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  Le Tour de France 
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Instead of (or later as an addition to) an article about doping and sport, and instead of giving results or reports that you could get anywhere else too,

The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net makes the following song the coverage song of the 2002 Tour de France.

'Le Mont Ventoux' - onlovestar.com

It was Friday the 13th 1967 when former World Champion Tom Simpson tried started a desperate escape at the 'Mont Ventoux', maybe the most mythical mountain of the Tour de France, to defend his 'maillot jaune'.
Three kilometres before the finish he broke down and could not be rescued. The investigations revealed that he had made wide use of the various doping substances which had been found with him.

The swaying style of the cyclists, climbing up the mountains of the Tour de France, is a core component of the realisation of the motive of a racer in his struggle for winning at the 'Mont Ventoux', a figure whose name could be Tom Simpson, but not necessarily needs to be.

Though the Mont Ventoux is not stage for the 2001 edition, the 'Mont Ventoux' is a symbol for this most famous bicycle race of the world. Especially since the doping question has become an omnipresent imaginary shadow accompaning the brilliance of the individuals. Illusion or reality, is reality illusion, or illusion reality? 

More about it and on the special particular construction of the song on the onlovestar.com / ifuz.net websites.

you will find the necessary links to preview and download the recording, and view the Stripes Magazine interpretation.


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