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African Nations Cup 2006
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World Cup 2006 African qualifiers, alittle bit about Euro 2004 and background articles:
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African Nations Cup 2004:
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African Nations Cup 2004 LIVE TICKER:
Dec 20/21
Olympic qualifiers other results
in italics the results of the first two weeks, played 2003

Group A
Egypt - Nigeria  0:2
Tunisia - Senegal  0:0
Senegal - Egypt  2:0
- see live report below
Nigeria - Tunisia  1:1
- 1:0 ('15) Segun Abiodun, 1:1 ('72) Isaam Jomaa
Senegal - Nigeria 4:3
Senegal won the match seconds before the final whistle. The Nigerian coach was sacked the next day.
Egypt - Tunisia 1:3
After a 0:0 halftime score and a quick goal opining the second half, Tunisia ran through a probably  frustrated and seemingly demotivated Egyptian defence (third defeat in a row) with ease and could have scored on several more occasions, taking a comfortable 3:0 lead anyway. The Egyptian goal came late on a penalty.

Group B
Mali - Côte d'Ivoire  3:0
Congo D.R.- Cameroon  1:4
Côte d'Ivoire - Congo D.R. 4:1
Cameroon - Mali  2:0
- goals: Daniel Wansi ('45), Achille Webo ('55)
Côte d'Ivoire - Cameroon 1:1
Congo D.R. - Mali  0:2

Group C
Uganda - Angola  1:2
Morocco - Ethiopia  4:0

Ethiopia - Uganda  1:0
- goal: Taffesse Pesfaye ?
Angola - Morocco  0:0
Uganda - Morocco  1:1
Ethiopia - Angola  1:0

Group D
Algeria - Zambia  1:0
Ghana - South Africa  1:0
South Africa - Algeria  4:1
- 2 goals by striker Ryan Botha in the first four minutes
Zambia - Ghana  0:0
South Africa - Zambia  0:1
- missed first half penalty by Ryan Botha this time, goal Mbesuma ('48) writes:
"Both teams had more chances to score as the match went on with AmaGlug-glug having the better chances.
Zambia must be commended for the win as they came to South Africa wanting to play and really took the game to the hosts. After spending 23 hours on a bus to get to the venue from Zambia the team did not seem to be in any way affected by the long journey.
Zambia maintained ball possession throughout and the South African’s did not gel as a team on the day."

Algeria - Ghana  1:0
- first match after Zumdick for Ghana

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Dec 20
Olympic qualifiers 2nd week:
Group A
1605 GMT Senegal - Egypt 2:0
Egypt under pressure after they started with a shock home loss against Nigeria in a tough group with Senegal and Tunisia who drew 0:0 at Tunisia in the first match. (Only the group's first will qualify!)
1st half:
Senegal starting very concentrated and well organised, dominating midfield with constant pressing and good passing. But Egypt looked solid in defence
and did not allow opportunities, helped a worse passing game by the hosts in that area.
And so it wasn't a dangerous situation when a cross from the right sailed into the Egyptian penalty area but an Egyptian defender unluckily headed the ball into his own net (about after 20 minutes).
In the following Egypt discovered that their own strikers were well capable of creating chances against a weaker Senegal defence, provided the visitors had achieved to play through that tight midfield which they more and more were capable towards the end of the half as Senegals grip loosened. Senegal themselves had one dangerous counter attack but in total Egypt had more penalty area situations.

2nd half:
Senegal defended successfully against constant Egyptian attacking attempts. The match was decided by a well played counter attack 10 minutes to the end. Conspicous attackers were #9 who set up brilliantly the second goal and offensive midfielder #10 a smaller player with technique and vision.
Egypt seem to set forth a North African tradition of goal shyness in important matches while playing quite well on the field. Anyway in this match the team did not look as impressive as this years under 20 team or the one from two years ago

Dec 19
FIFA Under 20 World Youth Cup (in the United Arab Emirates) final:
1645 GMT Brazil - Spain 1:0 (final)
Spains strength have been their compactness. Without scoring many goals they have dominated midfield with good organisation based on a very solid defence. Midfielder Iniesta (FC Barcelona) is their most conspicious player.
Brazil started very arrogant into the tournament, conspicious in the annoying penetrant use of diving to get free kicks and penalties. But they have mutated to a fine playing team during the tournament, possibly helped by the defeat at the hands of Australia and the difficult round 16 match against Slovakia. Many talents have begun to shine through although Brazil like most other teams are not at their full strength.
The star of the team and arguably best player of the tournament is Daniel who plays on the right side but is to find almost everywhere on the pitch, constantly switching positions with his teammates and running into spaces. He also kicks corners from the left and soem of the free kicks. As some kind of reinterpretation of Roberto Carlos style football he would make a perfect follow up to Michel Salgado at Real once in the future.
1st half
-('4) the Italian referee makes himself the star after 4 minutes:  a red card against the Spanish captain and defender Melli for holding. Melli had been the last man but it had not been a real opportunity: almost 50 meters to the goal and only a high cross into the Spanish half which the attacker would not have been able to control a way to make the attack dangerous immediately.
-('5) Brazil: Daniel's shot is deflected against the crossbar by the keeper
-('6)-('15) several good opportunities for Brazil who cannot be stopped by Spain. Still Spain with a few good  attacks themselves.
-('16)-('30) the match has calmed down a bit, with defences better organised now
-('31)-('45) some more scenes in front of the goals again.
Spain seem handicapped anyway by being one man down, they are outnumbered when attacking.
A number of late challenges by the Europeans have led to yellow cards, something that could have an impact in the second half: Spain will have to defend more carefully against the Brazilians who are consequently seeking one on one situations to prevent themselves to be further reduced. Expect Brazil to profit here and score, provided they stick to the strategy.
2nd half
-('46)-('60) it is still an open match and Spain see, that they do have a chance in attacking as their passing game is able to cut holes intio the Brazilian defence.
-('61)-('75) Spain push - being one man down seems to have fired up their fighting spirit. Brazil are back to diving attempts
.('87) A dangerous corner by Daniel finds Fernandinho who beats his opponent and the keeper, who has run nervously forth and back - 1:0
-('88) almost the equaliser for Spain, but they are unlucky today
.('89) Dagoberto dives and gets the free kick - the Spanish are furious and Brazil start extensiive time wasting - embarrassing
and: it takes some minutes in which something seems to have happened between the players. However - the referee sends off the goalscorer Fernadinho
-('injury time) Brazil manages to waste several minutes at the corner flag, getting successive corners and free kicks
-('injury time) Spain have a last chance with a volley across the bar
final score: 1:0
It could have been a great final, without a referee seeking the limelight (although most of the match he has taken the right decisions). So it was at least a good one thanks to a Spanish team who fought perfectly though one man down the entire match.

golden ball: Matar (UAE) (I have not been able to see UAE apart from their weak opening game)
silver ball: Dudu (Brazil)
bronze ball: Daniel (Brazil) (to me clearly the most conspicious player I have seen in this tournament although some others, too, like Cavenaghi have shown they will make an impact in the future)

Brazil - Argentina 1:0
A convincing Brazil overcoming their Argentina jinx in a close match. Argentina hit the goalpost with only seconds to go. goal: Dudu
Spain - Colombia 1:0
A close match with unlucky losers. A handball penalty decided the match with only few minutes to go (Iniesta '86)

Brazil - Japan 5:1
Brazils strange love for diving in this World Cup paid off when Carvalho brilliantly converted a free kick after only few minutes. The nervous Japanese fell apart immediately and with 3:0 after 15 minutes the match was over.
Argentina - USA 2:1 a.e.t.
A last minute equaliser saved Argentina from defeat and Cavinaghi converted a penalty for his second successive golden goal.
Spain - Canada 2:1 a.e.t.
Colombia - U.A.E.

Dec 8
FIFA Under 20 World Youth Cup (in the United Arab Emirates) round last 16:

1700 GMT Burkina Faso - Canada  0:1
0:1 ('59) Simpson

1700 GMT
USA - Côte d'Ivoire  2:0 (final score)

Before the match: USA are proving that their sport friendly highschool and college system will produce more and more talented football teams although the peak sportsmen will decide for the bigger professional perspectives in non-soccer leages. Well organised and smart USA teams from now on will probably a regular in the round of last 16 in this kind of tournament.
With the much haped supertalent Freddy Adu, who immigrated with his family from Ghana, they hope to have a star that will put soccer in the limelight like other sports have experienced with Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan etc.
But Freddy is only 14 yet (sometimes his age is put into doubt) and it will have to be seen whether he will be a Pele, a Nii Lamptey or something in between.
Côte d'Ivoire, despite missing their Beveren stars, have been one of the attractions of the tournament so far. Their total attack approach exites the crowds and their vulnerability in squandering chances and allowing opposite attackers many chances makes all their matches thrilling even if they dominate clearly.
This will be the big question of the match: Will well organised USA shoot down the flying Elephants or will they be able to defeat the Americans in flamboyant style... (or will the match look surprisingly different?)
1st half: Côte d'Ivoire: Tony (Antonin Koutouan) only on the bench.
Both teams with a nervous beginning and Côte d'Ivoire with a huge goal scene after 4 minutes, cleared off the line by a USA defender. The Americans answer only a minute later. The African defence seems porous, open and slow against counter attacks.
the consequence:
('7) a through ball on Mapp, who runs away with the ball and beats the keeper with a shot into the second corner - 1:0
Still the Americans look tactically superior but
('16) the Ivorians have settled a bit and Gosso makes a slalom through the American defence but finsihes wide, 2 minutes later a dangerous long distance attempt by Mondakan Mahan
('22) The Ivorians start the fireworks, Tohoua and Gosso take the defence apart but a brilliant save by the American keeper denies the first Ivorian goal
- the Ivorians have shaken off their nervousness but the defensive chain still looks vulnerable against through balls and event against wing play.
('28) A fine, patient attack by Côte d'Ivoire and within 60 seconds two dangerous attempts by Labi and Tohoua
('30) Another fine attack by the technically brilliant and fine combinating Ivorians. Thanks to a player loaded defence their attempts are blocked by legs of the defenders
('32) Another fine save by the American keeper, this time against Francois Zoko
('41) direct play by the Americans, Drissa Touré, the Ivorian keeper, tries to intercept a pass on Freddy Adu, but comes late - penalty
('42) Convey beats the keeper who has had the fingertips at the ball - 2:0
('43) Côte d'Ivoire are unlucky again, when Gosso lobs the ball over the keeper but it is just a few centimeters too high and bounces upon the roof of the net
('45) a cruel decision by the referee against keeper Drissa Touré, who has handled the ball on the edge of the penalty area (after another through ball caught the Ivorian defence too slowly reacting). It seems to have been a centimeter outside the box for a second when he tried to get it under control. The keeper who has already seen a harsh yellow card for the foul against Adu (which led to the penalty), now sees the red card and the Ivorians have to replace a field player by their other keeper Daniel Yeboah.
halftime 2:0:
Côte d'Ivoire with a flamboyant Real Madrid like style, what they are loved for. But on this level too vulnerable against the very intelligent counterplay of the Americans who have also achieved to keep the Africans goalless with a crowded defence. Despite being unable to stop their attacks, they achieved to obstruct the direct ways to the goal.
With a man down, it remains to be seen, whether there is enough moral left with the West Africans, to try to stage a comeback.
--Côte d'Ivoire with an anxious beginning, attacking only with 4 players, leaving the back four against one luring attacker of the USA, who start relaxed.
('52) Ivorians with a half chance though. (Labi wide)
('53-'63) the Ivorians do not dare to take chances at this moment, are not enough players upfront to aplply pressing and the USA do what is appropriate: cycle the ball around among the defenders and midfield players.
('64) The Africans seem to seek stabilisation and speculate on single situations - they do have a free kick but it is relatively harmless
('67) The Ivorians make two changes, Tony comes on - a signal?
Côte d'Ivoire do not seem to believe in their chance, when a player breaks through he is left alone.
('74) Suddenly the biggest opportunity when Tony conquers the ball from an unconcentrated defender. But he squanders the opportunity firing wide
('75) the USA have a similar opportunity, here after a through ball on Johnson, eventually wide too
Resignation characterises the game of the Ivorians, especially when USA are in ball possession.
-('76-'90) nothing happens, no attempts by Côte d'Ivoire, the USA are passing the ball around, the Africans are watching them as if it was a group game which saw both teams through at this score
final score 2:0
A disappointing passive second half by Côte d'IIvoire. One man down it showed that their flamboyant attacking game of the first half depends on the engagement and the running of the other players, not in ball possession.
USA did not have to invest anything in the second half and almost perfectly carried the match home.

1400 GMT
Japan - Korea 2:1 after golden goal extra-time
0:1 ('38) Choi Sung Kuk, 1:1('82) Daisuke Sakata, 2:1('105) Daisuke Sakata

1400 GMT Argentina - Egypt  2:1  after golden goal extra time
Before the match: Argentina has won all three group matches but only the last one against Mali was in convincing style. In the beginning of the tournament the team lacked inspired midfield play (Tevez is not there) and operated with long balls and scored from set pieces. But here effectivity in front of the two goals was their trump card.
Egypt on the other hand convince as a well organised team, but have not scored many goals. Here they miss Mido, who theoretically could have played for them.
1st half:
'1-'25 Egypt with a good grip on the game, skillful passing game and good defensive organisation. Argentina with fragmented midfield game.
'26 free kick for Argentina from half left. The star of the Argentinian team, Cavenaghi, kicks a dangerous mixture of cross and shot, nobody touches it, it bounces once and beats the Egyptian keeper Sherif Ekramy, who had been impressive so far in the tournament - 1:0
'27-'40 Argentina drawn back, looking for counter attacks. Egypt dangerous when they can counter attack with space themselves, the most critical situation for Argentina is a borderline body contact between a defender and a broken through attacker. But the referees whistle remains silent.
'41 An individual effort by #9 Rida Metwaly brings the equaliser. He breaks into the penalty area, makes a ridiculous dive after physical contact with a defender but is lucky that the ball
bouncing off the goalkeeper, falls to his feet agian and shoves it across the line - 1:1
'42-'45 Egypt end the half on a high, pressure for the second goal, but Argentina escape into halftime
halftime 1:1
2nd half:
-'60 A chance on each side after break through on wings and good crosses. Argentina have brought two new forwards, among the Cangele, a conspicious attacker in the first match.
On the Egyptian side, Hosni is one of the most conspicious players again.
Argentina now with more pressure, attacking themselves and, unlike before, the match is more often shifted towards areas closer to the Egyptian goal. A defense lapse in the 60th minute is pitching three Argentine attackers against two defenders but egypt are lucky the ball is fired acrioss the bar.
'61-'80 Both sides more careful and maybe a little tiring because of the high physical investment, especially on the Egyptian side.
'81 huge scare for Egypt after a mistake by Ekrami, but Ahmed Fahti rescues before the ball crosses the line
'82-'90 Egypt, tired, are seeking interruptions as often as possible, want to make it to the short recovery break before extra time. Argentina, more fresh but still with only few fluent combinations, if dangerous, always involving Cavenaghi.
'90+4 (injury time) Egypt play through, have the last opportunity, but another of the inumerous off target shots by the North Africans saves the South Americans.
after 90 minutes: 1:1
extra time:
'91 Argentina have brought on their third substitute for a tactical change, while Egypt seem to continue
with their starting eleven, bring in their first substitute in the 94th minute
''95 Ahmed Samir, one of the best (and youngest) Egyptian players, adds another one to the big number of off target attempts
'98 Egypt, have recovered well after the break, have a good free kick opportunity, when Argentina stopped a dangerous attack by a tactical foul. But the free kick only hits the wall.
'99-'110 deadlock, but fast game
'111 Cavenaghi breaks through, his first effort is saved by Ekrami, but the ball bounces to Cavenaghi again who scores for lucky Argentina
final score: 2:1 a.e.t.
Argentina win due to their superior percentage of on-target attempts in a match which saw Egypt as an impressive team with some impressive players especially in the fundement (defence line, Hosni on the right, Fahti). Added a striker like Mido the result might have been otherwise...

Nov 30 African Champions League final 1st leg:
Enyimba (Nigeria) - Ismailia (Egypt) 2:0

In a competition that has raised its price money up to 3 Million US $ in total but has lost much of its other values by the drain of top players especially to Europe and the fan lock out in parts of the world because of the transfer from public into Pay TV, Eniymba of Nigeria could finally break the jinx on Nigerian football clubs which have never won the most important club trophy of the African continent.

It comes as a little surprise as Nigerian clubs are suffering from player exodus as much as most clubs from other African countries. But since a few years  the North African powers experience the problem as well, at least with their top players. Apart from clubs from European top leagues, African players have been hired by lower division clubs of the leading European countries as well as have been from clubs from minor important leages as Poland or Ukraine. Some clubs specialize in speculation on reselling, the most famous example are Beveren from Belgium who have or have had under contract almost an entire squad of players from Côte d'Ivoire champions ASEC Abidjan and their famous football school.
But African clubs as well speculate as Esperance Tunis
did with Nigerian Julius Aghahowa and did try with others, even Brazilian players (Reinaldo).
Another Market are the Arabian leagues as Qatar, U.A.E, or Saudia Arabia with their financial ressources which lure players and especially their agents despite the limited perspective for the future of the players career concerning the competition aspect.

Leaves a competition in Africa which does not see any team consistency anymore. The face of a team like ASEC Abidjan radically changes each year as scouts and money makers come from all over the world to lure the talents away to leave the club with a little money which leaves the club with the choice either to hire the best from who was not thought good enough by the clients or continue investing into grooming players for others.

And now the Chamopions League games have vanished into pay TV. Pay TV can offer more money in the first minute but will deprive the competition from cultural meaning in the long term. In competition with the rights from leagues where the best African players play, the disappearance of Champions League from public will lead to the fact that for example in Egypt a fan will rather be able to name the 15th of the English Premier League than the Champions League representative from Ghana. This will not only decrease the cultural value and the importance of the competition but also make sponsorship unattractive.

FIFA (Under 20) World Youth Cup:
A promising start for the 4 African teams at the World Youth Cup in the United Arab Emirates.
Columbia - Egypt  0:0
Chances for both, good goalkeeping in a match between the teams who could be the group favorites. Egypt are African champions.
Mali - Uzbekistan 3:2
Mali, as Burkina Faso, successful with their youth program in recent years, not at last thanks to their early foundings of football schools, and like Burkina Faso two years ago at the Under 17 World Cup and here today with half of the squad from two years ago, are in a difficult group with youth football giants Argentina and Spain. They escaped in injury time from losing two valuable points when a header broke the 2:2 deadlock.
Burkina Faso - Panama 1:0
Burkina Faso arrived with several players of the squad who finished third at the Under 17 World Cup 2001, like ->Mali have been successful with their youth program in recent years and are rated as promising outsiders.
The Burkinabé are reported to have dominated the game and scored
9 minutes from time.
Côte d'Ivoire - Mexico 2:1
Côte d'Ivoire had been designed to be the main African challengers of this generation by the long term program of the ASEC Abidjan football school. But the founders fell into argument with each other and the case has become one between Belgium club Beveren, who have or have had almost an entire squad of former ASEC or Sifcom (the name of the school) players under contract, and ASEC. FIFA and courts are involved in the solution and the latest twist is the absence of key players from Beveren (especially captain Yaya Touré) from the squad.
It still contains players from the school and seems strong: they dominated the match against Mexico but wasted several good opportunities.

other matches:
Germany - South Korea  0:2
Germany without many key players dominated first half but South Korea with better finishing.
Paraguay - USA  1:3
USA demonstrated their talent turning around a 0:1 halftime standing against before high rated Paraguay
Czech Republic - Australia 1:1
Japan - England  1:0
England, as Germany, lacking all players who have made a breakthrough into 1st team Premnier League football were outplayed by eager Japan as could be expected under these circumstances.
Ireland - Saudia Arabia  2:1
Argentina - Spain  2:1
The top match of the first round saw a well combinating Spain taking the half time lead against a disappointing Argentina, lacking midfield byte and operating with a lot of long balls. But early in second half two headers from set pieces turned the match around against the run of play and gave the Argentinians around River Plate star Cavenaghi and Boca Juniors revelation Franco Cangele a winning start despite of the absence of Carlos Tevez who refused to play in favour of taking opart in the Intercontinental Cup between Boca Juniors and AC Milan in december.

the event:
marred by the absence of many key players, who have broken into first team football in Europe or Brazil (examples Rooney, Milner for England, Lahm for Germany, Mido for Egypt, Diego, Rubinho, Alex for Brazil, or special case Tevez for Argentina) and diminished in relevance because of the invisibility of matches hidden in Pay TV in many areas (or for many games), the World Youth Cup is not a spectacle has it had been in years before.
It is still an exciting event but it has to be feared that locking out the public by taking away the event from free TV will not help the acceptance.

Nov 14-16 World Cup 2006 qualifiers, preliminary knock-out round, 2nd leg:

(already qualified for the group phase: Cameroon, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia, South Africa, Côte d'Ivoire, D.R.Congo, Burkina Faso)

Mauritius - Uganda 3:1 a.e.t. (1st leg 0:3)
2nd leg: Jerry Louis scored in the 89th minute to bring the sensation within reach for the islanders. But David Obua rescued the visitors who might had thought to have made it all clear in the first leg...

Benin - Madagascar 3:2 (1st leg 1:1)
2nd leg: The drama of the weekend: Madagascar took a 2:0 lead though goals from Radonamahafalison and Andriantaina
after 23 minutes. France based Benin captain Omar Tschomogo scored twice after 33 and 62 minutes to equalise but this would still have seen the East African islanders through. Two minutes into injury time it was Tschomogo again who converted his second penalty of the day to give the surprise Nations Cup qualificants from West Africa the edge. att.: 20,000.

Algeria - Niger  6:0 (1st leg: 1:0)
2nd leg: Easy success and more clearly than expected the Algerians dominated the visitors in front of 50,000. (halftime 4:0)

Mauritania - Zimbabwe 2:1 (1st leg 0:3)
reports summary: Mauritania surprised the possibly overconfident vistors by taking a 2 goal lead after only 10 minutes. It took until the 85th minute before a late valuable away goal by Mwbando secured progress into the group phase for Zimbabwe against the complete outsiders and made the result look easier.

Mali - Guinea-Bissau  2:0 (1st leg: 2:1)
goals (2nd leg): Soumailia Coulibaly 15, Djibril Sidibe 82 (pen), att.: 23,000

Malawi - Ethiopia  0:0 (1st leg 3:1)
att. (2nd leg) 20,000

Zambia - Seychelles 1:1 (1st leg 4:0)
2nd leg: After the convincing debut for Kalusha Bwalya as coach the 2nd leg brought a rather disappointing result for the 30,000 crowd but Zambias progress was not in danger

Gabon - Burundi  4:1 (1st leg 0:0)
2nd leg: In Libreville Gabon wasted no time and  went ahead after 2 minutes by Nzigou. An own goal and a penalty made it 3:0 halftime

Cape Verde - Swaziland 3:0 (1st leg 0:0)
2nd leg: 10,000 watched the islanders progress clearly. Not a real surprise after the once all-outsiders earlier this year had already remained in the race for a spot at the Nations Cup finals until the last match. Newcomer Cafu (Boavista Porto) scored the first two goals.

Kenya - Tanzania 3:0 (1st leg 0:0)
2nd leg: Dennis Oliech twice and Mike Okoth scored within the first 32 minutes to make it all clear in this neighbourhood derby to put Kenya in the group phase and Tanzania into another destructive period in the shadow of African football.

Namibia - Rwanda 1:1 (1st leg 0:3)
2nd leg: Namibia, qualified for the Nations Cup only a few years ago and in the group phase of the last two World Cup qualifiers, continue their slump while Rwanda have written another chapter into their recent Cinderella success story book.

Eritrea - Sudan 0:0 (1st leg 0:3)
2nd leg: att. 12,000

Sierra Leone - Congo 1:1 (1st leg 0:1)
2nd leg: Rolf-Christel Guie-Mien scored the vital away goal for the Congolese while Sierra Leone''s Inter Milan star Mohammed Kallon was barred from play by FIFA because of his failed drug test short before in Italy.

Togo - Equatorial Guinea 2:0 (1st leg 0:1)
2nd leg: Togo finally overcame the outsiders and avoided a big sensation when AS Monaco forward Adebayor set up the win through an injury time first half goal. Mustapha Salifou scored the second after 56 minutes, leaving enough time for the visitors two score what would have been a possible winning away goal. But they didn't and so Togo advanced.

Angola - Chad 2:0 (1st leg 1:3)
2nd leg: Chad were close to a success that would have been so valuable to the country's football development, but in the end Angola saved themselves from embarassment through two goals by Akwa ('32) and Bruno Mauro ('61) in front of a reported 12,000 attendance.

Lesotho - Botswana 0:0 (1st leg 1:4)
2nd leg: A little surprise here: Lesotho, normally outsiders as well, had been a surprise in the 2002 Nations Cup qualifiers and despite a more disappointing 2004 campaign still not been expected to lose that clear over two legs againts the lower seeded Botswana.

Mozambique - Guinea 3:4 (1st leg 0:1)
2nd leg: This was clear quickly with Guinea taking a 3:0 lead after 35 minutes through counter attacks and going 4:0 up in the second half before Dario scored a late hattrick for the hosts. Bangoura had scored three unanswered goals for the visitors after Youla had been responsible for the first one.

Liberia - Gambia 3:0 (1st leg 0:2)
2nd leg: Gambia had been hopeful after a promising development in the recent past and a 2:0 win in the first leg. But surprisingly the troubled Liberians turned it around when Isaac Tondo scored the second Liberian goal after 75 minutes. He added the winner five minutes to the end. Zizi Roberts had scored the first goal in front of 10,000 after 10 minutes.

Libya - Sao Tome 8:0 (1st leg 1:0)

Ghana - Somalia 5:0 + Wednesday
both legs are played at Ghana because of the difficult situation in Somalia. Ghana scored four second half goals in the first leg to make it clear already who will advance. Isaac Boakye, thie surprise of Germany's 2nd Bundesliga (at Bielefeld), scored twice.

Champions League final:
Enyimba (Nigeria) - Ismailia (Egypt)

Aug 22/24 Champions League week 1 results:
USM Algier (Algeria, 0 points after this match) - Espérance Tunis (Tunisia, 6)  0:1
Canon Younde (Cameroon, 3) - Atletico Aviação (Angola, 3) 2:1

Ismailia (Egypt, 4) - Enyimba (Nigeria, 3)  6:1
Simba (Tanzania, 3) - ASEC Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire, 1) 1:0

Aug 9/10 Champions League week 1 results:
Espérance Tunis (Tunisia) - Canon Younde (Cameroon) 2:1
Atletico Aviação (Angola) - USM Algier (Algeria)  1:0

ASEC Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)  - Ismailia (Egypt)  1:1
Enyimba (Nigeria) - Simba (Tanzania) 3:0

African Nations Cup 2004qualifiers 
Tunisia, Cameroon (hosts, title holders)
Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa (favorites)
Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, DR Congo (familiar faces)
Kenya, Guinea (comeback)
Benin, Zimbabwe, Rwanda (premiere)

after regions:
North: Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria
West: Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin, Guinea
Central: Cameroon, DR Congo
South: South Africa, Zimbabwe
the comeback of the East: Kenya, Rwanda

African Nations Cup qualifiers Jul 6:
(> see possible scenarios below on this page

Benin - Zambia  3:0
Benin are qualified
Sudan - Tanzania match cancelled, Tanzania unable to finance the road trip

C.A.R. - Burkina Faso  0:3
Congo - Mozambique 0:0
Burkina Faso are qualified

Equ. Guinea - Morocco  0:1
Gabon - Sierra Leone 2:0
Morocco and Zimbabwe are qualified

Guinea - Ethiopia  3:0
(Guinea qualify)

Burundi - South Africa  0:2
South Africa qualified, Côte d'Ivoire out
Tebeho Mokoena ('1), Stanton Fredericks ('29), att. 8,000

Rwanda - Ghana  1:0
Rwanda have qualified, Ghana are out
due to unconfirmed informations the Ghana lineup included players like Stephen Appiah (now Juventus Turin), Samuel Kuffour (Bayern Munich), Augustine Ahinful, band Charles Amoah but missed some other professionels who seem to have rejected invitation

Chad - Algeria  0:0
(Algeria already qualified)

Angola - Malawi  5:1
(both without chance to qualify)
1:0 ('2) Msowoya, 2:0 ('3) Akwa, 3:0 ('33) Flavio, 4:0 ('76) Stopirra, 4:1 ('78) Mgangira, 5:1 ('89) Chinho, att. 10,000

Lesotho - Gambia  1:0
(both without chance to qualify)
Molefe Makhele ('87 ), att. 10,000

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African Nations Cup qualifiers Jul 5:
(> see possible scenarios below on this page

Seychelles - Mali  0:2
Zimbabwe - Eritrea  2:0 
Mali qualify, Zimbabwe will have to wait the outcome of Group 7 

Botswana - Congo DR  0:0
Libya - Swaziland  6:2
Congo DR qualify

Kenya - Cape Verde  1:0
Mauritania - Togo  0:0 
Kenya qualify

Niger - Liberia 1:0
deciding match in this group tomorrow between Guinea and Ethiopia

Madagascar - Mauritius  0:2
Egypt qualify

Nations Cup qualifiers, the scenario before the last round Jul 4-6:

*=the best runners up from the groups of four will qualify alongside the 13 group winners, hosts Tunisia and title holders Cameroon

Group 1: Nigeria qualified, Angola, Malawi out

Group 2*: Guinea vs. Ethiopia for 1st place, direct encounter at Guinea, both 9 points, a draw will be enough for Guinea. Niger and Libera still possible to capture the 2nd place from the loser, 2nd place will have maximum 10 points, minimum 9, 9 will not be enough, so Niger and Liberia with now 6 are out! 

Group 3*:  Benin  (10 points) vs. Zambia (11 points) for 1st place, direct encounter at Benin, If Benin win, Benin will be qualified, Zambia 2nd with 11 points. In case of a draw it will be the other way round. If Zambia win, Sudan in theory could become second, depending on goal difference. Tanzania are out. 2nd will have maximum 11 points, minimum 10.

Group 4*: Burkina Faso (10), Congo (8), and Mozambique (7) in theory (bad goal difference!) can still win the group. C.A.R. is out. Burkina Faso will play at C.A.R., Congo will host Mozambique. 2nd place will have maximum 11 points, minimum 9.
Burkina Faso have qualified

Group 5*: Kenya (10), Cape Verde (9) , Togo (9), all can win the group. Kenya plays Cape Verde at home and will qualify, if winning. Otherwise Togo might snatch in. Togo, who play at Mauritania, Mauritania are out. The second will have maximum 12 points, minimum 9 points.
Kenya have qualified. 10 points for Togo are not enough to be best runners-up.

Group 6*: Mali and Zimbabwe lead the group with 10 points each. Seychelles and Eritrea are out but play a vital role in the outcome. Mali leads by 2 goals but will travel to the Seychelles who have proved to be a strong home team while Zimbabwe will play Eritrea at home. 2nd will have 13 points maximum, 10 points minimum. This means it could become also a shoot out for goal difference with Sierra Leone in group 7 for the best runners up.
Mali have qualified. 13 points and 8-3 goals for Zimbabwe is the mark for Sunday in the race to become best runners-up. Only Group 7 can emulate this!

Group 7*: Morocco (13) will win the group with a point from away match at Equatorial Guinea or Sierra Leone (10) not winning with a sufficient margin at Gabon. Neither Gabon nor Equatorial Guinea can reach the 2nd place. 2nd will have maximum 13, minimum 10 points.
Morocco have qualified, Sierra Leone are out.

Group 8: Senegal are qualified, Lesotho, Gambia out

Group 9*: DR Congo (10), Libya (7), and Swaziland (8), all still can win the group. But Libya and Swaziland who play each other in Tripoli, need DR Congo to struggle at Botswana, who are out. Swaziland needs to make up the four goals difference to the Congolese as well. The second will have 11 points maximum, 9 points minimum.
DR Congo have qualified. 10 points for Libya are not enough to be best runners-up.

Group 10: Egypt are almost qualified, Madagascar would take their place if beating Mauritus by 17 goals.
Egypt have qualified

Group 11: South Africa need a draw from their away match at Burundi to qualify, Côte d'Ivoire can only watch, will sneak in in case of an upset.
South Africa have qualified

Group 12: Algeria qualified, Namibia, Chad out.

Group 13:  Despite leading the group, Uganda are out. Rwanda vs. Ghana will decide the group: Rwanda wins, they will qualify, it will be Ghana otherwise.
Rwanda have qualified

Confed Cup final France - Cameroon 1:0 a.e.t. (Golden Goal)
The tribute match for Marc Vivian Foe. 
Cameroon in white, in first half dominant in one on one in midfield, while the French attack was more dangerous and had the biggest chance when Henry set up Cissé.
The second half the match was balanced. Eto'o came on as a sustitute (because he played yesterday in the Spanish Cup final where he scored twice and was fouled for a penalty).  He had the biggest opportunity after an Atouba cross.
In Golden Goal overtime then Henry scored after 7 minutes after a small error in the Cameroonian defence, a close decision between on- and offside.
Cameroon, apart from the Foe tragedy, convinced by their presence on the field and featured some very promising talent, among them Mettomo, Atouba, and Olympic gold winners keeper Kameni and especially midfielder Modeste Mbami.

Jun 13-15 + Jun 27-29
Olympic qualifiers, round last 32, knock-out round:
results partly unconfirmed
Cameroon - Congo  3:1 + 0:1
Angola - Lesotho 3:0 + 2:2
Uganda - Seychelles  3:2 + 2:2
Zimbabwe - Ethiopia  2:1 + 0:2
Zambia - Botswana 3:2 + 0:0
DR Congo - Rwanda 1:0 + 2:0
Senegal - Mauritania,  Mauritania withdrawn
Burkina Faso - Côte d'Ivoire,Burkina Faso withdrawn
Nigeria - Namibia 1:0 + 2:1
Mali - Guinea 1:0 + 0:0
Algeria - Chad  5:0 + postponed
South Africa - Kenya 2:1 + 0:0 
Ghana - Liberia 5:0 + 1:0
Morocco - Gambia postponed

Morocco - Gambia, Liberia - Ghana, 1st legs postponed to prevent from violence 
Egypt, Tunisia already qualified for next round after Tanzania, Benin, Equ.Guinea withdrew

overview from Sportscheduler > here
overview from RSSSF, all continents qualifiers > here

Tribute Marc-Vivien Foe can be sent to: 

> a selected article about Foe

Jun 22  Nations Cup qualifiers:

Mali - Zimbabwe 0:0 
Sierra Leone - Equ. Guinea 2:0
Togo - Kenya  2:0
1:0 ('23), 2:0 ('57) Alexandro Paria, att. 14,000
Ghana - Uganda 1:1
Despite leading the group, Uganda are out. They blew their huge opportunity in the controversial 0:1 home loss to Rwanda who now will battle it out with Ghana, who will qualify for Tunisia.
0:1 ('16) Assani Bajoba, 1:1 ('84) Charles Amoah, att. 25,000
South Africa - Côte d'Ivoire  2:1
1:0 ('21) Bartlett, 1:1 ('41) Kalou, 2:1 ('65) Nomvete, att. 35,000
South Africa: 1-Andre Arendse, 3-Tony Coyle (2-Lucky Lekgwathi 46), 5-Mbulelo Mabizela, 4-Aaron Mokoena, 13-Thabang Molefe, 12-Tebeho Mokoena (8-Jabulani Mendu 81), 10-Steven Pienaar, 18-Delron Buckley, 11-Stanton Fredericks, 17-Benni McCarthy (14-Siyabonga Nomvete 46), 9-Shaun Bartlett.
Côte d'Ivoire: 1-Daniel Yeboah, 4-Kolo Toure, 17-Gilles Domoraud, 13-Lezou Doba, 2-Mamadou Coulibaly, 10-Serge Die (7-Gilles Yapi Yapo 79), 6-Didier Zokora, 3-Kanga Akale, 8-Bonaventure Kalou (12-Abdelkader Keita 73), 15-Arunda Dindane (18-Dagui Bakari 64), 11-Didier Drogba.
DR Congo - Libya  2:1 
DR Congo dominating the first half, leading 1:0, surprisingly stopped playing football after the break when Libya equalised. A lucky goal gave the now harmless Congolese the lead after 85 minutes, triggering another embarassing display of violence in African football, this time by Libya. Protesting the goal, which seemed valid, first the keeper attacked the refereeing team for which he saw the red card, after which he jammed a fotographer to the ground. Some Libyan players started to kick after the Congolese now and another player had to walk off. The Congolese did not help fair play when starting to dance in front of the Libyans now, taunting. After 53 minutes the second half terminated with what looked like further attacking attempts of Libyan players on the referees, who were lucky the match did not take place at Libya.
Reuters reports: 1:0 ('29) Masudi, 1:1 ('49) ilid Hamed, 2:1 ('83) Mpiana, att. 73,000
Mozambique - CAR  1:0
1:0 Jossias ('73, pen.), att. 15,000
Tanzania - Benin  0:1
0:1 ('66) Moussoro Kabirou, att. 20,000
Ethiopia - Niger  2:0
1:0 ('15) own goal, 2:0 ('51) Ermias Kidanu, att. 25,000
Swaziland - Botswana  3:2
1:0 ('7) Siza Dlamini, 2:0 ('18) Siza Dlamini, 3:0 ('25) Siza Dlamini, 3:1 ('41) Mogaladi, 3:2 ('56) Kolagano, att. 10,000

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> Nations Cup qualifiers, the scenario before the last round Jul 4-6

Jun 21  Nations Cup qualifiers:
Zambia - Sudan 1:1
A disappointing result for Zambia, whose qualification might come down on the last match at Benin after disappointing home results have erased the advantage taken from the convincing away successes (depending on the result of Sundays match between Tanzania and Benin).
0:1 ('16) Abedi Galag, 1:1 ('72) Songwe Chalwe
Eritrea - Seychelles 1:0
Nigeria - Angola  2:2
Nations Cup qualification almost slipped out of the hands of the Nigerians when Angola took a two goal lead through Figuereibo ('7) and Akwa. But the hosts escaped the disaster thanks to second half goals by Kalu ('55) and Odemwingie ('65, pen.). Nigeria is now qualified for Tunisia 2004. 
(In case of a home defeat it would have been in the hands of the Angolans to secure that spot by a 2 or 3-goal victory over Malawi with Nigeria idle)
Liberia - Guinea 1:2  (at Accra, Ghana)
A bizarre setup provided the first away victory in this group: the match was moved to Accra, Ghan because of the civil war in Liberia. But the Liberians did not have the money to transport their players there. George Weah tried to help and charter a plane but the time was too short to inform the players that and where the plane was hired. So Liberia played with four professionals who had made the trip on their own and the rest of the players was recruited from a nearby refugee camp. Still they are reported to have played a relatively good first half (1:1) but being outplayed in the second by a still disappointing Guinea who might have profited from the situation. Proovided Liberia are able to play their final match.
0:1 ('11) Souleymane Youla, 1:1 ('20) Prince Daye, 1:2 ('50) Souleymane Youla
Cape Verde - Mauritania 3:0
One more bizarre match: It was only 53 minutes long (there are three contradictive reports concerning timing)!
Cape Verede took the lead after 11 minutes when short before the 2:0 penalty in the 23rd minute tensions started between Mauritanian players and the refereeing team. During the course of the match 5 Mauritanian players received the red card what led to the final whistle after 53 minutes, an option the referee has when one opponent is down to six and it is no real game anymore. The referee is reported to have sought hospital treatment after the match.
goals: Aguiar ('11), Morais ('23, pen.), Maurais ('52)
timing: other reports speak from all incidents taking part in the second half and the match being 75, resp. 85 minutes long
Burkina Faso - Congo 3:0
goals: Amadou Touré (pen.), Ouedraogo ('61), Minoungou ('75)

Jun 20  Nations Cup qualifiers:

Morocco - Gabon  2:0
1:0 ('24) #11 header
2:0 ('75) #7, a fine solo by one of the more conspicious players
A Moroccan team that seems to be a few miles away from the class of the battles with Senegal and egypt for the World Cup qualification 2002 and even further from the flamboyance of 1998.
Still with enough quality to beat Gabon clearly.
Speaking of flamboyance it was the Gabonese players who displayed a lust in treating the ball with style that seems to have gone lost in some African games. A great display of talent by the seemingly young players, but in the same time inexperienced and error ridden, still easily contained by the Moroccan defence.
Morocco has not conceded a goal yet.

Algeria - Namibia  1:0
Not very convincing but succesful in the end, Algeria qualified for the Nations Cup through a first half goal

Egypt - Madagascar  6:0
A brilliant early ('2 Tabey) 30 meter free kick strike strike reliefed the hosts and frustrated the visitors who would have qualified for the Nations Cup finals in case of a draw. The Egyptians, let loose, like two weeks ago, did not want to make any mistakes and took apart the islanders by their in such cases of confidence fluently executed ambitious game comprising all features of attacking football, i.e. a well developed passing game. 
This produced a typical attack using the left wing, and a perfect cross and header for a schoolbook type second goal ('10 Bilal). The third ('25 Bilal) was rather due to an odd looking defense after a corner and the fourth a deflected free kick ('42 Mido)
In the second half Egypt did not relief the grip on the disillusioned visitors and Bilal intentionally deflected a Mido shot into the net for the 5th after 58 minutes.
A counter saw Mido set up Ahmed Bilal for the sixth goal then ('86).
Seconds later Madagascar missed the chance of putting one back when they blew the ball across the bar after a very well performed combination.
It has to be mentioned that every goal has been important: In theory Madagascar can still qualify instead of Egypt whatever the scoreline is today. But they will need to beat Mauritus by double the scoreline of today plus 5 goals. So for every Egyptian goal today they will have to shoot two more in their last match against Mauritius at Madagascar in two weeks (17-0 now).

Jun 21
Confederations Cup
Cameroon - Turkey 1:0
Geremi (pen. '90)
A hard fought match in which Cameroon looked a little too tired in the second half to maintain their physical style after only two days rest. Chances for both to decide the match which would have ended in a deserved draw if not a last minute lucky penalty had decided the match in favour of the Africans

Jun 19
Confederations Cup
Cameroon - Brazil 1:0
Eto'o '83
After a nervous start and a balanced first half without goal scenes for the Africans, during the second half Cameroon gained confidence and impact with every minute. It showed how much the Lions game depends on physical fitness and confidence. Towards the end of the match Cameroon claimed the ball almost in every one against one situation and dominated the Brazilians who fielded some less known players in attack but had all their class at the start in back.
Brazil who had clearly outclassed a modest igeria in a friendly at Lagos a few days lost their first official A match against a n African side after having been beaten by both, Cameroon and Nigeria, already on U23 (Olympic) level.

Jun 13-15 

Nations Cup qualifier:
Senegal - Lesotho 3:0
Senegal qualify for Tunisia 2004, goals: Diouf (pen.), H.Camera

Jun 6-8 
U-17 3rd place playoff: Nigeria - Egypt 3:1, Nigeria qualified for U-17 World Cup
U 17 final: Cameroon - Sierra Leone 1:0 a.e.t, Cameroon African U17 champions for the first time

Jun 6-8 African Nations Cup Qualifiers 
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June 8:
top match 1610 GMT Morocco - Sierra Leone  1:0
Morocco seem to have switched from Puma to Nike and play in green.
The first 25 minutes see a defensive struggle for Sierra Leone as the pressure of the hosts keeps the ball in the half of the visitors. The sheer number of penalty area situations make it logical that Morocco scores: one of the inumerous defended balls flies to the feet of Chippo who fires the ball past the keeper with a bouncing volley from about 20 meters after 25 minutes.
Morocco continue to dominate but as the half reaches the end, loses grip a little.
1715 GMT: 2nd half starts. Sierra Leone have to attack now and they try. But their passing game (which is not helped by the pitch) is far from being fluent and so many attacks are interrupted before producing dangerous situation. Morocco themselves look far less convincing than in the first 30 minutes as not losing the advantage seems predominant in their minds rather than goal hunger. Their bggest goal scene comes after 84 minutes when the Sierra Leone keeper masterly saves what would have been an own goal by one of his defenders.
Although Sierra Leone hurry they are incapable to impose a real pressure on the hosts due to their fragmented style even though their star player Mohammed Kallon is working a lot for it.

2 other matches might have to be closely watched today: In Egypt and Côte d'Ivoire the hunt for goal difference might become crucial. A problem is the 3 team format of the groups. In the last match both teams might have to watch nailbiting while their competitors for the first place, Madagascar and South Africa, will have the advantage of playing the same opponents as the two today, but knowing the scoreline they might need. This all of course is a bit premature because the teams (Egypt - Madagascar, South Africa - Côte d'Ivoire) will face each other first directly in two weeks time and those two matches do not necessarily end with the expected results.

CAR - Congo  0:0
Côte d'Ivoire - Burundi  6:1
Drogba with a first half hattrick, his replacement Bakari adds two more after halftime, Dindane the sixth, before Burundi scores
DR Congo - Swaziland  2:0
Benin - Sudan  3:0
Equ. Guinea - Gabon  2:1
Liberia - Ethiopia  1:0 ?
Togo - Cape Verde 5:2 
Egypt - Mauritius  7:0
Egypt with very high tempo from beginning to end and good combinations against pathetic defending scored and scored and still wasted a good number of quality chances

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June 6:
Mauretania - Kenya 0:0
June 7:
Seychelles - Zimbabwe 2:1
Zimbabwe payed the price for arriving with a squad that missed key players. A penalty ('75) and after the meanwhile equalizer, a free kick few minutes before the end of the match sealed the victory for the outsiders.
Zambia - Tanzania 2:0
Two goals by Harry Milanzi have brought Zambia close to qualification for Tunisia 2004 against tired visitors who had travelled 36 hours on the road
Namibia - Chad  2:1
Namibia needed a penalty to decide the match with a quarter to go
Uganda - Rwanda  0:1
A grotesk incident, involving the guests keeper and black magic allegations, was initial point to a hot headed fight and an ill tempered game which the outsiders surprisingly won through a first half goal.
The result lifts a bit of pressure on Ghana who had lost in Uganda and were idle this weekend
Senegal - Gambia  3:1
Match marred by crowd violence. Diatta, H.Camera, Diouf - Sillah.
Botswana - Libya  0:1
A late goal saved Libya's chances in what was reported a dull game
Nigeria - Malawi  4:1
An early lead by Malawi, but it did not take long before the match was decided 3:1 in favour of the Nigerians who added a fourth goal in second half. Two goals by the great talent Ayiegbeni who had already impressed in European Cup for his then Israeli side and is now playing for Portsmouth, who became promoted to the Premier League.
Burkina Faso - Mozambique  4:0
Dagano ('6),('8), Amadou Touré ('34), Minoungou ('87)
Niger - Guinea  1:0
Shock defeat for Guinea who seem to waste their good opportunity to return to the big stage by poor away results. Niger now with the same chances as all matches in this group so far have produced home wins.
Mali - Eritrea  1:0

Title holders Zamalek lose on penalties:

May 16-18 / May 30- Jun 6 African Champions League Qualifiers, 2nd round
The matches to determine the 8 finalists which will be devided into 2 groups of four teams:

results partly unconfirmed

Stade Malien (Mali)  - USM Algier (Algeria)  1:1 + 0:2

St Eloi Lupopo (DR Congo) - Canon Youndé (Cameroon)  0:0 + 1:3
2nd leg: halftime 1:0 lead for St Eloi

Hassania Agadir (Morocco) - ASEC Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)  0:0 + 0:1
1st leg: ASEC focussed on getting through the match scoreless, so were teethless in attack and concentrating on defending and time wasting. Agadir with the desire to score looked the better team and despite the final result the match saw periods when the Ivorian defence was incapable to stop the hosts from producing opportunities. Still the Moroccans failed to score a goal now in their third consecutive qualifying match. 

Atletico Aviação (Angola) - Hearts Of Oak (Accra, Ghana)  3:0 + 0:2

Enyimba (Nigeria) - Jeanne d'Arc (Dakar, Senegal)  4:0 + 0:0

Highlanders (Zimbabwe) - Espérance Tunis (Tunisia)  1:1 + 0:6
2nd leg: Esperance wouldn't have needed the help of the referee who reduced the Zimbabweans to ten by two harsh yellow cards against a defender. It looked another case of professionals against amateurs which left no doubt about the gap between the two clubs.

Simba (Tanzania) - Zamalek (Cairo, Egypt)  1:0 + 0:1 pen.: 3:2

AS Port Louis 2000 (Mauritius) - Ismailia (Egypt)  0:1 + 0:6

Apr 11-13 / Apr 25-27 African Champions League Qualifiers, 1st round

USM Algier - Wallidan (Gambia)  2:0 + 1:2
Wallidan with some talent in attack but a chaotic defence
goals: Achiou 48, Bourahli 78
0:1 Ammour Omar 14 - 1:1, 2:1 Samba Bai Omar 49, 55

Stade Malien (Mali) - AS Police (Congo) 1:0 + 1:2
Makau Sissoko 48
1:0 Beaulua Sidoine 26,  2:0 Pourou Armand 40, 2:1 Diallo Gaoussou 73

Canon Yaoundé (Cameroon) - Al Merreikh (Sudan)  5:0 + 0:4
goals: Edoa 46, Markus 57, Ngona 62, Dikoume 68, 88
goals: Haitham El Rashid 47, 53, 66, Amar Mohammed 70

Lupopo (DR Congo) - US Nziami (Gabon)  0:1 + 3:0
1st leg:
Ebio Joseph
2nd leg:
Katalay Mujanay 26, Eale Lutula 50, Tshama Mwana 77

ASEC Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) - AS Niamey (Niger)  3:0 + 2:2
Lolo Igor Alexandre 33, Beugre Ahiba Herman 46, Doumbia Mamadou 87
1:0 Idrissa Laouali 38, 1:1 Mabea Tia B. 49, 1:2 Lolo Igor Alexandre 85, 2:2 Idrissa S. 88

Hassania Agadir (Morocco) - Al Ittihad (Libya)  0:0 + 0:0, penalties:5:4
Constant pressure by the hosts but it were Al Ittihad who had a 100% chance in the final seconds to win the match
Expulsion: Hassania: Tarik Miri 75

Hearts Of Oak Accra (Ghana) - AS Douanes (Togo)  1:0 + 3:1
Wisdom Abbey 60

Atletico Aviação (Angola) - SC Villa (Uganda)  1:2 + 2:0

Jeanne d'Arc (Senegal) - ASFA Yennega (Burkina Faso)  2:0 + 0:1
goals: Yameogo 48, 71

Enyimba (Nigeria) - Satellite (Guinea)  3:0 + 5:2
1st leg:
David Tyankase 16, Ndidi Anumunu 19, Joetex Frinpong 66
2nd leg:

Esperance Tunis - Rayon Sport (Rwanda)  5:0 + 2:2
Professionals against amateurs with an impressive advantage in physics and one-to-one skills
goals: Zitouni 19, 74, Melki 52, Jaidi 67, Souayah 90 (pen)

Highlanders (Zimbabwe) - St. Louisienne (Reunion)  3:1 + 1:1
goals: Choruma 3, Ngodzo 10-pen, 90 (Highlanders), Boucher 10 (St.Louisienne)
played May 17th

Zamalek Cairo (Egypt) - Nzoia Sugar (Kenya)  3:0 + 4:1
AbdelHalim Ali 56, Yahia Hazim 68, Hosam Hasan 79

Santos (South Africa) - Simba (Tanzania)  0:0 + 0:0 penalties: 8:9
Besides Ferroviario from Mozambique, FC Santos are the only seeded team to have lost in this qualification round. Another continental disappointment by and for South African club football.

Ismailia (Egypt) - Zanaco (Zambia)  1:0 + 0:0
Ismailia could break the stiff resistance only once through a header from a set play short before halftime
goal: Fahim '45

Ferroviario (Mozambique) - Port Louis (Mauritius) 2:0 + 0:2 penalties: 1:3
goals: Faife 32, Chinua 41

Mar 30 African Nations Cup Qualifiers 
moved > all results so far, all goups, all tables at one glance, plus match details

friendly tournament Tunis
3rd place playoff
Ghana - Madagascar 3:3
Ghana squandered a comfortable lead when plaing an unconcentrated second half. Madagascar with nice football, but when Ghana pressured concentrated, they were clearly superior.
The penalty shoot out showed how much easier it is to score from the spot with less pressure than usual in big events: after about 20 converted penalties, Ghana were lucky to finally win.
Tunisia - Cameroon  1:0
Despite a second half domination by the Indomitable Lions Tunisia managed to win the match by a sensational 30 meter Bouazizi strike 

Live: African Youth Championship Burkina Faso 2003 final 
Jan 18 1840 GMT: Côte d'Ivoire - Egypt  3:4 a.e.t.  (final score)
A fast and quite spectacular first 30 minutes, some nice attacking and a few defensive blunders, with Egypt taking a first minute lead (Emad) and Côte d'Ivoire turning the match around (1:1, 8', deflected #10 Romaric free kick cross, 2:1, 22' #5 Yaya netted in a ball that had crushed against the goal post from a 35 meter free kick) before Egypt equalised through a Ahmed Fathi penalty ('30)..
The Ivorian defense entirely lost focus through the penalty decision, began discussing with the rederee and were were outplayed by an almost overenthusiastic attack by Egypt with 7 men (!) which provided for the 3:2 lead after 34 minutes.
A neat Ivorian combination on the left wing exposed a hole in the Egyptian defense in injury time to have the first half culminate in the 3:3 equaliser then (#14 Saki gave the final touch).
halftime 3:3
The second half saw a midfield dominating Ivorian team trying to play through a rather crowded Egyptian defense while the North Africans focussed on counter attacks by their fast but apparently a little smaller players. More and more long balls into attack proved to be a problem for the Ivorian defenders, but Egypt squandered a one-against-goalkeeper situation after 79 minutes. 5 minutes later the Ivorians had almost outplayed the Egyptian defense but could not get a final touch towards goal.
after 90 minutes 3:3
-('95) a through ball on Ibrahim Emad who beat the keeper from half left by a soft touch with the outside of his foot - 3:4
-('96) the tall Yaya, the Ivorian defensive midfielder, who has been one of the most conspicious players of the match, though a little inconsistent and tempered, has to be substituted exhausted. He is one of the players from the ASEC academy, now under contract with Beveren, Belgium, and (judging from this match) looks like a possible future key player for his country.
Côte d'ivoire after the goal with constant attacking attempts but without a clearcut chance until halftime of the extra-time
In second extratime it was a hard fought match with Ivorian domination but Egypt looking more focussed on the primary goal (for example the were several injury time outs ironically caused by Ivorian players remaining lying on the ground for treatment).
Egypt, who had most of the crowd noise on their side (on the pitch it was a hardfought but apparently very fair match), successfully defended their advantage and won the title a third time against the West Africans
final score 3:4, Egypt champions

The biannual African Youth Championship for under 20 sides is the second highest profile football championship for National selections and serves as qualifiers for the big biannual FIFA Youth World Cup, this year end of March in the United Arab Emirates. African teams have performed well at those tournaments but yet not have come closer than the vice World Championship, the last time at Argentina 99 through Ghana who lost the final against hosts Argentina (featuring stars such as Romagnoli and Saviola).
The final tournament of the African championship has been hosted by Burkina Faso and has once again confirmed the leading role of West Africa in this age group despite the fact that the selection from the biggest African population, Nigeria, once again disappointed and did not make the final 8.
The four teams which reached the semi finals and qualified for the Youth World Cup are:
Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Mali, Burkina Faso. (Mali defeated Burkina Faso after penalties for third place)
The competition was marred, not the first time, by allegations of fielding of overage players, a wide spread problem in areas where you have no birth certificate and many advantages for many individuals by making players younger. 
Nevertheless it features some exciting talents:
Egypt has been praised to have found themselves as a team during the course of the tournament and went into the final as slight favorites.
Côte d'Ivoire for the first time made the impact expected from the setup of that famous role model football school by ASEC Abidjan and Tony and Romaric are among the stars of the talented team.

African Nations Cup 2004 qualifiers
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African Champions League 2002 
African Champions League 2002 
African Cup Winners Cup & CAF Cup
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African Nations Cup 2002
Jan 19 - Feb 10
African Nations Cup 2002 
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What is the African Champions League and how is the mode?
 The African Champions League is played over the year, starting in January, terminating with the finals in December. In the 1999 edition 41 teams entered the competition. In contrary to Europe only the national champions are allowed to take part. (Like the old European system there is a Cup Winners Cup and a CAF cup for the runners up in national championships).
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who have been the champions of Mali? who are the most prominent domestic players of the countries and who are the professionals at Europe?

> The African Football Yearbook 
here is The Shot's little dictionary for reading french live tickers:

carton jaune=yellow card
coup franc=free kick
le gardien=the goalkeeper
le ballon=the ball
le poteau=the goalpost
la barre=the bar
la lucarne=triangle of the goal
pas loin du poteau=not far the goalpost
dans les mains du gardien=into the hands of the keeper
il perd le ballon=he loses the ball
juste à côté=just wide
lance=send/set up (by a pass) (also throw)
touche=throw in
la surface=the ground / or short for:
la surface de reparation=penalty area (for example dans la surface)

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