OLYMPICS 2000 - The African Qualification

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the African qualification 
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Olympics 2000 Sydney -  The African Qualification 
GROUP C match: 
Tunisia - Morocco  2 : 4 

1st half: 
-(no data for the first fifteen minutes available  standing is 0:1, Morocco in the lead) 
-seems the typical tensed North African encounter 
-red card after estimated 17 Minutes for Tunisian #14 after a quarrel before a free kick from the Tunisian left hand attack side 
-('20) after some excitement the free kick is executed and #15 has a big opportunity heading across the bar 
-(23) solorun by Morocco #17 but his finsishing is a bit too soft and the keeper can grab the ball targeted into the corner  
- the Morocco strikers look skilful in dribbling, the Tunisian game better organised, free kick variation, distance shots, using more different tools 
Tunisia dominate in ball possession, Morocco goes for counter, a bit similar to the Raja Casablanca style of play 
-('27) Morocco hits the outside of the goalpost with a cross fro the left 
Morocco more confident now for some minutes, Tunisia is running behind the score 
-('37) Morocco: #8 (Adel Ramzi?) passes on #9 who dribbles, shoots, the ball is deflected into the air and so becomes a through ball for #14 who elegantly chips it over the goalkeeper - 0:2 
-('38) Tunisia answers with a big chance but can't get the ball across the line from 1m after a corner 
-with united forces Morocco achiebes to stop Ali Zitouni on his runs 
-('41) a bit overconfident Morocco presses the Tunisian build up but the hosts escape into a dangerous counter attack with leads to several scoring opportunities, one stopped on the line by a defender and a header against the cross-bar - luck does not seem to be on Tunisias side today 
-('43) Morocco shows it will become problematic for Tunisia now - 4 against three on the counter-attack, but this time it fades without harm 
-('44) energetic solo by Morocco #18, eventually wide 
-('45) big opportunity for Tunisia from the right hand side, but Morocco kepeper successfully closes down the way to the goal 
-('injury time: a nice Morocco ree kick and another header opportunity for Tunisian defender #15 
-('injury time) Tunisians are already in the halftime when Morocco plays an unexpected long ball on #14 who scores again from about 10 meters distance - 0:3

Halftime 0:3 
Tunisia dominating in ball possession and attacking is three goals behind because their defence has been unable to stop the skillful Morocco attackers, while in own attack chances have not been converted - now the set up scenario is ideal for Morocco 

2nd half: 
-('53) Morocco opportunity but Tunisian keeper rescues against #9 
Morocco seems to have fun, playing out the Tunisian defence now - confidence, one of the most important factors 
-('57) Ali Zitouni almost scores by the side of his heel but a defender scratches the ball off the line 
-('63) Morocco: After Adel Ramzi is stopped by a bunch of defenders the ball bounces to the all unmarked #9 who finishes by a brilliant lob - 0:4 
-('64) red card for Morocco #18 
-('68) 44 freekicks yet 
-('72) Tunisia has a good scene by a #12 shot, but keeper saves 
-('77) Morocco: Ramzi is stopped in the last moment on his counter-attack 
-('78) Tunisia: Zitounis ball, released with the back to the goal after a corner, is stopped on the line 
-('79) Tunisia: #4 wants to put in a cross, gets a bit inaccurate and flying to the nearpost where the surprised goalkeeper fists it into his own goal - 1:4 
-('82) Tunisia: a diving header by ?Zitouni misses close 
-('83) Tunisia: attacked by the keeper, Zitouni falls - penalty decides the referee 
-('84) penalty is converted by #13 - 2:4 
-('86) Morocco: powerful long range free kick (wide) 
-('injury time) another big opportunity for Tunisia, but ?Zitouni comes a bit short to get the ball across the line 
-('ijury time) red card against Morocco #5 (something off the ball)  

final result 2:4 
Tunisian TV stats: shots 24:12, offsides 0:12, hopefully players calm down, the second leg already next week  


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