OLYMPICS 2000 - The African Qualification

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the African qualification 
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Olympics 2000 Sydney -  The African Qualification 
GROUP C match:
Côte d'Ivoire - Egypt  3 : 3

Before the match: 
Both under pressure after the Mortocco successs: second place might not be enough as Zimbabwe and Nigeria gather a lot of points in Group1. Hopefully the Ivorian game, which depends on creativity and so requires a particular confidence, will not become paralyzed by the fear of military camp punishments. 

1st half: 
-(first minutes unavailable) 
-('8) great solo by an Ivorian player (numbers difficult to read) but keeper saves his shot. 
Egypts try to attack as well 
-('18) CIV: huge opportunity, but a shot from 6 meters misses by inches 
-('21) CIV: this time an attempt from 14 meters goes wide, the Ivorians create chances but Egypt scoppresd on the counter-attack: 
-(23) #8(?) is send with a long ball on the right wing, he puts a low pass inside into which a player slides and scores from close range - 0:1 
The Egyptians rally around their penalty area, waiting for counter attacks - The Ivorians are able to play through until they reach the penalty box. But they hardly get a dangerous ball inside 
Always a defenders leg in between - is this Aruna Dindane who is conspicious by his driiblings? Kalou seems to play as well? 
-('injury time): Egyptian keeper saves a ball from 5 meters but difficult angle as well 

Halftime 0:1 
The Ivorian defence looks vulnerable against Egyptian counters, and though running constructive attacks they can only crack the tight Egyptian defence on few occasions - it will be difficult to score 
2nd half: 
-('46) Egypt: long ball on #11, his opponent falls - referee decides no foul, there is no second cover - and the player, alone with the keeper, shoves the ball into the corner - 0:2 
a shock for the Ivorians who even did not have a clear ball possession - the stadium is stunned in silence 
-('52) CIV: Nice one-two on the right side and from the ground line a ball into the back of the defenders where #4?? scores from 8 meters - 1:2 
-('53) CIV: the explosion: another attack using the right wing and the crossball by #17? (numbers impossible to read) touched into the near corner by #12?? - 2:2 
Ivorians make the match fast now 
-('60) CIV: free kick centimeters across the bar (might not have counted as the referee appeared to have signaled indirect) 
-('61) CIV: solo run on the left hand side and again a shot across the bar 
Ivorians work out more half chances, dominate the match 
-('67) Egypt: First dangerus counter attack since the goal - but keeper without problem 
-('68) CIV: minor dangerous CIV freekick (#15 across thwe bar) 
-('71) CIV: sensational solorun on the right hand side sets up a scenario of confusion inside the Egypt penalty area 
-('72) CIV: huge chance but keeper can save a shot from 10 meters 
-('73) during another dangerous CIV attack, the referee whistles a harsh penalty against Egypt - a player had obstructed his opponent by the use of his hands, nbut it did not appear as a clear foul from distant view: 
-('74) the penalty: #15 scores into the upper left corner - 3:2 
-('79) Egyptians go for a compensation penalty - without success 
-('79) half chance for Egypt after free-kick 
-('80) another what looked like dive by an Egyptian attacker  
Ivorians will have to refocus, Egypt seems capable of creating problems 
-('85) a short played corner, a sharp ball inside and at the near goalpost #16 (Abdel Ahmed Saher?) controls the ball, turns and scores - 3:3 
-('injury time) huge opportunity for Egypt, as on a counter a player profits from bad defence positioning but as he wants to finish he does not hit the ball properly alone in front of the keeper - it rolls wide 

Final 3:3 
The Ivorians with ferocious 30 minutes turned around the match, but eventually proved as too vulnerable in defence and could even have lost it. Already their second draw in a competition where 2-point matches do not help much. Egypt will need a victory in the return match next weekend themselves to make this draw a valuable one.
Morocco 3 6-6 6
Côte d'Ivoire 3 8-5 5
Egypt 3 5-5 4
Tunisia 3 4-7 1
next matches coming weekend 


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