MALI 2002 - The African Cup Of Nations XXIII
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African Nations Cup MALI 2002

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GROUP 4, week3:

Jan 12 2001 Algeria - Burundi 2:1

With Burundi a very special team to watch introduced itself to the live-ticker. Burundi is a country with a recent past of cruel ethnic war related to similar tragedies in neighbour state Rwanda and the situation is still tensed. Thus the functions of the football selection go far beyond winning or losing.
The team consisted of some smaller and some taller players which may represent integration (I do not have any background informations on this, maybe somebody can help me here). The players were obviously gifted with technical skills and tried to establish a neat passing game. In defence they sometimes acted naiv and in one against one situation they were not as agressive as their opponents which resulted on one hand in some lost balls in midfield and on other hand in a number of free kicks in favour of them.
They were not able to convert those free kicks into anything dangerous and their whole game became soon suffocated whenever Algeria played concentrated. 
And Algeria began focussed and needed only 5 minutes until Dziri sent #11 Ghazi with a fine through ball that became finished elegantly for the first goal. After it the North Africans took it very easy and presented Burundi a huge opportunity by an intercepted back pass after 15 minutes. But this opportunity was given away hastily like 3 big opportunities for Algeria between the 25th and 30th minute. 
It was in injury time in the second half when Dziri made a great solorun in midfield and set up a fine direct triangle play over #11 Ghazi to #10 Tasfaout who finished perfectly for the 2:0 halftime score.
In the 60th minute Algeria, with some sequences of casual display, invited Burundi back into the game when after losing the ball in midfield four players halted immideately to take a rest and left three defenders faced against four Burundi attackers. The Burundi captain #13, one of the best, was set free on half left, curved around the keeper and scored - 2:1
Algeria refocused and almost scored three minutes later when they caught Burundi by a fast executed free kick and unmarked #7 Belbey hit the goalpost.
Burundi had only one more shot on goal after 70 minutes which was easily saved by the Algerian keeper as he plucked down a cross some minutes later.
Algeria with the conspicious Bilal Dziri could have won by a higher margin with some more concentration but obviously was satisfied with control over the game.
The Burundi players communicated an image of a very fair and ball play orientated skillful football which quickly became vulnerable when confrontated with high tempo and concentrated pressure.
final score 2:1

the following stats are by Algerian football site and taken from their match report in French
Stade du 5 Juillet, temps couvert, pelouse en bon état
Affluence : 40 000 spectateurs
Arbitrage de MM. Selmani, Gamel Houari et Khiri Mangouri (Libye).
Avert. : Meniri, Ghazi, Belbey (Algérie), Bizimana (Burundi).
Buts : Ghazi (5), Tasfaout (45) (Algérie), Gumassi (59) (Burundi).
ALGERIE : 1-Boughrara - 2-Slatni, 4-Meftah, 5-Meniri, 3-Harchache - 7-Belbey, 6-Adjaoud, 8-Dziri, 10-Benarbia (12-Belkaïd 75e) - 9-Tasfaout 11-Ghazi (14-Meçabih 85e) 
Ent. : Djaâdaoui
BURUNDI : Kaienge, Hamizi (Wimbo), Dumari, Ndi Kanmana, Bizimana (Kabewa), Karbero (Karobrro), Gizamassi, Dikomana, Minkonisto, Gumassi, Gaterafonse. Ent. : Bibakari

Reuters version:
Algeria - Mehdi Meniri 6, Abdelhafid Tasfaout 45 
Burundi - Masbi Jamamassi 60 
Halftime: 2-0; Attendance: 20,000 

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