OLYMPICS 2000 - The African Qualification

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the African qualification 
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Olympics 2000 Sydney -  The African Qualification 
GROUP C match: 
Egypt - Côte d'Ivoire  2 : 1 
Feb 27, 2000 

Before the match: 
With Morocco winning both are under pressure to gain maximum points. To eye the second place seems senseless as for example group A teams already have an edge - there had been no draws yet
1st half: 
-('2) first dangerous attack by Côte d'Ivoire but the 18 meter strike misses close  
-('6) Egypt have taken over with some fine passing 
-('20) it is a fast, entertaining match in which both teams display their high level skills and create a number of half chances 
-('22) Egypt scores by #9 - 1:0, it is a sensational goal, a long ball into the penalty area and from about 13 meters, the player, with the back to the goal, stops the ball with his chest and directly unleashes a spectacular overhead kick into the net 
-('35) Egypt: #13 hits the outside of the net from the left hand side 
-('43) CIV: dangerous header opportunity after free kick from the right hand side 

Halftime 1:0 
Egypt looking inspired before and after the goal, have gained confidence, while the Ivorians looked more inspired before the goal and now have difficulties playing through teh Egyptian defence. They will have to take some chanecs in the second half and open up for Egyptian counter attacks 

2nd half: 
-('53) an unlucky goal against the Ivorians: it is #9 again with a harmless looking header from 16 meters - but the ball suddenly falls down, squeezing between the keepers hand and the crossbar into the goal - 2:0 
-('56) CIV: big opportunity but ball rolls centimeters wide 
-('58) This time the Ivorian keepr masters a dangerous shot from 18 meters (again by #9 ?) 
-('73) some Ivorians look discouraged and Egypt have two good chances, one saved one missing close 
-('75) CIV: #9, who has just come on, scores by a header after a corner - 2:1 
Ivorians desperately need a draw, Egypt a win 
-('81) CIV play themselves through with neat passing but #13 (just in as a substitute hits only the outside of the net from close range 
the Ivorians have started to believe again and play out some half chances, now both look a bit nervous 

Final 2:1 
The momentum created by the goals played an important role. In the first 20 minutes both had looked equally strong. The Ivorian goal came too late. Considering both matches, Egypt has been looking more stabile. It is a pity not all three teams (Morocco, Egypt, Côte d'Ivoire) can go to Sydney. The Ivorians only have a theoretical chance: they have to hope for a draw between Egypt and Morocco in the next match or/and some help by Tunisia against Egypt in the last match. And of couse they will have to win both remaining matches themselves.  
Morocco (among other possibilities) can qualify by a win at Egypt or a draw and a win against Côte d'Ivoire. 
Egypt will need another success in their home match against Morocco or in case of a draw will have to relay on Ivorian help. 
Morocco 4 8-6 9
Egypt 4 7-6 7
Côte d'Ivoire 4 9-7 5
Tunisia 4 4-9 1


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