MALI 2002 - The African Cup Of Nations XXIII
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African Nations Cup MALI 2002

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GROUP 4, week5:

Jun 1 2001 Algeria - Angola  3:2

Algeria with a lot of line-up problems can secure qualification by a victory today. 
Angola have to play without some key players as well, including their most important player Akwa and new rising star Mantorras. By winning today they can then qualify by their own powers in the last round in two weeks time. A draw might give them a good chance depending on the result of the other match between Burundi and Burkina Faso. If they lose only a miraculous slump of form of Burkina Faso could rescue them.
1st half
- Algeria (in all-white) pin back the Angolans (red-black-red with gold stripes) deep into their half right from the start and work out a couple of half chances
- ('6) A right-footed sharp and dangerous Saifi corner from the right takes a surprise curl towards the goal and catches the player which is guarding the first goal post reacting slowly. He heads the ball into his own net, it might have gone in anyway - 1:0
-('17) Angolas first shot misses the target. They look as if they prefer a slower beginning of matches and Algeria are beginning to join their tempo, backed by the lead..
-('29) Angola have Algerians outnumbered as a cross flies in from the right. The mismatch leaves #14 all alone, firing an unprecise shot from half left which becomes another cross instead and hits more by accident another Angolan player, Quinzinho,  central in front of the goal. From his body the ball bounces into the goal - 1:1
-Algeria without the inspiration of Dziri, Benarbia, Saib, and Belmadi have now difficulties to work out opportunities. They also have some problems in coordinating their pressing when the Angolans give unsure looks.
-('35) Angolas #15 who has been sent through, misses the goal only by centimeters. The second out-of-the-blue scene for Angola
-('42) Algeria get a hand penalty when after a fine trick of an Algerian attacker the defender, only a meter away, cannot get his hand out of the lane of the ball in time.  Saifi leaves no chance for the keeper - 2:1

halftime 2:1
a match in which the goals have rather been accidents than the result of the skills sees two teams quite below Nations Cup form.

2nd half:
-('55) huge opportunity for Angolan #7 who is alone in front of the keeper after a defensive blunder. But the angle is a bit tight so he beats the keeper but misses the target wide
-(60) Angolan #9 Jony scores by a fine header after a cross from the right, where two players have worked out the good situation for a precise cross. The Algerian defenders make the decoration. - 2:2
-('63) The Angolan keeper (Goliath?) successfully defends against a broken though Algerian attacker 
-Algeria is speeding up and immediately the Angolan defence runs into troubles
-('68) Algeria: direct shot after cross, wide
-('70) a beauty of an Algerian attack, using the width of the field, is cleared for a corner
-('79) Algerians score by #15 Kharkhach after a fast counter attack which sees the Angolan defence in chaos after the keeper had unsuccessfully come out of his goal to intercept a low ball - 3:2
-('83) Angola with a free kick cross and a dangerous header which the keeper wipes across the bar
-half chances on both sides
-('88) A good opportunity for Angola but the shot is right on the keeper
-the new young Algerian keeper (Slimane Ould Mata) looks quite good at crosses
-('injury time) Algeria need some desperate defending to survive the last Angolan attempts, all by high balls into the penalty area

final score 3:2
Algeria have qualified for the Nations Cup. Angola have disappointed for most of the game and only have suggested that they could be a much more dangerous team.

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