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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
parallel third matches - 
Jan 31 1600 GMT, Group D - parallel third matches:

Before the matches:
Senegal  2 2-0 6
Egypt  2 1-1 3
Zambia  2 0-1 1
Tunisia  2 0-1 1
The scenario in Group D before the matches: 
Senegal are already qualified. But a draw or a win against Tunisia, or Egypt not winning in the other match (or winning with an insufficient scoreline) will secure first place which would avoid Cameroon in the quarter finals.
Egypt need to beat Zambia. Or: A draw and Tunisia not to win. Otherwise it comes down to the exact scores.
Zambia need to beat Egypt and Tunisia not to win. Otherwise it will be a race for goal difference. If it's the same it will be drawing lots.
Tunisia need to beat Senegal and Egypt and Zambia to draw with a low scoreline. Or: A win by Zambia with a low scoreline.
tie breaker rule as promoted by CAF:
1. points
2. goal-difference
3. goals scored
4. result direct encounter (only if only 2 teams are involved!)
5. drawing lots
(Possibility 5 would come into effect f.e. if Senegal - Tunisia ended 0:1 and Egypt - Zambia ended 0:1. Then drawing lots would decide between Zambia and Tunisia) 
(Possibility 4 would come into effect f.e. if Senegal - Tunisia ended 0:1 and Egypt - Zambia ended 0:0. Then Egypt would advance because of beating Tunisia 1:0 in their second group match) 
> preview group C
Egypt - Zambia 2:1
Finally Hossam Hassan has arrived and things start to look brighter for the Pharaos. With him a new problem might add to the scrappy start of the Egyptian campaign as he cannot be fully fit while his arrival should provide a moral boost anyway. Egypt have it in their own hands and might try to play it patiently: They know Zambia will have to open up sooner or later because a draw will not be enough for them. They should not wait too long to score themselves as Egyptian nerves have not always been strong in must score situations.
Zambia have impressed in the first two matches, especially against Senegal with their quick and resilient game. But today the scenario is different, they will have to attack as a scoreless draw is not enough for them. Though they had some very good opportunities after counter attacks in the first two matches yet they have not been in the situation to attack themselves against a crowded defence (the Senegal goal came in the last minute).
Senegal - Tunisia  0:0 
Senegal have not convinced entirely but have won their matches with cynical scoring almost comparable to the one of Cameroon. But they will have to concentrate today to avoid losing because that could force them into a quarter final against just those Indomitable Lions. They will have to avoid take the situation too easily, Tunisia have been widely critisized but have not been as bad as the image in media.
> general preview group matches: the tricky third group match
Tunisia's biggest problem has been impact. The loss of key players in attack might have been one problem, the character and quality of play of their opponents has been another. If reports are true coach and team have not found the right chemistry yet. Senegal, if not 100% concentrated, might be the right opponents to repair some of the shattered self-confidence. Losing again will certainly trigger a little eathquake inside Tunisian football and raise big questions around coach Henri Michel. Another problem for the Tunsiains is that they will depend on Zambia if they want to reach the quarter finals. Winning might not be enough.
below the original match report by
1st half:
Egyptiansoccer.com. A do or die situation faces El Gohary and his Pharaohs in their final preliminary group game against Zambia's "Chipolopolo". A win should see Egypt through to the quarter finals, while any other result leaves the door wide open. Follow the live action here, including updates on the Tunisia v Senegal match.
...(starting lineups see below)
5': Mido takes an early shot on goal when Hossam Hassan sets him up, but the shot goes above the bar. Chilembe crosses in, but Fahim clears. Another cross in by Chilembe, Emara heads out to a corner. A well taken free kick by Emara is headed way high by Mido.

10': Mido is set on a solo run by Emam, but is caught offside. Worry infront of goal, ends with a Kampala shot. Radwan sends a long deep ball to Mido, but he tries to take the shot first time, sending it out.

15': Mido looks shaky, unable to control the ball well. Egypt cross in the box, but it goes to waste. Egypt are trying to press on now.

20': Dennis Lota and Sakka get caught up in a bad foul. Play has calmed down now. Dangerous ball for Zambia, a bad Barakat pass is intercepted, and Lota crosses in to a Zambian. but Hadary comes up with a big save. A Hazem cross in is cleared out. Zambia are in control of midfield. Sinkala through passes to Lota who  was all alone with Hadary, but Hadary saves again.

25': Zambians still in control of midfield. Emara advances, and instead of passing to Mido, he takes a weak shot easily savede by Phirri. Another dangerous attack by Zambia, but the shot is saved again by Hadary. An organised Egyptian attack is wasted by Emam who tries to chip the ball above Phirri, but goes too wide. Egypt doing nothing bu sending long balls.

30': Egypt's passing is very bad. Dangerous chance for Egypt. Emam takes a good shot from the edge of the box, Phirri saves out to a corner. More long balls from Egypt. Poor coverage from Egypt, Zambians are controlling the ball in Egypt's final third.

35': Hazem Emam sends another chip towards the Zambian goal, in Phirri's hands this time. Very good ball from Ahmed Hassan to Barakat, but Phirri had his eyes on the ball. GOAAAAAAL MIDO!!!!!....great pass tears the offside apart, and Mido rounds Phirri, who pulls him down, but Mido gets up and taps into an empty net.

40': Egypt pressing still, Yasser sends a cross in but it is cleared out. Egypt are almost cuaght on the break with Fahim clearing before Chilembe, Sankala takes a shot at Hadary who punches out to a corner.

45': Mido back passes to Hadary, Lota alomst intercepts, but Hadary comes out to clear the ball. Ahmed Hassan passes into Barakat, but a defender intercepts out to a corner. Egypt trying to press, and calm down play at the same time. Ahmed Hassan takes a shot on goal, but goes way wide. Both Ramzy and Mido looking tired and are being treated outside the pitch. Kofi Kodjia whistels for halftime.

Halftime Summary:

Egypt are trying to clinch the game, but are giving up most of the midfield posession to Zambia, who for the first time in the tournament, are looking quite organized on the pitch. They had the better chances of the first half, but the Pharaohs exploited their weak defence with Mido's well taken goal. Ramzy seems to be out with a bruised knee, and will probably be subbed out in the second half.

1st half:
- Senegal in green, Tunisia in white
-('1) quick start by Tunisia and an immediate shot by Zabi
-('3) Tunisias second attempt but Madhebis cross finds nobody
-Senegal play with some new players, among them goalkeeper veteran Oumar Diallo, but the numbers (black upon green) are impossible to read. It might help Senegal to keep the necessary tension for this match.
-('13) Tunisia try play a corner outside the penalty area to set up a volley from 20 meters but it is directly on keeper Diallo who has some problems but saves
-('16) Madhebi falls in the penalty area but the referee seems to have no doubt: no penalty
-Tunisia might seek free kicks and penalties as they have been ineffective otherwise yet
-('18) it seems to be more contact on the other side, but again the whistle remains silent.
-('22) a rare quick attack by Senegal leads to a corner in what is now rather a midfield affair
-('24) great attack by Tunisia, two players pass on by their heel and set Madhebi free 16 meters to the goal. But he fires across the bar, centimeters too high
-Senegal with very good defensive work already in midflield where they attack the Tunisians with their midfield chain already in their own half
Tunisia still with a careful build up and formation
-('34) Madhebi is the most dangerous man on the field. he breaks through again on the left makes a very good low cross into the back of the defenders (means against their run back) but Baya all free cannot score, his ball does not get through a bunch of players between him and the goal
-('43) Mediocre free kick execution by Sennegal
-The bumpy pitch is to the disatvantage of the style of the combinating Tunisians

halftime 0:0
A decent performance by Tunisia but no goal. Senegal with a lot of substitutes very solid but far away from scoring. Both teams modern and well organised.

2nd half: 
50': Ramzy starting, and didn't get subbed off. Hilary tries to cross in, but Radwan covers. Tunisia waste a penalty with Baya's shot being saved by Tony Sylva. Finally Ramzy comes off for Tarek El Said. Radwan covering Lota well, preventing him from taking a shot on goal. Barakat earns Egypt another corner.

55': El Sakka misses a dreadful ball, but Fahim clears the ball infront of Lota. Ruckus in Egypt's box ends with a goal kick luckily. Organised attack ends by Mido corssing into Hossam, but Phirri comes off his line to grab the ball. A great pass form Hazem to Tarek is intercepted, it would have been a one on one situation. Zambia are starting to press on now.

60': Barakat and Emam's pressure leads to a corner, but it goes to waste. El Sakka tries to through to Hossam Hassan, but is caught offside. GOAAAAAAAAAL HAZEM EMAM!!..a pass by Emara is deflected to Emam who once again rounds Phirri within inches and sends the ball towards the net with Moses giving the ball an extra push into the net.

65': Zambia pressing on and manage to get a ball in the box, with Makasa heading at Hadary who punches out. Zambia's defence is losing it when a Hossam Hassan cross in is fumbled by Phirri and a defender, but Mido was too late getting to the ball. Dennis Lota booked for a foul on Ahmed Hassan. Substitutions for Zambia harry Milanzi IN/OUT Cosmos Banda, Charels Lota OUT/IN Gift Kampamba

70': Very dangerous ball for Zambia with Lota all alone with Hadary, but the Egyptian keeper comes up big once more and strips the ball from his feet but drops it, before Radwan clears out, Hadary is on the floor, but gets up again after treatment. Great corner by Egypt, Emara passes to Barakat who cuts into the box, but his powerful shot bounces off Hossam Hassan's head.

75': Chilembe is booked for a rough foul on Emam. Hazem sends a great pass to Barakat who makes his way towards goal, but closes the angle on himself, shooting straight at Phirri. Zambia crosses in, but Fahim clears out to a corner. Tarek El Said is booked for arguing with the ref. GOAAL ZAMBIA, a shot by Tana is touched by Kampamba, deflecting into Hadary's net.

80': Hossam Hassan wastes an unbelievable chance, Emam all alone with the goal chooses to pass to Hossam who's shot is saved by Phirri. Barakat takes a shot on goal, but goes wide. Substitution for Egypt Ahmed Salah Hosny IN/OUT Hossam Hassan.

85': Zambia pressing on now, Emam tries to take on two defenders, but sends another high shot. Lota passes Fahim and crosses in, but luckily there was no one there to follow. Final subbing for Zambia Chiswe Nsofoa IN/OUT Nomba Mombabma

90': Barakat is punched in the face by Tana, but Koffi did not see the incident. Emam makes a good run down the left, and earns a corner. Final subbing for Egypt, Wael Gomaa IN/OUT Barakat. Phirri punches the corner out, but Emam sends another shot above the cross bar. Fahim fouls Milanzi on the 30 yards off Egypt's box.....the ball hits the wall, but falls back to Kampamba at the six yard box, but Kampamba sends it out to a goal kick. Three minutes of injury time. Radwan crosses in to Honsy, but the ball is cleared out. A long ball in the Egyptian box is fumbled by Hadary, but the ball is swept away by El Sakka.

Kodji Koffi whistles for the end of the game..Egypt are through to the quarter finals!..now they must take on Cameroon's Indomitable Lions.


final score 2:1

match data as published by CAF Online:

Referee: Coffi Dodjia (BEN)Ass. Referees: Abdel Majid Jeddaoui (MOR), Matela Lazarus (RSA)
Egypt: Ahmed Hossam 35, Hazem Imam 53 
Zambia:- Gift Kampamba 89 
Attendance: 10,000 
Egypt: 16-Essaam El Hadary; 2-Amr Fahim, 3-Mohamed Omara, 5-Adbelzaher El Saqqa, 8-Yaser Radwan; 4-Hany Ramzy (11-Tarek Said 49), 12-Mohamed Barakat, 14-Hazem Imam, 17-Ahmed Hassan; 9-Hossam Hassan (19-Ahmed Salah Hosni 81), 18-Ahmed Hossam 
Zambia: 1-Davies Phiri; 2-Laughter Chilembe, 21-Hillary
Makasa, 4-Moses Sichone, 5-Elijah Tana; 15-Ian Bakala, 8-
Charles Lota (17-Gift Kampamba 65), 13-Numba Mumamba (18-Nsofwa
Chaswe 84), 19-Andrew Sinkala; 9-Cosmas Banda (11-Harry Milanzi
65), 10-Dennis Lota 
Cautions: Egypt: 11- Tarek Said (75)Zambia: 15- Bakala (59), 10- Lota (64), 2- Chilembe (72)

2nd half:
- A push in the back of Madhebi and the referee says penalty
-('47) Diallo saves the penalty, a low shot by Ben Achour that had been precise but not too sharp
-('50) Tunisia with a very clever indirect low corner kick, Diallo makes a great save against the first shot, Zabi hits the goalpost with the second attempt
-Diallo has a great day on the line but has also shown some weaknesses outside his goal in the first half
-Tunisia play well and are unlucky
-('52)('53) Senegal with a couple of nice attacking attempts but the Tunisian defence well alerted
-('62) Senegal: A fine room grasping counter attack but only a corner results from it
-('64) a typical scene for the bumpy pitches: Senegals #8 A. Touré fires with full power but a bounce on the pitch has just lifted the ball so that it goes high into the clouds
-('65) He gets replaced by El Hadj Diouf
-('67) El Hadj Diouf with a first run electrifies the crowd
-Question: Are Senegal in a better physical shape than their opponents? In all three matches they seemed to have gained momentum in the course of the second half. Tunisia might as well be informed about the Egyptian lead and demotivated.
-('70) Senegal: Tunisian defender Jaidi rescues on the line for his keeper as Camara has already got behind El Ouaer and fires on the empty goal
-('72) Senegal: Diouf free kick deflected for a corner
-('74) Senegal: another miserable set play execution as a free kick is fired into a two men wall (!) from good position
-Because of the number of goals in the other match, Tunisia will need now to win by 2 goals, even if Zambia equalises or wins
-('90) the match has lost quality and Baya gets yellow for a last desperate diving attempt

final score 0:0
Senegal have qualified as group leaders. Tunisia will head home without a goal scored.
quarter finals:
Senegal  3 2-0 7
Egypt  3 3-2 6
Tunisia  3 0-1 2
Zambia  3 1-3 1
Cameroon - Egypt
Senegal - DR Congo

match data as published by CAF Online:

Referee: Domenico Messina (ITA)
Ass. Referees: Vincent Texier (FRA), Paulo Ribeiro (POR)
Attendance: 8,000
Senegal: 16-Omar Diallo, 2-Omar Daf, 4-Pape Malick Diop, 19-Pape Bouba Diop, 6-Aliou Cisse (9-Souleymane Camara, 60), 20-Sylvain Ndiaye, 12-Moustapha Faye, 21-Habib Beye, 22-Makhtar Ndiaye, 14-Moussa Ndiaye (15-Sadio Alassane Diao, 81), 8-Amara Traore (11-Elhadj Ousseynou Diouf, 66).
Tunisia: 1-Chokri El Ouaer, 4-Mounir Bouakdida, 6-Hatem Trabelsi, 15-Radhi Jaidi, 19-Emir Mkademi, 5-Mehdi Nafti (12-Raouf Bouazaine, 65), 3-Zoubier Baya, 13-Riadh Bouazizi,
18-Slim Benachour, 7-Imed Mhedheb (20-Mourad Melki, 83), 9-Jamel Zabi (21-Bessam Daassii, 56).
Senegal: 19- Diop (36), 20- Ndiaye (46), 11- Diouf (89)
Tunisia: 13- Bouazizi (70), 3- Baya (88)



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