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Both do not make any sense, if you check instead the Reuters headline ticker regularly.
At this World Cup page you can find also the squads and short descriptions of the players (for example: Group A - Brazil - penpix)

At France 98 you can see match statistics, have detailed information about the progress of the match, and click on players for some facts obout them. Unfortunately the site is a bit confusing and slow for modem because of the use of many pictures. So for those with a slow connection it might seem better to go directly to FIFA and have the basic match figures and statistics from there.

At FIFA home page you can find also the regulations of tournament. For example the tie-breakers for the group tables you find at:
World Cup Regulations
Or you unsure of a particular rule? then try at
Laws Of The Game
or explore the excellent site from
FIFA start page (you can even have an espagnol version)

You might have enough of TV but if you have missed some or are in a strange part of the World where you cannot receive TV but WWW here are some videos from itn
Also French TV France 2 offers Les Videos du jour

5 photos of each match you find at the French page of Canal +

The ARD (German TV) Virtual Coverage (also bilingual Deutsch-English) wants to offer you computer-analysis of match actions from all perspectives (you can move the camera perspective yourself). If it works and your browser is compatible...

In Germany there are also 2 virtual World Cup stockmarkets where you can buy and sell shares of the teams:
One is from University of Cologne, this one is bilingual Deutsch/English and supported by German television ARD.
The other one is from the other one of the two covering German TV stations ZDF: ZDF WM-Börse and has been made popular by contiously pushing via TV. This one has been realised by another University.

If you are fan of the Nigerian Super Eagles, two huge sites can be recommended:

The offitial site of the Jamaican Reggea Boyz - here you can  listen to the official team song in Real Audio

Already mentioned, (hopefully) brilliant comics about the World Cup you should find at (seems to be nothing special about World Cup?)

More will continiously be added. If you know a World Cup Link that should be listed here, mail