OLYMPICS 2000 - The African Qualification

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the African qualification 
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Olympics 2000 Sydney -  The African Qualification 
GROUP C match: 
Egypt - Morocco  1 : 1 
Feb 27, 2000  

Before the match: 
Morocco 4 8-6 9
Egypt 4 7-6 7
Côte d'Ivoire 4 9-7 5
Tunisia 4 4-9 1
If Morocco wins this match, they will be qualified, if the match ends with a draw they are in a very good position before their last match at home against the Côte d'Icoire. For a realistic chance Egypt must win the match. Their last game is at Tunisia. 

1st half: 
-('6) Egypt creates a good opportunity and excites the crowd - Morocco goalkeeper saves a dangerous 18 meter shot 
Egypt attacking using the width of the field including good wing play, with some tight challenging in midfield.They have some conspicious players. Morocco luring for counter attacks. There are some big holes in the Egyptian defence, but they have not been spotted yet 
-('24) Morocco should have scored after an attack along the right wing (#7) where the biggest holes occur but Adel Ramzi from close range hits only the outside of the net 
-('25) Morocco: It is #7 again but this time he cuts into the middle and shoots with his left food from 17 meters - it is a low shot which goes into the left corner (seen from the scorer) - 0:1 
-('27) Egypt: after a cross ball from the left wing, a player (Ahmed Salah?) misses the goal close with a header from 8 meters 
-('30) Egypt: free kick from the right but the dangerous header is brilliantly saved by the Morocco keeper for a corner 
Egypt has lost their thoroughness and organisation in attack and is easy to defend against now 
-('45) Egypt: a dfender throws himself in the way in the right moment when an Egyptian player unleashes a distance shot 
-('injury time) some half chances for Egypt, a header and a weak shot from promising position

Halftime 0:1 
Morocco is 45 minutes away from Sydney, but a goal can bring Egypt back. They have to avoid hectic attacking because it makes defending easy for Morocco. More problems for the guests when Egypt uses the wings. 

2nd half: 
Morocco with a considerable number of small fouls obstructing the Egyptian game 
-('51) Egypt: a couple of perfectly architected attacks but no harm to the Morocco goal 
Morocco closes down the wing play with some skillful positionin´g and quite effectively.  
A few hidden fouls and playacting on both sides have taken place but not too much 
-('65) Egypt: a free kick from the left hand side is defended by a defenders header but not far enough and from 16 meters Egyptian player #20 hits the upper side of the crossbar with his left foot shot 
-('69) Egypt: unmarked #14 misses the goal with a header after a corner from close range 
-('73) Morocco: a dangerous looking counter-attack is stopped offside 
-('76) Egypt: Moroocco defenders try to stop the solorun of #11 (Tarek Said?Bilal?) who falls inside the penalty area what confuses the defenders for a second because they fear penalty - the loose ball is directly take by  #20 (Mohamed Farouk?) who scores with a low shot from 14 meters into the corner - 1:1 
-('82) Morocco: half chance for #9 but his chip across the bar 
Egypt with more confidence now  
-('85) there will be some injury time to play as the Morocco goalkeeper is treated after a collision with a striker 
Morocco with epic timewasting, Egypt hurried 
-('injury time) 5 minutes into injury time a last big opportunity for Egypt but a header from 5 meters goes into the arms of the Morocco keeper

Final result 1:1 
and the winner is: maybe Côte d'Ivoire. This was the result which brings the third party back into the race: the Ivorians have beaten Tunisia by 3:1  
Morocco 5 9-7 10
Côte d'Ivoire 5 12-8 8
Egypt 5 8-7 8
Tunisia 5 5-12 1
The only team which can qualify by themselves is Morocco - if they beat Côte d'Ivoire in two weeks. Any other result in that match will mean a chance for Egypt who will play at Tuniaia and possibly a race for goals.  
Côte d'ivoire were proud whe they drew at Tunis in the first match. If they had known then what they know know... 


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