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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
Liberia - Algeria
Before the match:
In this group it is Algeria who must not lose because they will be mathematically eliminated otherwise.
Any result will provide for an exciting finale on matchday three, at least involving Nigeria, Liberia and Mali. Liberia could go up into pole position here: a simple victory today will mean they would go as group leaders into the last match playing for a draw against Nigeria to advance.
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New reports on arguments about unpaid bonusses marr the preperations of Liberia and repeatedly the Liberian players who feel cheated and suspect officials to withhold money have threatened to leave the tournament. Concentration is hardly possible on a background like this but Liberians have proved in the first match that they are able to improvise and come up with a competitive challenge for a quarter final place anyway.
Algeria did convert the few but big occcasions against Nigeria and will do better here today. With zero points the key to advancing is winning and the key to winning is scoring goals. A difficult thing at this Nations Cup.
Algeria go  into the match as surprise 40% percent favorites (odds: 5/4 frac. 2.25 dec.), Liberia are rated 30% (2/1 frac. 3.0 dec.), a draw 31% (19/10 frac. 2.9 dec.).
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1st half:
-Liberia in red socks blue shorts and white shirts. Algeria in white socks, white shorts and green shirts
-('2) already one attacking attempt on each side
-('8) great pass into the run of Prince Daye, who's running path cuts the defender out of the game and puts a low shot past the keeper - 1:0
-('10) Great counter attack by Liberia involving Debbah and Daye and almost the second goal as Daye's ball goes just wide
-('11) Algeria penetrate into the penalty area, but well defended
-('12) Algeria: Dziri with a good scene, blocked in the last moment
-('14) dangerous Agerian attack down the right hand side, a Liberian tackle inside the penalty area but neither penalty nor corner says the referee
-Algeria try to cut with halflong or long through balls directly into attack and it looks dangerous
-('25) Ghanzi has to be substituted by Akrour because of te injury resulting from the ('14) minute incident
-('25) Algeria sleep at a Liberian free kick cross as Zizi Roberts is all alone to head only directly on the keeper. A wasted opporunity.
-a very entertaining match so far with space in midfield because of the fast playing through into attack on both sides
-('30) Algeria: Akrour scrambles for the Dziri thrugh ball inside the Liberain penalty area - a dangerous moment eventually cleared by the defenders
-('34) Algeria: Liberian keeper Crayton with a great save against a deflected long range attempt by Kraouche. On a second attempt he drops the ball in front of the feet of Saifi who fires across the bar from close range 
-the same old Algerian problem...
-('35)('36) Algeria create more goalscenes
-('44) Algeria: Akrour hits the goalpost with a surprise volley from the right hand side
-('45) long ball into the penalty area. Crayton error and Akrour scores into the empty goal - 1:1

halftime 1:1
A very entertaining match. Both teams with several mistakes and quick through balls into attack. Algeria take apart the vulnurable Liberian defence with all means but waste opportunities. Liberia has chances, too, through their sangerous forwards who seem more capable of converting.

2nd half:
-('50) yet the match lacks precision and the first half goal scenes
-('54) Algeria: Rahou comes in for Slatni
-('57) after a Liberian error Algerian defender Haddou Moulay runs into the penalty area but cannot get off a proper shot
-('58) Weah who already has yellow makes a foul off the ball and gets away with it
-with Algeria more careful less chances - until:
-(60) Algeria: long ball by Saifi on Dziri who is through but gets stopped by the keeper. A secnond Algerian player had been with hime but maybe the time was too short for a side pass.
-Dziri is a very good midfielder with usually a good eye for other players
-('65) Tasfaout comes in for Dziri
-('67) match breaks open and a good opportunity on either side
-will we see the first team that scores two goals in one game at this Nations Cup?
-('71) Liberia: Dionysius Sebwe comes in for the injured Zizi Roberts
-('72) Liberia prrove their better scoring potential: Kelvin Sebwe curves a direct shot from 20 meters around the Algerian keeper into the far corner - 2:1
-('73) Liberia in the penalrty area again but Debbah can't make it dangerous
-('75) Crayton save against a tricky Saifi free kick from the left hand side
-('78) the Algerian keeper comes out of the goal against Prince Daye. He closes the way to the goal from tight angle
-('79) Liberia: Weah with a shot wide
-('80) Tasfaout gets stopped for a corner
-('80) Algeria pressure the Liberian goal but Tasfaouts shot gets blocked
-('83) Algeria: Crayton closes the angle for Akrour who shoots from close range left to the goal
-('86) Algeria: long cross and a header set up Tasfaout who fires a volley from 20 meters against the goalpost. No chance for the keeper, tough luck for the Algerians
-('87) Liberia: Prince Daye through on the other side but his attempt goes wide
-the match now wide open
-('89) free kick for Algeria as Tasfaout has been stopped by a foul. But Saifis execution goes high across the bar.
-('injury time) #4 Kraouche with a desperate sensational rocket from nearly 30 meters into the corner - 2:2

final score 2:2
Algeria good football but defensive vulnerabilities and the less dangerous attackers concerning goal scoring. Tough luck added to it and so coach Madjers team almost faced an undeserved exit from the tournament.
Now both teams still have it in their hands: By beating their opponents on matchday 3 they both could advance. (More detailed: Algeria might have to win by two goals depending on the outcome of the other match and Liberia have a backdoor chance if both matches end in a draw)
Nigeria  2 1-0 4
Liberia  2 3-3 2
Mali  2 1-1 2
Algeria  2 2-3 1
first two teams qualify for quarter-finals

match data as published by CAF Online:
Referee: Divine Evehe (CMR) 
Ass. Referees: Farag Wagih (EGY), G. El Hawary (LBY)
Liberia : Prince Daye 7, Kelvin Sebwe 72 
Algeria : Nassim Akrour 45, Nasseredine Kraouche 90 
Attendance: 4,000 
Liberia: 1-Louis Crayton; 20-Jimmy Dixon, 9-Zizi Roberts (5-Dionysius Sebwe, 71), 17-George Gebro, 21-Thomas Kojo (2-Fallah Johnson, 47), 6-Kelvin Sebwe, 12-Oliver Makor, 3-Edward Dixon (19-John Menyongar, 70), 14-George Weah, 10-James Debbah, 15-Prince Daye 
Algeria: 1-Lounes Gaouaoui; 2-Yacine Slatni (17-Slimane Raho, 54), 3-Moulay Haddou, 5-Mounir Zeghdoud, 20-Mahieddine Meftah, 21-Mohamed Bradja, 6-Yazid Mansouri, 4-Nasseredine Kraouche, 8-Billel Dziri (10-Abdelhafid Tasfaout, 65), 9-Farid Ghazi (15-Nassim Akrour, 25), 18-Rafik Saifi 
Liberia: 10- Debbah (33), 14- Weah (55), 9- Zizi Roberts (60), 2- Johnson (88), 
Algeria: 4- Kraouche (35), 15- Akrour (68)


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