World Cup 2002 - African qualification

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World Cup 2002 - African qualification 
The preliminary round matches
in overview and detail 
Libya - Mali  3:0 / 1:3 
Cape Verde Islands - Algeria  0:0 / 0:2 
Benin - Senegal 1:1 / 0:1 
Gambia - Morocco  0:1 / 0:2 
Chad - Liberia  0:1 / 0:0 
Ethiopia - Burkina Faso  2:1 / 0:3 
Equatorial Guinea - Congo 1:3 / 1:2 
Rwanda - Côte d'Ivoire 2:2 / 0:2 
Central African Republic - Zimbabwe 0:1 / 1:3 
Eritrea - Nigeria  0:0 / 0:4 
Lesotho - South Africa  0:2 / 0:1 
Swaziland - Angola 0:1 / 1:7 
Sudan - Mozambique 1:0 / 1:2 
Guinea-Bissau - Togo 0:0 / 0:3 
Uganda - Guinea 4:4 / 0:3 
Malawi - Kenya 2:0 / 0:0 (abandoned) 
Tanzania - Ghana 0:1 / 2:3 
SâoTomé e Principe - Sierra Leone 2:0 / 0:4 
Seychelles - Namibia 1:1 / 0:3 
Botswana - Zambia 0:1 / 0:1 
Madagascar - Gabon 2:0 / 0:1 
Mauritania - Tunisia 1:2 / 0:3 
Djibouti - Congo DR 1:1 / 1:9 
Somalia - Cameroon 0:3 / 0:3 
Mauritius - Egypt 0:2 / 2:4 
 (4/9) Libya - Mali 
result: 3:0 
> report here 
 (4/23, Bamako) Mali- Libya 
First leg 0:3. Guided by Argentinian master of defence, Carlos Bilardo, Libya are now heavy favorites. Especially because Mali has lacked impact in attack. 
result: 3:1 (Libya qualified) 
A packed stadium at Bamako. Mali with presuure upon the Libyan goal. Libya with the expected crowded defence and time-wasting strategies, but also with rare opportunistic attacks themselves. The Libyan keeper reliable but towards the end of the half an increasing number of (half) chances for Mali and a more and more drawn back Libyan team. 
In the 45th minute a counter attack produced a one-against keeper situation (#20) and the striker made a successsful lob into the net. - 0:1, the match seemed decided at halftime 
The equalizer 3 minutes into the second half fired up the Mali team who tried the impossible in the following minutes. They created several goalmouth situations but Libya also had a huge opportunity on a counter attack. Libya regained control but short after Libyan coach Carlos Bilardo was ejected, Mali scored coverting a bouncing off ball after a free kick ('72). - 2:1 
Towards the end of the match it started to rain and Libya had more counter opportunities but after 85 minutes Mali was reawrded a penalty. One of several scenes which took minutes until execution. In the 89th minute it was converted - 3:1 
After 'only' 9 minutes injury time the match was over 

 (4/9) Cape Verde Islands - Algeria  
a match with a too big gap: Algeria are clear favorites. 
result: 0:0 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('15) Ousmane Diagne, 1:1 ('31) Philippe Isiaack, att. 40,000 (Cotonou), red  
 (4/21, Annaba) Algeria - Cape Verde Islands  
First leg 0:0. Cape Verde, third smallest to take part (400.000 population only!) with a sensational 0:0 in the first leg, probably will only try to contain the scoreline 
result:  2:0 (Algeria qualified) 
In front of a huge crowd (AFP:60,000), Cape Verde began building a concrete wall but exposed a first hole in the 8th minute. After a corner the ball went through keeper and defenders to the second post where #9 (AFP:Saad Bourahli) headed it into the net. Exposing their defence in a first attempt to cross the midfield line, a well played counter attack by hosts Algeria delivered the second goal (#10 Rafik Saifi) only 4 miuntes later. After this there was no question of the outcome. Algeria relieved of any pressure now showed their skills and fired up the crowd who fired up the players in return. But after failing to convert several opportunities against the brave keeper of Cape Verde, the match and atmposphere more and more calmed down. 
In the second half the guests started to play some football themselves but without a chance to threaten the Algerian success. In the end both seemed satisfied: Cape Verde kept the scoreline close and Algeria advanced. 

 (4/9) Benin - Senegal 
a match with clear favorites in Senegal. But Benin has some talent, even some professionals where it is unsure wheter they will be playing, and should not be taken too easily.   
result: 1:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('15) Ousmane Diagne, 1:1 ('31) Philippe Isiaack, att. 40,000 (Cotonou), red cards: Mouda Cherou Amadou (Benin) ('85),  M'Baye Obi (Senegal) ('85) 
 (4/23, Dakar) Benin - Senegal - Benin 
First leg 1:1. Senegal still clear favorites. After the first match a 0:0 would be enough. 
result:  1:0 (Senegal qualified) 
Reuters/ goal: Cheikh Sidy Ba 62, attendance: 50,000 

 (4/9) Gambia - Morocco  
Gambia is a very small country, a former British enclave around the same name river, inside the French Senegal. They should not be able to threat Morocco. But maybe they can cause some embarassment in the first leg.  
result: 0:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('63) Bushayib Lembarki, att. 30,000? (Banjul) 
 (4/22, Casablanca ) Morocco - Gambia 
First leg 1:0. The team under new coach Henri Kasperczak, the former Tunisian (1994-98) and Ivorian (1994) coach, should face no problems after the succesful 1st leg 
result:  2:0 (Morocco qualified) 
Gambia with a surprisingly modern approach. In contrary to other underdogs they did not hide and obtained to contain the score only. Instead they attacked themselves. They even repeatedly applied pressure on Moroccan defenders when those were in ball possession.  
This had several effects on the match. The action was shifted towards midfield and Morocco approached the Gambian goal more seldom. It put some pressure on Morocco defenders who had to help themselves with tactical fouls and received yellow cards. On the other hand it gave Morocco more space on several counter attacks. Thus the two first half goals resulted from those (Reuters: El Kattari, 19, 32). Gambia had a few half chances themselves. In the end Morocco had been a too big sized opponent for Gambia who showed several signs of a serious attitude and were unlucky to receive two red cards during the second half. Morocco never was in danger losing the match and could have scored more goals. 

 (4/9) Chad - Liberia  
<?> Chad, very poor, has played almost no matches during the 90's. Liberia with big troubles, too, has achieved surprisingly much with the financial and logistic help by their professionals, especially by George Weah. Chad has a few players in Europe, too, but are out siders. Much should depend on the first leg: If Chad can surprise here, it will become an exciting second leg..  
result: 0:1 
 (4/23, Monrovia) Liberia - Chad 
First leg 1:0. There is still some work to do for the favorites. But if they avoid Chad is getting chances, they should win it 
result:  0:0 (Liberia qualified) 
dailysoccer/Reuters: Another football tragedy: Three soccer fans died after a crowd surge inside the overcrowded 35,000 capacity stadium during the match 

 (4/9) Ethiopia - Burkina Faso  
<?> Ethiopia once among the better African teams is still able to be a potential danger at home. Burkina Faso should be too big in the two matches aggregated but the Burkinabé, who have talented young players, defy any consistency by changing their coach every year.  
result: 2:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 1:0 ('48) Anteneh Alamerew 2:0 ('64) Sentayehu Getachew, 2:1 ('86) Hammadou Traore, att. 23,000 (Addis Abeba) 
 (4/23, ouagadougou) Burkina Faso - Ethiopia 
First leg 1:2. Ethiopia, one of the biggest populationwise have won the first leg but the margin is narrow. There is still everything possible for the Burkinabé, especially after scoring the valuable away goal with only minutes to go. 
result:  3:0 (Burkina Faso qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Mamadou Zongo 3, 38pen, Oumar Barro 10, attendance: 25,000 

 (4/9) Equatorial Guinea - Congo  
Should be no huge problem for Congo as their opponents have done little in their history. But Congo are no giants and have to keep the concentration that has lifted them among the better African teams. 
result: 1:3 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: halftime 1:2, att. 3,000 (Malabo) 
 (4/23, Pointe-Noire) Congo - Equatorial Guinea  
Fisrt leg 3:1. Congo has done a good job winning away and scoring goals. Now the minnows (420 Thousand population) should be no difficult hurdle anymore.  

 (4/9) Rwanda - Côte d'Ivoire  
<a little trouble potential?> Côte d'Ivoire are clear clear favorites. But how much is fear a part of their game which depends on having the courage of taking risks? After the squad had been detained following the African Cup Of Nations by the military government the fear of embarassment will be even biggger. They will face Rwanda who will play their lives upon a miserable pitch and will fight every minute. But the German coach has had some troubles, too: During a preperaton camp at Germany some of the best players ran away to seek their luck at Belgium. The more it will be the 'match of their lives' for the rest. 
result: 2:2 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1('45) Gislain Akassou, 1:1 ('46) Hassan Milly, 2:1 ('64) Julien Ndagano, 2:2('78) Feidel Keita att. 15,000 (Kigali) 
 (4/23, Abidjan) Côte d'Ivoire - Rwanda  
First leg 2:2. After what happened after the Nations Cup, no match is easy for Côte d'Ivoire. Since the military coup there have been a lot of setbacks for the prospering ivorian football scene. Often the audience joins a violent criticism of their players like they did last weekend when ASEC Abidjan was eliminated in the African Cup Winners Cup. Rwanda, who have celebrated their home 'success' annoying the mighty 'elephants', will seek their chance and it will depend on how nervous they can make players and crowd. With German coach Rudi Gutendorf they will have had a good preperation at least. Normally this should be no problem for the Ivorians anyway 
result:  2:0 (Côte d'Ivoire qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Ibrahima Bakayoko 36, 65, attendance: 20,000 

 (4/9) Central African Republic - Zimbabwe  
<a little trouble potential?> Some troubles are on the horizon for Zimbabe coach Westerhof. He has started some arguments with the associatioon over the preparations for the decisive Olympic qualifier at Nigeria whicxh Zimbabwe lost 0:4. Now he has called up professionals from Europe, something that he had rejected before. The very poor C.A.R. should have no chance anyway, considering that the encounter is played in two legs. 
result: 0:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1('5) Peter Ndlovu, att. 7,000 (Bangui)  
 (4/23, Harare ) Zimbabwe - Central African Republic  
First leg 1:0. Zimbabwe should have made the most important step already going into this one with an away victory. 
result:  3:1 (Zimbabwe qualified) 

 (4/9) Eritrea - Nigeria  
The young football nation Eritrea could have been a team with surprise potential but they were unlucky in the draw. Nigeria, one of those very bigs of African football should clearly win this, although Eritrea has had respectable results during the last qulaifiers for the African Nations Cup: they only conceded one goal against Cameroon (0:0 and 0:1). 
result: 0:0 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: att. 3,000 (Asmara) 
 (4/22, Lagos ) Nigeria - Eritrea  
First leg 0:0. After the first leg Nigerian coach Bonfrere was angry with his players and with the pitch the match had been played upon. Nigerian has called up various important professionals and should be able to score the necessary goals. 
result:  4:0 (Nigeria qualified) 
Reuters/ goals by Akwuegbu 14, Lawal 22, Akpoborie 65, Kanu 90  
AFP/sportserver:s Eritrea missed hand penalty ('60)  

 (4/9) Lesotho - South Africa  
Another match where the gap should be too big. 
result: 0:2 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('40) Shaun Bartlett, 0:2 ('71) Jabu Pule, att. 40,000 (Maseru, South Africa dominating) 
 (4/22, Bloemfontain ) South Africa - Lesotho  
First leg 2:0. South Africa, probably with a serious approach about the task, has already decided this match. Lesotho should not be capable of scoring several away goals. 
result:  1:0 (South Africa qualified) 
Reuters/ goal: Shaun Bartlett 49, attendance: 18,000 
AFP/ dull match - Nomvete provided the cross for the Bartlett far-post header to decide the match 

 (4/9) Swaziland - Angola  
Angola are clear favorites but has had some dropouts resultwise. Over two matches they should make this. 
result: 0:1 
Sportserver/AFP: 0:1 ('51) Cata (at Mbabane, Angola hit woodwork twice, one big opp. for Swaziland) 
 (4/23, Luanda) Angola - Swaziland  
First leg 1:0. Angola has the important advantage which should make the task look impossible for their opponents. 
result:  7:1 (Angola qualified) 
AFP/sportserver: Helder Vicente scored first after 18 minutes, Isaac Lukuli scored 2 goals 

 (4/9) Sudan - Mozambique  
<surprise potential> Sudan, once one of the better African teams, could surprise Mozambique at home. Their elegant football has not been modernized the way it has been somewhere else but Mozambique are vulnerable opponents. They have had other problems than football and the National team had not performed solid recently anyway. For example they had been behind Eritrea during the African Nations Cup qualifiers. They are only slim favorites.  
result: 1:0  
 (4/23, Maputo) Mozambique - Sudan  
First leg 0:1. Sudan have won their first leg and without conceding an away goal. So Mozambique will have to play patient. This is a close match.  
result:  2:1 (Sudan qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Tico-Tico (2, Mozambique), Magashia (Sudan) 
 (4/8) Guinea-Bissau - Togo 
Guinea-Bissau with only low potential while Togo has taken part at the last two African Cup finals. But their form is unclear after the weird departure of their coach during the African Nations Cup 
result: 0:0 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: att. 17,000 (Bissau) 
 (4/23, Lomé) Togo - Guinea-Bissau  
First leg 0:0. Guinea-Bissau, another of the small ones, still has a chance if they score an away-goal.Togo will have to concantrate to make no mistakes. 
result:  3:0 (Togo qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Salifou Moustafa 44, Kouko Salam 65, Dovi Akon 90, attendance: 5,000 

 (4/8) Uganda - Guinea  
<surprise potential> Guinea is one of the better African teams, belonging to the top 20 and having a number of of known professionals at Europe. But they have been unlucky in the 90s. Uganda is a bit dangerous, especially at home. Guinea has to play this first leg very concentrated. 
result: 4:4 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('24) Pablo Thiam, 0:2 ('56) Souleymane Youla, 1:2 ('59) Hassan Mubiru, 2:2 ('63) Magid Musisi, 3:2 ('77) Abubaker Tabula, 3:3 ('82) Souleymane Youla, 3:4 ('87) Pascal Fundouno, 4:4 ('88) Magid Musisi, att. 20,000 (Kampala) 
 (4/23, Conakry ) Guinea - Uganda  
First leg 4:4. Guinea has succesfully avoided a feared desaster at Kampala. At home the momentum should shift in favour of the West Africans.  
result:  3:0 (Guinea qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Titi Camara 46 Pascal Seindounou 70, 74 (should be Feindounou?), attendance: 30,000 

 (4/8) Malawi - Kenya  
<surprise potential> Kenya has been more successful but the gap is not so big. Malawi has had some reults here and there and is a threat, especially in a knock-out round where it comes down on one (or two) match(es.) 
result: 2:0 
Sportserver/AFP: 1:0 ('58) Derek Somanje (20-meters shot), 2:0 ('90) Jones Nkhwazi, att. 30,000 (Blantyre, wet cool conditions, Kenya concentrating on defence) 
 (4/22, Nairobi) Kenya - Malawi  
First leg 0:2. Malawis new promising generation have not only won this first leg but also their Cosafa Cup match against Mozambique a week later. Now they are favorites but they should be careful: a result like this one often changes the attitude of both teams, one acts, the other one only reacts. Kenya still has a chance. 
result:  abandoned after 88 min., standing 0:0 (Malawi expected to be declared qualified) 
Associated Press/ the match was abandoned when the crowd were hurling missiles at the Kenyan team with only minutes to go - 20,000 attendance, Kenya hit crossbar twice in first half - not enough security people - 'fans' began ripping out seats and throwing bottles and stones - police fired tear gas into the crowd - President Daniel arap Moi was attending the match - in the focus of criticism Nigerian coach Christian Chukwu  

 (4/8) Tanzania - Ghana  
<surprise potential?> Tanzania is not any stronger than the likes of Malawi, Madagascar etc. and Ghana should be clear favorites. But four years ago there had been the same matchup: First leg had been 0:0 but in the second leg Tanzania scored an important away goal and Ghana only escaped narrowly turning the match into a late 2:1 victory. 
result: 0:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('21) Kuffour, att. 10,000 
 (4/23, Accra ) Ghana - Tanzania  
First leg 1:0. Ghana should have done more than half of the work by their valuable away result. 
result:  3:2 (Ghana qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: 1:0 ('20) Osei Kuffour, 2:0 ('27) Augustin Ahinful, 2:1 ('42) Nteze Lungu, 2:2 ('51) Maulid Hassab, 3:2 ('63) Dan(iel?) Addo, attendance: 30,000 
AFP/sportserver: Tanzanian goals both scored by John Lungu 

 (4/8) SâoTomé e Principe - Sierra Leone  
this match should have clear favorites in Sierra Leone because of the sitze of the opponents. Although their opponents might have had a better preperation, the civil war shaken West African country belongs to the upper half of African football. 
result:  2:0 
Angola Press: 1:0 ('36) Amilcar, 2:0 ('65) Celso Garrido (both set up by best player Jairson) att. 7,000 (Sierra Leone dominant with chances, but Sao Tomé successful in counter attacks) 
 (4/22, Freetown ) Sierra Leone - SâoTomé e Principe  
First leg 0:2. THE sensation of the first leg: Sao Tomé (population 138 Thousand, second smallest) beat Sierra Leone by two goals. But this is still a result leaving the door slightly ajar for the West Africans. They have some impact players like the Serie A star Mohammed Kallon (Reggina). Whether they can afford to call them up is not known. 
result:  4:0 (Sierra Leone qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Chernor Mansary 25, 30, Mohamed Kallon 50, Ibrahim Sesay 83, attendance: 30,000 

 (4/8) Seychelles - Namibia  
another match in which the gap should be just too big: Namibia are clear favorites.  
result: 1:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('19) Shivute, 1:1 ('27) Zialor 
 (4/22, Windhoek ) Namibia - Seychelles  
First leg 1:1. Another 'mini-sensation': the Seychelles are the smallest by population: only 80 Thousand. Anyway they managed a draw and scored a goal. But now a 0:0 is enough for Namibia who will be anxious to avoid any desaster. 
result:  3:0 (Namibia qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Razundura Tjikuzu, 7pen, 13, 80, Red card: Steven Mbaisa (2nd yellow card) (Namibia) 77, attendance: 1,200 - Namibia dominating first half - in second half Seychelles with chances, twice woodwork, once cleared off the goal-line - then Tjikuzu, who is playing in German Bundesliga for Werder Bremen, decided the match 

 (4/8) Botswana - Zambia  
Zambians, usually one of the top 10, have enough problems with themselves. But they have just recently beaten Botswana easily. 
result: 0:1 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('43) Dennis Lota, att. 20,000 (Gaborone) 
 (4/22, Lusaka) Zambia - Botswana  
First leg 1:0. Another match predecided by the first leg result. It seems unlikely Botswana could score two goals at the home strong Zambians. 
result:  1:0 (Zambia qualified) 
Reuters/ goal: Harry Milanzi 82, attendance: 25,000 

 (4/8) Madagascar - Gabon  
<surprise potential> Madagascar is one of those teams who can surprise the others from time to time and with Gabon they have opponents who are not a class team but usually better organized. It will depend a bit on how Gabon have digested their poor outing at the African Nations Cup finals in January/February. 
result: 2:0 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 1:0 ('35) Harry, 2:0 ('55) Rado, att: 50,000 (Antananarivo) 
 (4/22, Libreville) Gabon - Madagascar  
First leg 0:2. Madagascar has achieved the surprise but the hurdle at Gabon is as high for them as it had been for their opponents at Madagascar. Still open. 
result:  1:0 (Madagascar qualified) 
Reuters/ goal: Didier Cousin 42, attendance: 5,000 

 (4/7) Mauritania - Tunisia 
poor vs. rich: the poor desert state in one of their rare international matches against the experienced players from the big Tunisian clubs which almost have European standards. 
result: 1:2 
TV7: 0:1 ('65) Jaidi Radhi, 0:2 ('77) Hassan Gabsi, 1:2 ('87) Sélama Ould Ely 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1('73) Ziad Jaziai, 0:2 ('77) Tharek Thabet, 1:2 ('87) Selama ould Ely, att: 12,000 
(at Nouakchott) 
usually the Tunisian source is more accurate than Reuters 
 (4/22) Tunisia - Mauritania  
First leg 2:1. This one should be decided as well and Tunisians might go for an impressive scoreline in front of their smiled upon home crowd. 
result:  3:0 (Tunisia qualified) 
Mauretania, refreshed by the addition of four players not playing in the first leg, began exclusively defending, drawn back deep into their half and concentrated. But Tunisia were eager to keep the pace of the game high. This eventually resulted in an unlucky own goal after 16 minutes. After 25 minutes Jaziri made it 2:0 and from then on Tunisia had a more relaxed approach, still without allowing Mauretania to get back into the match. Short after the break Mehedhbi scored the third goal. 

 (4/7) Djibouti - Congo DR  
strange, strange: Congo DR had reportedly pulled out of the competition, but due to Tunisian Television this match is scheduled for today. 
The pull out had put African football into a bit of trouble: the knock-out round had been installed to eliminate the small countries who cannot afford to play more than a very few matches (and still give the the chance to take part). But what if the desired results do not turn out, or a 'big one' withdraws, and one of those minnows advances? Would Djibouti be able to stage 4 matches at home and make 4 travels away in group phase? 
result: 1:1 
Reuters: 1:0 ('43) Mahad, 1:1 ('83) Mise Mufamari Rifke, att.: 10,000 
 (4/23, Kinshasa) Congo DR - Djibouti  
First leg 1:1. Another partly 'embarassing' 1st leg small vs big match. Djibouti is another participiant with a population less than a million. But they almost defeated the big Congo. Now the favorites go into the second leg with a liitlle advantage and should make it 
result:  9:1 (Congo DR qualified) 
Reuters/ three red cards for Djibouti, attendance: 70,000 
AFP/sportserver: Congo ahead after 1 minute, Shabani Nonda, one of the shooting stars in French first division scored 2 goals on his debut, 3 goals by Jacques Yemweni  

 (4/19) Somalia - Cameroon 
played in two legs but both at Camerroon within a few days, April 19 and April 22/23 
Poor Somalia at African champions Cameroon: no chance in a match played in two legs away. Somalia had not been able to guarantuee safety at home. 
result: 0:3 
Dailysoccer/Reuters: 0:1 ('26) Mboma 0:2 ('30) Foe, 0:3 ('37) Eto'o, att. 18,000 (Yaounde, Cameroon) 
 (4/23, Yaounde) Cameroon - Somalia 
First leg 3:0. No contest: this is to be a formaility 
result:  3:0 (Cameroon qualified) 
Reuters/ goals: Robert Mbah 16, 27 Salomon Olembe 47, attendance: 10,000 

 (4/20) Mauritius - Egypt  
played in two legs but both at Egypt within a few days, about April 20-23 
Mauritius would have been a bit dangerous for Egypt, but now both matches are played at Egypt and this should prove as an advantage too big. 
result: 0:2 
Egypt, who had intended to use several professionals only for the first match, began concentrated. Early in the match Emara on a counter attack punished a bad positioning of the Mauritius keeper who gave away the near post against the 16 meter shot from half left. After half an hour Mauritius had a huge opportunity but the Egyptian keeper saved for a corner. All other 1st half chances were on the side of Egypt who came close several times. In second half Egypt had their problems with the reluctance of Mauitius but scored a second goal after about 70 minutes when a deflected free kick  from the left hand side fell down into a bunch of players,  2 defenders, the goal keeper who missed it and Egyptian #19 who touched the ball best which rolled into the empty goal. The Egyptians should have scored one more goal while Mauritius could not create any more danger. 
 (4/23, Alexandria) Egypt - Mauritius 
The first match suggested that this one might have become a little more thrilling if had been played on home and away basis. Now Egypt should have no problems at all, they are clearly the better team. 
result: 4:2 (Egypt qualified) 
An early goal by Egypt for some minutes seemed to result in a tired match but during the first half Mauritius became more and more ambitious and forced Egypt into a lively practice match. They were rewarded with the equalizer late in the half by a 16 meter shot. 
halftime 1:1 
The Mauritius resistance lasted until Egypt scored their second goal after 72 minutes, a goal that obviously boosted the Egyptian joy in the game. In the following Egypt were running up the score with style in the remaining minutes. 

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