OLYMPICS 2000 - The African Qualification

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the African qualification 
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Olympics 2000 Sydney -  The African Qualification 
GROUP C match: 
Morocco - Tunisia  2 : 0
Feb 27, 2000

1st half: 
-Tunisia with only one chance left win all three matches and pray begins fighting and attacking but the first big opportunity has Morocco ('9) 
-Tunisia has difficulties escaping the grip when Morocco suddenly attacks with many players. A minutelong spell ends with: 
-('15) a defended ball comes right back, is played on the right side to #7 who makes a perfect cross to #14 who heads it in from close range - 1:0 
-due to Reuters reports (I have some doubts) #14's name is Bouchib Mbarki - he has already been a hero of the first leg with two important goals 
it is a tough game at times in challenges about the ball as the referee maybe does not whistle early enogh 
-('23) Morocco: perfect through ball by #9 (Reuters: Hicham Zerouali?) to #8 Adel Ramzi who all is alone against the keeper who makes a great save 
Morocco is clearly the more dangerous team and Tunisia the more fragile team in defence and first third build up under pressure. Jaziri and Zitouni look a bit left alone, so their impact fades outnumbered. 
-('36) another error by a Tunisian defender, #9 takes over the ball, squares it perfectly to another player (#14,#16?) who scores from a bout 17 meters with a low shot that bounces from the goal post into the net - 2:0 
-('45) skillful attack by the Tunisians, but eventually without much effect 
Halftime 2:0 
In this form Morocco looks hard to stop - unless they lose concentration. Tunisia has a good moral despite being the inferior team.  

2nd half: 
Because of the Egypt -Côte d'Ivoire match played parallel now, some action might be missing, concentration is on the Egypt-Côte d'Ivoire encounter 
-('79) red card for Tunisian #2 after a reckless foul, as challenges look somewhat frustrated now 

Final Result 2:0 
Morocco (among other possibilities) can qualify by a win at Egypt or a draw and a win against Côte d'Ivoire. Tunisia has not even a theoretical chance left: Even if they reach the second place, the best ruunners up place will have more than 7 points. This is already clear (see Group A).
Morocco 4 8-6 9
Egypt 4 7-6 7
Côte d'Ivoire 4 9-7 5
Tunisia 4 4-9 1


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