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summary, part2 of the rest of the season: 2nd Bundesliga players

His club FC Gütersloh has been relegated to 3rd level=Regionalliga. In the last-chance-match two weeks from end he had been banned for his fifth yellow card. Gütersloh lost and Omodiagbe's winning goal in the last match was meaningless. Personally he has had a real good second half after arriving in winter establishing himself as a midfield playmaker in a club which blames the weak start for the outcome of the season. Omodiagbe has been only on loan at Gütersloh (from Lodz, Poland(?)) and might seek a better club now.

His club Wattenscheid 09 has been relegated to 3rd level=Regionalliga. The under-20-world cup did not help but it seems Wattenscheid would have gone down anyway. The young Melkam had been emerging as a surprise in the first half and has been able to establish himself playing regularly also after his return from Nigeria. Whether he will leave Wattenscheid is not known yet.

His club Fortuna Düsseldorf  has been relegated to 3rd level=Regionalliga. After he had recovered from the under-20-world cup he returned into a squad that already had given up hope. Of his 13 matches (only 1 full time) 6 were during the final 7 weeks when Fortuna displayed themselves as desolate only winning the last one. After he had started the year in the second row at least he has found his way back to the limelight. With him it is the same as with all players of teams that become relegated: future uncertain.

Festus Agu
He only played 7 times a few minutes as a substitute in the 2nd Bundesliga team of Fortuna Cologne. At least Fortuna has not been relegated. Fortuna is trying to change its face, getting rid of some older players. What the plans are with Agu there has been no info available yet.


no further weekly reports after 990510, but here the summary, part1 of the rest of the season:
Because 2nd Bundesliga will continue until 990620, here only the players from 1st, 2nd, and 4th:

(see also ranking of all African Bundesliga players)

Victor Agali (Hansa Rostock, finallly 14th)
One of the heroes of the big Hansa Rostock comeback on the last day. Hansa needed a win to rescue themselves and was 1:2 behind at Bochum when Agali scored a difficult goal to make it 2:2. Minutes later Rostock scored another one and stayed in Bundesliga.
Victor Agali has been one of the rising players of the second half. That Rostock remained in Bundesliga seems to be a very good turn for his career. At Rostock he will play more matches to develop than at clubs who have more quality forwards and rotate more. Unfortunately the two best players leave the financially limited only East German side and anything else but another fight against relegation will be a surprise.

Jonathan Akboborie (VfB Stuttgart, 11th)
Could not help his team much in the last weeks when VfB Stuttgart's form did not improve. They came closer and closer to relegation and were lucky that they played lacklustre opponency on the last day. So they were able to rescue themselves with a 1:0 against Werder Bremen. For Akpoborie a miserable year ends with a move to VfL Wolfsburg, a team that plays UEFA Cup next season. Akboborie had been the successor of artist Giovane Elber ('the magic triangle' Elber-Balakov-Bobic), and although he is a different type of player, he had suffered from constant comparisons by the press. Also his fast direct-to-the-goal counter-attack playing style had matched much better with the one of Hansa Rostock, where he had been playing before.

Pascal Ojigwe (1.FC Kaiserslautern, 5th)
Only played for the 2nd team where he was said to have shown some impressive performances.
Eventually a low number of Bundesliga matches, but some Champions League matches, and a lot of matches on various positions in the seceond team have made it a build-up-year for him. Played on the first team in a nationally televised friendly a week after Bundesliga finsihed against Bayern Munich, so that it seems likely next year could be his breakthrough planned by the coach. He has been educated on various positions, and variable players are prefered by his coach. (Still he has not been tested as goalkeeper).

Henry Nwosu, Donald Agu (Eintracht Frankfurt, 15th)
The second change on the coach position might have been the end for Henry Nwosu at Eintracht Frankfurt. The new coach is not one, who is known to prefer working with talents. Anyway he accomplished the miraculous rescue in the most dramatic Bundesliga finale ever, when Eintracht beat Kaiserslautern 5:1 in the final seconds to have that half goal edge over 1.FC Nuremberg. Nwosu will have to search a new club probably.
For Donald Agu this was known even before. He played for the second team. It is also possible, as both should have valid contracts, that Eintracht tries to have them continue on the second team or let them go away on loan to 3rd or 4th division sides.

Musa, Choji (1.FC Saarbrücken, Regionalliga = 3rd level)
1.FC Saarbrücken had taken the lead only few weeks from the end but then blew all matches and even did not make second place, which would have ensured a play off for promotion. A disappointing finish, but not the end of the season: One week after the finale of the season Saarbrücken presented the new coach. It is Klaus Toppmöller who had build up Bundesliga side VfL Bochum and is known as avery intelligent and ambitious coach. His new engagement has triggered high expectations for next year which will be very difficult anyway because a lot of relegated teams of second Bundesliga will come into Saarbrückns regional group and a reformation of the 3rd level (2 groups will become formed out of 4) will put additional pressure upon all teams and might trigger also some financial collapses. In contrary to the 1st and 2nd level the financial planning of the clubs is not controlled by any commitee.
Musa and Choji both had signed new contracts which probably leave open the opportunity to move to Bundesliga sides.

Obafemi (SSV Reutlingen, Regionalliga)
Though Obafemi played one strong match after the other, SSV Reutlingen blew all good opportunities to close up on the 2 leaders of their regional group. This means another year Regionalliga. Whether Obafemi has a longer contract is unknown.

Ottiji (Darmstadt 98, Oberliga=4th level)
Has been promoted to Regionalliga again. Contributed his part. Seems to have sometimes a few problems concerning attitude or discipline. Won also the regional cup (open to all teams from 3rd level down) with Darmstadt and so qualified for the association cup next year.


Agali vs. Akpoborie
Both played 80 minutes when Hansa Rostock beat VfB Stuttgart 3:0. Both ratings:  below-average (no goals, no assists). Stuttgart is now closer to relegation zone than Rostock who have almost rescued themselves. One won match out of the last three normally should be enough for each of them anyway.

Omodiagbe vs. Melkam
Gütersloh defeated Wattenscheid 2:1 at home. Ratings for both: average.Both played 90 minutes. Gütersloh and Wattenscheid are two of 5 teams who fight for the one spot that would rescue them from relegation from second Bundesliga. A third one is Fortuna Düsseldorf, where Shittu did not play. After this weekend Gütersloh is on the lucky 14th place but yet this is changing almost every sunday. Melkam and Omodiagbe are two players that have made a surprisingly immediate impact on their teams. Normally it takes some time until African players become regulars and especially midfielders had found it difficult to become accepted. Today goalkeeper seems to be the only position no German coach would think of trying an African player yet.

Musa, Choji
Have blown their chance for direct promotion by losing 1:2 at home against the second team of Borussia Dortmund (scorer in the last minute: Timm, maybe remembered of some as one of the more conspicious German players at Nigeria 99). Now only a slim chance is left to reach the second place which would mean qualification matches. Choji had some opportunities but could not capitalize.

is trying to reach the second place in the southern group of Regionalliga to reach just those matches but Reutlingen played only 1:1 at Wehen. After he was suspended, Obafemi returned as defender to the team but was involved in the equalizer of the host team.

Again strong 90 minutes as sweeper for the second team of Kaiserslautern, distroying the hopes of their opponents Eintracht Trier for a promotion spot by a clear 3:0 at home


weekend: Stuttgart 2:3 after 2:0 at Wolfsburg. Akpoborie: no goal, rating: below-average
tonight: Stuttgart 0:2 at home against Bayern. Akpoborie: played but did not come close to threat the goal

weekend: 4:1 against Munich 60. Agali scored the 3:0 and set up the first. Rating: above-average.
tonight 1:1 at Mönchengladbach. Agali conspicious but also wasting some opportunities.

no match neither first team nor second althouh no injury reported

Wattenscheid 1:1 at home against Fürth. Melkam played on the left midfield side. Rating:average.

last 20 minutes when Düsseldorf lost 0:1 at Unterhaching

played for Gütersloh losing 0:1 at St.Pauli. Rating:average

still suspended

Musa, choji
losing 1:3 away and losing the first place

other players: no news


It is now sure that this will be no good year for VfB Stuttgart, a clubusually contending for a spot in the European clubs. But after another goalless match, losing 0:1 at home to Leverkusen Stuttgart is 12 points away from that goal and only 6 to relegation zone. Akpoborie had another 90 minutes with rating: below average. 34 goals in 28 matches for a team with names Balakow, Akpoborie, Bobic in attack speaks for a system unproductive in whole.

Again a good match and a goal in the important match for Hansa Rostock(16th) at Eintracht Frankfurt (17th). Victor Agali scored the 2:1 lead but a goal one minute before the final whistle made it 2:2 in the end. If Hansa Rostock can rescue themselves, Agali might have found a place where he may come out big. Unfortunately Olivier Neuville, German National player, with whom Agali harmonizes very well because they are different types, will leave Rostock after this season. Agalis's rating: above average.

Already 3rd coach in this season. The new one wants to rescue Eintracht Frankfurt and anyway has more faith in the established players. Henry Nwosu will have to start again displaying his abilities in practice sessions.

90 minutes on the bench when Kaiserslautern lost at home 0:2 to Freiburg. Next day 90 strong minutes as sweeper against Wuppertal for the second team. result: 4:0.It might be overinterpretation that he is tested in this position where Kaiserslautern has its problems this year. They will look for somebody on the transfer market. Anyway Ojigwe is educated as an absolute allrounder.

did not play

Played second half for Wattenscheid (16th), losing 0:1 away to Tennis Borussia Berlin. Rating: average.

Played a good match tonight and scored the only goal when Gütersloh (15th) defeated Fürth (3rd) 1:0 at home.

Festus Agu (don't confuse with Donald Agu), here he is:
Played the last 13 minutes for Fortuna Köln (9th), when they lost 0:2 at home to Unterhaching (2nd). Tough luck: When he came on it was still 0:0.

suspended (length not determined yet). Meanwhile his club caught up a little more to the leaders.

Musa, Choji
Saarbrücken won 4:1 at home against Ahlen and defended the top position. Choji scored the last goal in the final minute.

scored the lone goal for his club Darmstadt 98 winning 1:0 away and taking the lead in their regional 4th division group.


A seesaw experience this week for Jonathan Akpoborie. Last Tuesday he only came on as a substitute for the final 30 minutes when Stuttgart drew 0:0 at home with 1.FC Nürnberg (then 15th) and the team continued to be unproductive in the opponents half. Rating: below average. Then Akpoborie played from beginning in the away match at Bochum (13th) and scored three times to give his team a comfortable 3:0 lead after 53 minutes. But suddenly the match completely turned when the referee saw a collision between the Stuttgart keeper and a broken through Bochum attacker. the result: red card and penalty. Although Stuttgart could bring on the reserve keeper, Bochum converted the penalty and scored two more. So: Akpobories rating: above average, but only 1 point for the club who drops to elventh place and is far away from European cup action next year.

Was injured in Rostocks 0:1 loss at Schalke during the week. His rating: below average. So he could not play when Hansa won 2:1 at home at the weekend against Kaiserslautern.

no info

90 minutes on the bench last Tuesday against Bayern Munich (2:1 at home) and 12 minutes as a substitute when Kaiserslautern (3rd) lost 1:2 at Rostock on Friday. 90 strong minutes as sweeper for the second team then two days later 5:1 winning away.

90 minutes, rating average, Gütersloh losing 0:1 away at Mainz and still in severe trouble.

Shittu , Melkam... (I did not see the Mali match but the Ireland one was horrible concerning the production in direction of the opponents goal, apart from Ikedia of course)

In a match televised live (the same time as Ghana-Spain) he saw the red card for a foul in the heated up atmosphere at Offenbach (a traditional formaer Bundesliga club, yet 2nd placed in 3rd division, but 13500 attendance anyway). Anyway Reutlingen won away 2:1 and now has a very slim chance again to rejoin the promotion race.

Musa, Choji
lost 1:3 with Saarbrücken at Wuppertaler SV. In this group of the 3rd division it is only 6 points between Saarbrücken (1st) and Wuppertal (8th with one match less), so everything is possible here

scored for Darmstadt winning 3:0 in 4th division and now with a real chance for returning to Regionalliga.


Another disappointing day for Jonathan Akpoborie and VfB Stuttgart (1 down, now 9th). Nothing much went offensively when losing 0:2 at Hertha BSC Berlin (4th). Akpoborie was rated below average and has been suffering from the unproductive Stuttgart attack as does his German teammate Fredi Bobic. And when there is an opportunity he does not hit the target.

Despite blowing some early opportunities, Victor Agali became man of the match when Hansa Rostock (still 17th) beat Borussia Dortmund (5th) 2:0. He set up the first and scored the second goal by himself. After two convincing matches from beginning, he suddenly is a fix component of the team that once introduced Akpoborie to the Bundesliga. But Hansa is still three points behind in the race to avoid relegation.

Nothing new. 90 minutes on the bench when KAiserslautern lost at Wolfsburg and 90 minutes in midfield for the second team that lost 0:1 at home.

no info

best man on the field (84 minutes) when FC Gütersloh staged a surprise to beat Tennis Borussia Berlin 1:0. Rating: above average. Position: right midfield behind the strikers.

Melkam, Shittu Nigeria99

played sweeper when Reutlingen won 4:1 at home

Musa, Choji
both played when Saarbrücken were held to a disppointing 1:1 draw at home

scored for 4th division Darmstadt 98 winning 3:2 away and remaining 2nd in the table


VfB Stuttgart drew 0:0 at home against MSV Duisburg and is still far away from playing European cups next year. Mastermind Balakow was missing. Also the new system, which is warmly welcomed by the team and is intended to stay for years (an analogy to the Ajax concept)  might not be the most adequate to expose Akpoborie's assets. Akpoborie played 90 minutes, rating: below average.

After he had scored three times in the second team (4th division) last week he was allowed to start a match for the first time. A key player in scoring the first goal and setting up the second by a spectacular backheel pass it was his day when Hansa Rostock triumphed 3:0 at Werder Bremen. But bad luck - All other relegation candidates allso won and Hansa remains on 17th place. 83 minutes, rating: above average.

played in the second team (3rd division, 1:1 away at second place Paderborn, no particular reports)

On the bench when Eintracht Frankfurt defeated VfL Bochum 1:0 and another youngster (German player) made his debut in attack.

Melkam, Shittu in Nigeria

90 minutes hen Gütersloh drew 1:1 at Ulm 46 (6th). Rating:average

marked as conspicious in a match Reutlingen won 2:0 away at the 15th (Neukirchen). Reutlingen in 4th place now

Musa, Choji
had brilliant two weeks with both scoring twice, both playing strongly and Saarbrücken winning three times in a row to suddenly take the lead in Regionalliga West/Southwest and the opportunity to become promoted.

Donald Agu, in the meantime, with no chance to make it to first team, scored a goal and an own-goal in two away wins for the second team of Eintracht Frankfurt (4th place, 4th division='Oberliga'). In the same group Ottiji has recently played but not scored while Darmstadt has closed the gap to the top a bit. Unfortunately all recent matches have been cancelled because of expected troubles from Darmstadt hooligans



remained on the bench when Kasierslautern (2nd) won 2:1 away at Bochum.With two Egyptians and one Brazilian already on the field for Kaiserslautern, observers remembered the first match between the two, when Ojigwe had been brought on the field as the fourth non European player, what is not allowed. Next day he played 90 minutes in central midfield position for Kaiserslautern's second team (1:1 at home).

76 minutes for Stuttgart against Mönchengladbach(18th). He could have decided the match when he hit the goal post with a spectecular shot from 25m. At that point the score was 2:0, when he left it was 2:1, and in the end it was 2:2. Stittgart is now 8th, Akpobories rating was below average.

On a day the Eintracht Frankfurt Chinese striker Chen Yang was chosen as the best player of the day, Nwosu remained on the bench when Eintracht Frankfurt (15th) drew 2:2 in a crucial match at 1.FC Nürnberg (16th). 16th,17th, and 18th will become relegated.
did not play (Düsseldorf 0:0 at home vs. Greuther Fürth who lead the 2nd Bundesliga now)

Played 90 minutes (rating: average) when Wattenscheid (still 18th) won 2:1 at Fortuna Cologne. He played half left behind the forwards and was fouled for the decisive penalty.

Played 68 minutes half right behind the forwards when Gütersloh (1 up to 16th, in 2nd Bundesliga 4 teams become relegated) won 1:0 against Kickers Stuttgart. He left with the score still 0:0. Rating:average.
Musa played full time, Choji the second half when Saarbrücken (3rd) drew 1:1 at home against Elversberg (12th)

match postponed


78 minutes when Stuttgart (8th) drew 1:1 at Munich 1860 (now 5th). As he left the match which lacked quality and goal scenes was still 0:0. Rating: average.


played well in central midfield position (!) for the second team of Kaiserslautern (Regionalliga) despite losing 1:2 away to second team of Leverkusen. Has experience now on several positions what will make him a potentially valuable player in the future if he goes on like this. Probably too small for goalkeeper.

played the final 15 minutes when Rostock (17th), already reduced to 10 men, lost 0:3 at Freiburg (now 9th). No rating.

no news

after the African U20 championship and before the World U20 championship his coach says he does not want to put too much on him. Did not play (his club Wattenscheid lost 2:4 at home and remained bottom (18th) of the 2nd Bundesliga table).

played 2nd half when his club Gütersloh (2nd Bundesliga 17th) lost 1:4 (halftime 1:2) at Hannover(7th). Rating: average.

Musa, Choji
Saarbrücken (now 3rd) won an important away game at Verl (2nd) 3:2 and closed the gap to the top in Regionalliga West (3rd level). Musa played full time but Choji had lost his place to the in string form Guinean striker Taifur Diane. He played the final 33 minutes after Diane had scored twice again.

Played 90 minutes (midfield) when his club Reutlingen (3rd) failed to deafeat bottom placed FSV Frankfurt and to capitalitze from weaknesses of the top two teams: 0:0 at home

the list is getting longer...

Ojigwe - remained on the bench when Kaiserslautern (now 3rd) drew 1:1 at Hertha BSC Berlin (6th), then played unconspicious 90 minutes for second team (4:1 winners at home)

Akpoborie - played quite spectacular and in the same moment wasted some opportunities when his VfB Stuttgart (rises from 10 to 8) beat weak Eintracht Frankfurt (now 16th) 2:0. Akpoborie played 78 minutes and was rated average.

Nwosu - played 22 minutes in the same match for Eintracht Frankfurt. To him personally it is good to see that the new coach has given him match practise in consecutive matches. But the situation looks bad for the weak squad while the only class player, former German international Ralf Weber is injured. In a desolate team like this it is tough to have a sparkling debut.

Agali - played second half when Hansa Rostock (now 17th) was already 0:3 behind at MSV Duisburg (now 12th). He had a fine header (a speciality of the tall player) saved by the good Duisburg goalkeeper. The score remained 3:0. Agali's rating: average. After the match Rostock coach Lienen was fired, his assistent took over.

--2nd Bundesliga:

Melkam, Shittu -

Omodiagbe, FC Gütersloh (up from 18 to 16) 2:0 winners at home against Uerdingen (17th) - played again in the central position behind the forwards, where he already had substituted the regular player on this position last week. He played 55 minutes and was replaced with the match still 0:0. His rating this time below-average.


Musa, Choji both played unconspicious when Saarbrücken drew 2:2 with the second team of Bayer Leverkusen to fell further behind the leaders.

played 90 minutes when Reutlingen (3rd) drew 2:2 at the second team of Karlsruher SC. Not enough to keep pace with the two leaders

--Oberliga (4th division, divided in 10 local groups with 16 to 18 teams)

Ottiji scored for Darmstadt 98, 2:1 away-winners, but the team (3rd) seems not strong enough for promotion.


did play for his country

remained on the bench when Kaiserslautern drew 1:1 with Stuttgart. He then played 39 minutes with the second team (3rd division, Regionalliga) so he must have got injured. No further oinformation yet.

came in for the last 13 minutes when Hansa Rostock (now 16th) lost 0:4 to Bayern Munich (1st) at home. When he came in it was 0:1 and he did have an opportunity. The rest of the match was all Bayern. No rating.

Came in for the final 10 minutes when Eintracht Frankfurt (now 15th) drew 0:0 with Borussia Mönchengladbach (18th) in a terrible match. No rating.

Played 85 minutes with 2nd Bundesliga FC Gütersloh (now 18th=last place) who lost 0:2 at Unterhaching (now 2nd). He played in central position behind the two forwards and was rated average. To play in such a key position in his first match is quite an achievment in conservative and careful German football. Although there was not anything said particular about him, Gütersloh coach that he would have been very satisfied with
the teams performance despite losing if they had not blown big opportunities.

Played 90 minutes for Wattenscheid 09 (2nd Bundesliga, now 17th) when they beat FC St. Pauli 4:2 at home. Position: half-left midfield on a day Wattenscheid returned to a 4-4-2 formation, they had not played in
the first half of the season. Rating: average.

Musa and Choji:
Played both 90 minutes for Saarbrücken (5th, 3rd division, Regionalliga), when they drew 0:0 at Homburg (14th). Musa was marked as above-average as usual.


Bundesliga started again. 2nd Bundesliga will start next weekend.

Akpoborie: Stuttgart with new coach and new system won 2:1 against Schalke at home. Akpoborie played 77 minutes, no goal, rating: below-average.

Ojigwe: did not play

Nwosu: no info

Agaili: Played the final 10 minutes when Rostock took a point at Wolfsburg (1:1). Rostocks orientation at this day was defensive, careful, so he might
play some more in the next home match. No rating as only players that play at least 30 minutes get rated.

Last report for 1998. Bundesliga will have an intermission until February 20th.
That's why I will add a short 1st-half-of-the-season-summary for each player:

Jonathan Akpoborie
Another disappointing match when VfB Stuttgart lost 0:3 at Borussia Dortmund. Akpoborie's rating: below average. He played full 90 minutes.
summary: Akpoborie had a shaky start because of an early season injury. He scored a few goals but suffered from the disappointing team performance that was connected to the miserable
communication between the established stars and new coach Winnie Schäfer. Schäfer was finally dismissed. Stuttgart was kicked out of the FA Cup by FC Bayern, out of the UEFA Cup by Bruges
(Belgium) and is only 11th after 18 of 34 matches played in Bundesliga. Akpoborie set one highlight with a hattrick against Hamburg but like the whole team (at least the established players)
has not played as good as expected. Although statistics suggest different: 14 matches / 8 goals.

Victor Agali
played for 20 minutes when Hansa Rostock drew 1:1 with Bayer Leverkusen (2nd). He did not have much impact on the hectic match which saw 3 players sent off (one after a foul against Agali). No
rating (only players who play 30 minutes plus get rated).
summary: Victor Agali came as newcomer to Rostock and had a few highlights in the preparation time before the season. After injury problems he has become now a regular substitute for Hansa.
Hansa wants to sell striker Igor Pamic for disciplinary reasons so that he might get more chances to play in the remaining 16 matches. Hansa is 16th and fighting relegation (3 of 18 teams will
get relegated). 9 matches / 1 goal.

Pascal Ojigwe
remained on the bench in both matches for Kaiserslautern this week (1:3 at Duisburg, 1:1 against Munich 1860).
summary: Ojigwe has made a step forward. Usually he is among the 18 players thet get listed for the match. His coach counts on him after he and a few other youngsters successfully stepped in
when som established players were stopped by injuries. He was able to experience international football in some Champions League encounters. Although Kaiserslautern, the defending champions is
'only' third, it is a big success again, because among the players are a lot of no-names. Also they were able to qualify for Champions League quarter finals. Ojigwes only problem is the rule
that only 3 Europeans are allowed to be on the field at the same time. Kaiserslauterns has 5 strong or at least talented non-European players: the two Egyptian defenders Ramzy and Samir, the
two Brazilians Ratinho and Junior de Jesus, and Ojigwe himself. Only 3 Bundesliga matches yet but some Champions League appearances and a handfull of matches for the second team.

Ganiyu Shittu
played 82 minutes when Düsseldorf (2nd Bundesliga) drew 2:2 at Gütersloh. Rating: average.
summery: After injury problems, Shittu who had had a few appearances already last season and now played for the second team made a surprise comeback to the first team a few weeks ago. The young
player since then had about three consecutive matches on the right lane (In Germany most teams play a system which does not have a wing forward or a wing back but midfielders who are
responsible for the complete right and left lane). Düsseldorf is 13th after 19 of 34 matches.

Stephan Musa and Sambo Choji
both players were conspicious when Saarbrücken won 2:0 at Aachen in 3rd division group west/southwest. Choji scored both goals.
summary: Both players are regular starters for their teams and appreciated by the fans. They signed a new contract but it would be no surprise if they might get some offers from Bundesliga or
2nd Bundesliga anyway. Saarbrücken is 5th after 17 of 32 matches still with good chances to achieve promotion.

Henry Nwosu
Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga)
summary: The youngster was promoted from the youth team to the second team at the beginning of the season. But while Donald Agu, who came from Augsburg, did not play at all, Nwosu suddenly
appeared on the scence as a substitute when some regulars could not play. After coach Ehrmanntraut was fired he disappeared again. Now it will depend on the new coach how long it will take
before he will be seen again.

Gabriel Melkam
Wattenscheid 09 (2nd Bundesliga)
went through a bit unnoticed as Wattenscheid is on the bottom on the table and Melkam has been a late arrival at the beginning of the year. The young defender/midfield is said to have developed quickly to a player to be reckoned with in the future.


Jonathan Akpoborie
At VfB Stuttgart talking is all about the search for a new coach.
Meanwhile Vfb drew 2:2 at Bremen. Akpoborie had no goal and no assist
but played full 90 minutes. Newspaper rating: below average.

Victor Agali
Hansa Rostock was relieved from a more critical situation and moved away
from relegation places in the table after a comfortable 3:0 home success
over VfL Bochum. Agali remained on the bench as there was no need to
bring in an additional forward.

Pascal Ojigwe
Two matches on the bench for Pascal Ojigwe: Kaiserslautern won a
relatively meaningless Champions League encounter with Helsinki 5:2 and
a Bundesliga match against Eintracht Frankfurt 2:1 by a last minute goal
of Egyptian defender Hany Ramzy. Kaiserslauterns second team did not
play and so Ojigwe was just 'learning' from outside. Anyway considering
his status some months ago he has made a real step forward. He is one of
the young Kaiserslautern players who were put faith in and who
succesfully stepped in when injury problems bothered the club. A
situation in which other clubs/coaches might have had insisted to buy
anybodys from anywhere with the Champions League money.

Stephen Musa (/Sambo Choji)
no match no news

Ganiyu Shittu
Played 90 minutes for Fortuna Düsseldorf (2nd Bundesliga, 2:2 at home
against Fortuna Köln(=Cologne)). Began quite well but then had stamina
problems. Newspaper-rating: average.

Henry Nwosu
Coach Ehrmanntraut was fired at Eintracht Frankfurt and assistant coach
Lippert has taken over until a new coach will be found. He did what most
coaches do, bring in some impatient players that had been left out by
the old coach and want to prove something. So Nwosu was not among the 18
men squad for the Kaiserslautern match (away, lost 1:2)


Jonathan Akpoborie
Stuttgart's coach Winnie Schäfer was dismissed on Thursday and Jonathan Akpoborie was man of the match when his 3 goals turned a 0:1 into a 3:1 victory for Stuttgart (now 9th) against Hamburger SV (now 8th). Akpoborie got the top rating for his perfect completion.

Victor Agali
After having recovered from more knee problems again, he came in as a substitute for Hansa Rostock at 1.FC Nürnberg 12 minutes before the end. In the 86th minute his goal rescued 1 point for Hansa who are now 17th of 18 clubs. No rating as players only get rated if the play at least 30 minutes.

Stephen Musa and Sambo Choji had their match postponed because of too much snow but there is news: they signed a new contract to stay with Saarbrücken until 2001.

match postponed because of too much snow

Henry Nwosu - came in as substitute for the last 12 minutes when Eintracht Frankfurt (now 14th)  was behind 0:2 at home against Schalke 04 (now 12th). He set up the 1:2 with an unspectucal header that was dropped by the keeper. The score remained 1:2.

Ganiyu Shittu (Birthday Dec 22 79, 1m77, 71kg, came about 1 year ago from Eagle Cement if I remember right): After some injury problems in the team opened up the opportunity, the youngster played for the first time since months ago (must have been last year) for the first team of his 2nd Bundesliga club Fortuna Düsseldorf and set up a goal with a fine pass when Fortuna (now 14th) drew 2:2 at home with RW Oberhausen, where Edith Agoye is seeking a new club. Shittu's newspaper-rating: average.

John Onwudego - I still did not find anything more than the magazine news, I sent you. All I can tell you is: he did not play for his team last weekend


Jonathan Akpoborie
VfB Stuttgart, still in turmoil over coach Winnie Schäfer (some support him
some are furiously against him), had a miserable match losing 0:3 at Freiburg.
Akpoborie played only the first 38 minutes before he was substituted after
winning only 20% of his one-to-one challenges. Newspaper-rating of course:
below-average. Akpoborie was lucky that his teammate Bobic is even more criticized and benched for the cup match Tuesday night at Bayern Munich. So he will b granted another attempt from beginning on.

Victor Agali (Hansa Rostock)
Again not in the 18-man squad for the club match against Hertha Berlin (1:2 at home).

Pascal Ojigwe (1.FC Kaiserslautern)
He played in the Champions League match at Benfica Lissabon. In the first thirty minutes he looked quite good when the whole team presented themselves as the superior power. But then the match suddenly turned and it was Chech player Podborsky who triggered this with his turmoil causing runs along Ojigwe's side (Ojigwe played left defensive midfield). In danger of being send off with a second yellow card Ojigwe was replaced after 55 minutes. Newspaper-rating: below average. A last minute goal rescued a 1:2 loss for Kaiserslautern that was sufficient to qualify for next years quarter-finals. On Sunday (Bundesliga at home against Schalke 04 4:1) Ojigwe remained on the bench.

Stephen Musa (1.FC Saarbrücken)
With teammate Sambo Choji being the most conspicious player of his team, Musa and Saarbrücken lost the away match at Paderborn (1st)  1:3 and dropped to number 6 of the table. Both players played full 90 minutes as usual.

Agoye, no news (The team is doing well and this might be one of the reasons it is not talked about him)

Nwosu, no news (as predicted the new player, the Norwegian Fjortjoft took the place and looked quite well)


Whole Stuttgart seems to be split over coach Winnie Schäfer. One half of the team, one half of the fans and even a part of the club officials seem to be against him, the other side seems to support him despite the club is not doing very well (9th, was expected among the first 5). So the atmosphere is not very good. Akpoborie has stated publically he is not enjoying the situation. And he is not playing well. In this weeks home match against Rostock (16th) Stuttgart played 1:1. Akpoborie played 80 minutes, no goal, newspaper-rating: below average.

He was not in the squad for the away match against Stuttgart. Might either be caused by the aftermath of his injuries or his poor performance as a substitute in last weeks match.

no match this weekend. no news.

not in the squad for this weeks match. the second team did not play. no other info available.

Henry Nwosu played his first 17 Minutes of Bundesliga as a substitute for Eintracht Frankfurt. The match was already 0:2 at home against werder Bremen at this point and ended the same 0:2. This might have been a single case at least for the near future. He did profit from the situation, 2 forwards absend, the match already lost. Also Frankfurt is seeking a new forward and wants to present a new player for this position this week. This one of course will play first. So it might take some
time for Henry Nwosu to be seen more often but at least he's close.


Jonathan Akpoborie
VfB Stuttgart now 10th in the table. 2 matches this week, 2 losses (1:2 at home against Wolfsburg(5th) and 0:2 away at Bayer Munich (1st)). Akpoborie played both matches, but unlucky although the tactics for the match at Munich fit his style. Newspaper-rating: Below average. But it is not only his fault as the problem for
Stuttgart is creating a coherent game. Too seldom valuable balls reach the forwards so that German international fredi Bobic looks the same odd as Akpoborie. Bobic has 3 goals in 10 matches, Akpoborie 5 goals in 9 matches (plus 2 assists).

Victor Agali (Hansa Rostock, Bundesliga)
After his injury had kept him from playing before he was brought on for the last 20 Minutes at Saturday's match against Mönchengladbach (18th). But he had a horrible day. He was harshly criticised after the match by the press as lethargic. He might not have been fully recovered.

Pascal Ojigwe (1.FC Kaiserslautern, Bundesliga)
Was among the 18-man-squad for the match at Bremen (17th) which Kaiserslautern (now 4th) won 1:0. But he did not come in. This made him available for Kaiserslautern's second team (Regionalliga). He seemed to have played unconspicious when Kaiserslautern lost at Saarbrücken (2:3). It is normal that he plays as often as possible for the second team as his coach Otto Rehhagel wants his youngsters to gather as much match experience as possible. If those young players did not play the same weekend in the Bundesliga they are allowed to play for the second team.

Stephen Musa (1.FC Saarbrücken, Regionalliga)
played for Saarbrücken when they beat the second team of Kaiserslautern 3:2. He was marked as above-average player in this match and played midfield (usually defensive midfield) again (last week he had played sweeper).

Ahmed Ottiji changed back from Weismain to Darmstadt 98, who had become relegated from Regionalliga (3rd division seperated into 4 different groups) to Oberliga (4th division seperated into 10 reginal groups) the end of last season. Now they are fighting their way back, what is important because promotion is only possible this season. Next season there will not be promotion from fourth to third division as there will be a reform for 3rd division (will merge to only 2 regional groups). So Darmstadt is investing in promoting this year.

Youngster Henry Nwosu was 2 times on the bench for Eintracht Frankfurt. Whether it is a psychological measure or he will have a real chance to play will show in the following weeks because the best Frankfurt striker Chen Yang will be absent playing with the Chinese national team.

Jide Michael Olugbodi, changed from RW Oberhausen, where he only played for the second team to Austrian club Austria Lustenau. And John Onwudego (U21 player for Nigeria?) should play for Croatia Berlin (Regionalliga) from now on


Jonathan Akpoborie (VfB Stuttgart, Bundesliga)
Jonathan Akpoborie played two matches this week. One European Cup (UEFA Cup) match when Stuttgart was knocked out of the competition 2:3 a.e.t. at Bruges and one Bundesliga match, a 0:0 draw at Leverkusen on Sunday. He scored no goal and his newspaper-ratings were below-average for the Bruges match and average for the Leverkusen match. Although he has not found his best form yet, he is a widely accepted player. After playing in Germany for years, this also comes from his European playing style. His strength is not his technical skills but his fighting spirit and seeking the direct way to the goal. This makes him an especially good counter-attack player. But this also requires him to be in best shape physically. After injury absence in the beginning of the season he might need a few more matches.

Victor Agali (Hansa Rostock, Bundesliga)
Did not play, has problems with his knee injury again. The tragic in it: his competitor for the same position, the Croatian player Igor Pamic received a red card on Saturday and will be banned for some weeks. This might be the opportunity to get some match practice now.

Pascal Ojigwe (1.FC Kaiserslautern, Bundesliga)
Did not play but was among the 18 players that were selected for the match. His status is now being a quite valuable substitute because he can play different positions. His problem: in Bundesliga it is only allowed to have 3 non-European players on the field at the same time. Kaiserslautern has 5 non-European candidates for playing.

Stephen Musa (1.FC Saarbrücken, Regionalliga)
Had a match last wednesday, when he played sweeper. Saarbrücken lost 0:1 away and there was nothing special reported neither about him nor about his teammate Sambo Choji, a forward.

Edith Agoye
did not play, might have health problems again


Starts to find form now after a shaky season start and scored twice for his club VfB Stuttgart (6th in table) beating Bochum(9th) 4:2 at home. Was elected player of the match by Kicker, Germanys leading football-magazine.
After injury spoiled his season beginning he played first time again as a substitute when Hansa Rostock (16th) squandered a 2:0 lead at defending champions Kaiserslautern (7th) to lose 2:3. newspaper-rating: average
Did not play recently (but is not reported injured)
Regular player for Saarbrücken again after recovering from Malaria. Saarbrücken did not play this weekend
Was banned for two weeks after he received a red card just after he started to become fielded regularly. Had been in some kind of weird story before when he was the fourth non-European player fielded by his coach in a match. But only three are allowed. So this would have cost them the points if they had not lost anyway. Due to Kaiserslauterns injury problems with good chances to be seen more often.


Ottiji left Darmstadt 98 (relegated to 4th level) for SC Waismain, a club from a small Bavarian town, playing in Regionalliga Süd/South (3rd level)

(The system until 1999/2000 will remain:
1st level: Bundesliga
2nd level: 2nd Bundesliga
3rd level: Regionalliga, 4 regional groups
4th level: Oberliga, 10 regional groups
all leagues=groups have between 16 and 18 teams)

Musa, like a few other African players, too, returned with Malaria problems from home.
Henry Nwosu, who is said to be a brother (?) of Kanu, came from the youth team of Eintracht Frankfurt (Bundesliga), will have training sessions with the professionals but play for the second team first (Oberliga, 4th level)
new at Frankfurt: Donald Agu (22, 1.85 m), came from FC Augsburg (Regionalliga, 3rd level), and was one of the more conspicious players last season in that league


A promising new player is Agali, forward for Bundesliga side Hansa Rostock.
Akpoborie will stay at Stuttgart.
Stephen Musa was missing as he did not return from home for weeks but I read he now arrived.
Ojigwe only played one match but he was always a part of the team, often on the bench and part of the group of players who celebrated the championship. This shows that coach Otto Rehhagel, who is known for his careful education of players, is planning with him for the future. If he has improved, it might be likely, he will be seen more often this year.