OLYMPICS 2000 - The African Qualification

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the African qualification 
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Olympics 2000 Sydney The African Qualification 
GROUP A match infos 
most dramatic and bizzar finish in Group A: 
Nigeria qualifies for Sydney by a half goal over Angola,  
third and fourth goal scored in the final minute and two minutes into extra-time 
A drama got Nigeria the ticket for Sydney 2000 on Saturday in a tight group in which three teams finished with 12 points each and goal difference spoke in favour of Nigeria who scored two goals in the fiinal seconds of their match against Zimbabwe. 
A bitter ending for Angola who did not even get the place for the New Zealand play-off for the best runner up. 
Nigeria - Zimbabwe 4:0 
Uganda - Angola 0:1 
Nigeria 6 12-7 12
Angola 6 13-9 12
Zimbabwe 6 11-11 12
Uganda 6 3-12 0
Supposed the two matches were played exactly parallel (I do not have exact data on this!), the drama might have taken place place as follows: 
Nigeria - Zimbabwe 
To overturn Zimbabwe Nigeria needs a victory with two goals difference. But this will do only if Angola does not win at Uganda. Otherwise Nigeria will have to win with a margin of 3 goals higher than the one of Angola. 
Zimbabwe is definitively qualified by a draw or a victory. A loss by only one goal will do if Angola does not win at Uganda in the same time.
Uganda - Angola 
Angola will have to win and wait for the result of the other match: they need Nigeria to beat Zimbabwe but only by a margin that is not higher than two goals more than their own victory. 
1st half: 2:0 at halftime 
Due to a report by PANA, Zimbabwe coach Clemens Westerhof had received an expulsion in the 35th minute, followed by a 10 minute interruption of the game 
Nigeria then had scored twice: Emanuel Ebiede ('39) ('43). 
At this moment Nigeria is first in the group, a half goal in front of Zimbabwe. 
Zimbabwe needs to score one goal to retake the lead
1st half: 0:0 at halftime 
Angola is two points behind but only needs needs one goal to take the group lead. The other match is exactly what they need at this time.
83rd minute: still 2:0 
In the second half Nigeria had been awarded a controversial hand penalty, but this time Ebiede had not hit the goal ('75).  
Now the Angolan goal in the other match is a blow: 
At this moment Nigeria needs two more goals to qualify. 
the same for Zimbabwe: they need a draw now!
83rd minute: Angola scores - 0:1 
De Almeida Joao Santos (85) 
Angola must feel like at Sydney now. They lead the group by one and a half goal in front of Nigeria. It is only seven minutes to go and either Nigeria and Zimbabwe will have to score two more goals to catch them 
89th minute: 3:0 
Yakubu Aiyegbeni 
Zimbabwe are out now, Nigeria needs one more goal, Angola still in front because of more goals scored 
injury time: Pius Ikedia scores - 4:0 
Nigeria takes the lead by a half goal
Nigeria takes the lead by a half goal, Angolas dream bursts

Angola - Nigeria  3 : 1 
Halftime: 1-0; Attendance: 30,000  
Angola Press: 
Angola: Mendonça (35), Akwa (55), Rats (60) 
Nigeria: Ode (penalty) (88) 
Zimbabwe - Uganda  1 : 0 
Harare, Mar 12th 
Scorer: Walter Chuma 84 
Halfltime: 0-0; Attendance: 25,000 
Zimbabwe 5 11-7 12
Angola 5 12-9 9
Nigeria 5 8-7 9
Uganda 5 3-11 0

week 4 
Reuters reports: 
In Lagos:  
Nigeria 1 Uganda 0   
Scorer: James Obiora 85  
Halftime: 0-0; Attendance: 10,000  
Angolapress reports: 
Angola 4 Zimbabwe 2   
Scorers: Akwa (3) and Chinho (Angola),  Nqobizitha Ncube (2) (Zimbabwe) 
Zimbabwe 4 10-7 9
Nigeria 4 7-4 9
Angola 4 9-8 6
Uganda 4 3-10 0
week 3
Reuters reports: 
Uganda 2 Nigeria 3 
Halftime 1-1.  
Uganda - Hassan Mubiru 15, Hakim Magumba 50.  
Nigeria - Julius Aghahowa 44 and 66, Ennyanaya Ugochuku 77.  
Attendance: 25,000 (Kampala) 
-Ennyanaya Ugochuku could be 19 year old Enninaya Orgorchukwu Michael who plays at Bari and already has drawn some attention as a substitute in the Italian Serie A 
Zimbabwe 3 8-3 9
Nigeria 3 6-4 6
Angola 3 5-6 3
Uganda 3 3-9 0
*Zimbabwe has already played last weekend, next matches coming weekend 

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