d'Arc has qualified for the group stage in a quite unspectacular way. Scoring the goal short before halftime after Raja Casblanca had squandered their opportunities proved to be the key to the big leap forward. 
Scorer: Aly Diallo 45 (AFP: Mohamed Diallo) 
Attendance 15,000 

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