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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
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Nigeria - Senegal
Before the match: 
rematch of the famous 2000 quarter-final.
Nigeria have been criticized for their unconvincing performance in creating attacks but they have been able to play much more economical than the Senegalese, who had a high tempo quarter final against DR Congo.
Senegalese players and coaching staff are reported to have conceded problems to adapt their playing style to the conditions (heat) and to be worrying about the shorter recovery period as their quarter final had been played one day after the Nigerian one.
Naturally the first goal will be important in a match of two teams that have not conceded a single goal each in a tournament that has not seen a single match turned around and all quarter final matches won with zero goals conceded by the winning team respectively.
Nigeria are slight favorites, rated 41% (decimal odds 2.2), Senegal 29% (3.0), draw 30% (3.1) (after 90 minutes)
*odds are subject to adjustment by the sportsbook
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1st half: 
-Nigeria in green, Senegal in white. The match is taking place in the smaller Bamako stadium, which does not have pitch as good as the big one and is not filled to capacity. Both teams with their best line up, Taribo West and Ike Shoronmu had been doubtful for Nigeria but are playing
-('1) Senegal: Henri Camera successfully tries to surprise the Nigerian keeper Shoronmu with a lob that bounces back from the goalpost onto the field
-('7) Some confusion in the Nigerian penalty area after a Senegalese free kick cross
-Nigeria have difficulties with the Senegalese attacks which have more problems with the pitch
-first 10 minutes: Senegal, intercepting the Nigerian attacking attempts quickly, are dominating the match which is at most part taking place in the Nigerian half
-minute 10-15: the match has shifted more to midfield as the Nigerians pursue the finding of a rhythm
-('17) error in the Nigerian defence when a cross bounces to the feet of unmarked Fadiga who fires from half left but over the bar - a good opportunity
-('18) Nigerian defeders can stop a fast Senegalese attack
-('19) the Senegalese keeper Tony Sylva touches the ball as it makes a rare visit to the Senegalese penalty area
-('20) Nigeria: Kanu fires a surprise low shot from 23 meters which goes just wide - dangerous
-The Nigerian defensive work against the fast Senegalese strikers include the use of hands to the body a lot, taking the chance of free kicks or penalties
-('24) Nigeria: Daf fouls Aghahowa, gets a harsh yellow card and a dangerous free kick for Nigeria from almost 25 meters
-('25) Nigeria: Okocha, who is standing aside to the ball as if he wants to set up somebody else,  with a sudden fantastic free kick, no chance at all for the keeper, the ball clashes against the goalpost and back onto the field
-('26) Senegal answer with an attack right away
-('28) Nigeria: Okocha tries another free kick from less good position and it goes wide harmlessly
-('28) missunderstanding among Sylva and a defender and Aghahowa almost can profit but Snegalese keeper Sylva can beat him in the hunt for the ball
-('29) yellow for Nigerian Okoronkwo after a foul against El Hadj Diouf
-('30) Senegal: Fadiga kicks the free kick from the right hand side iin a curve on the goal but Shoronmu makes no mistake and catches it
-('35) Senegalese Pape Sarr is trying to protect the ball and tries to keep Lawal away with his ellbow. He does not seem to hit him but Lawal makes big theatralics out of it. Sarr sees the red card as the referee seems a lot more card happy than the referees so far
-('37) It takes more than a minute to get the furious Sarr off the field  He can only complain about the different judgement in this tournament, as he made a stupid move indeed even if he did not hit Lawal.
-both with half chances
-('43) Aghahowa shoves a defender (Diatta) who is concentrating on heading a ball from the blind side. He has to be carried off for treatment. Senegal are down to 9 for some seconds
-('45) Senegal: nice free kick cross advanced but the eventual shot cannot beat Shoronmu
-('injury time) Aghahowa sees yellow for a dangerous late challenge. The Senegalese players have seen the referee under pressure to give red

halftime 0:0
The Senegalese have to be careful not to concentrate on the referee and more on the game which has become some hectic through the red card. Senegal looked the slightly superior team but Nigeria suggested an explosive potential .

2nd half: 
-('46) Nigeria play through and Finidi shoots across the bar from very good position
-('47) Nigeria: low Aghahowa shot from half right, Sylva saves without mistake
-('49) Nigeria look much sharper in the beginning of the second half but a body foul against Lawal has interrupted the match
-('51) Senegal stop a Nigerian attack in the last moment
-('52) Senegal: Diouf forces another foul againsthim but this time the Fadiga free kick cross is well defended against
-('54) El Hadj Diouf with more coalmine work, this time good for a corner: it flies in and finds Diop who heads it into the goal - 0:1
-Shoronumu had left the goal to go for it but could not reach the cross
-('58) Nigerian Udeze stops Camera by a foul and sees yellow
-Senegal with the boosted confidence play is if they are still with 11 on the field
-('59) another Senegales corner which find the head of an attacker: this time it is Diouf but he cannot get it off clearly so it flies wide and without power
-('63) Nigeria first time dangerous since the goal through Kanu
-('64) another free kick worked out by Diouf. Fadigas cross finds a ´Senegalese head but the result does no harm
-('68) Nigeria: Babangida comes in for Finidi
-('69) Senegal: Diouf gets another corner. Senegalese this time with a shot resulting from it which is too weak to beat Shoronmu
-Diouf is very valuable to play the ball into attack and get something out of it, often a set play. This is very helpful now to relief the pressure which starts to mount as the Senegalese tend to draw themselves back deep into their half
-('72) huge counter attack by Senegal: long ball on Diouf who sets up Camera perfectly but Shoronmu does very well to close down the way to the goal and rescue
-('73) Nigeria: Oruma comes in for Okocha who has not been conspicious after his fabulous free kick
-('74) Nigeria defence look unconcentrated and Diouf sets up Fadiga who is umarked and fires from 16 meters. But the ball took a bounce in front of hime and he does not hit it exaclty and it goes wide
-('78) Nigeria: Oliseh tries a free kick from 35 meters but blasts it high across the bar
-Nigeria pressure, Senegales fight for evry ball
-('80) A long ball beats the Senegalese defence and Aghahowa is through but Sylva achieves to fist the ball from his feet without causing a penalty
-Nigerians now beat the Senegalese defenders several times by pace
-('83) Nigeria: huge chance as another long ball on Aghahowa beats the defence. Aghahowa with great control, he fires and Sylva makes a fine save with his foot as he jumps into the shot
-('85) Nigeria: Oliseh with another free kick attempt from a difficult position, no danger
-('86) Oruma with a long range attempt wide as Senegal cannot ahake off the Nigerian pressure
-('87) up and down the field the ball flies as both seek chances by long balls
-('88) missunderstandiing between a defender and Sylva. Aghahowa makes an energetice approch, gets his leg in between and scores from a no chance - 1:1
-('89) Senegal: Coly sends a signal in starting an attack right awaay. The other players follow the example
-('90+3) Senegal: #9 Souleymane Camera comes in for #7 Henri Camera

score after 90 minutes 1:1
Can Senegal overcome the heartbraking late equaliser? Several signs of concentration errors have become visible in defence in last minutes. A sign that the Lions have to pay the tribute to the enormous running they had to undertake in the heat playing with 10 against 11. 

-after a quite short break, the match has continued
-Nigeria have shown they have enough means to get a tiring defence into troubles so Senegal will have to continue to relief themselves with own attack
-But Senegal look a bit tired
-('97) Babangida tries a aharp ball, half shot half cross which neither finds goal nor Nigerian player
-('97) counter Senegal: #15 Diao conquers the ball from Nigerians in midfield, passes to Diouf who sets him up again. He does not hit the ball properly but enough to make it run into the far corner - 1:2
-that was exactly the sign Senegal needed, they look all different now
-('103) Diouf gets fouled by Kanu but the referee, who has been quite well so far in distinguishing fouls from dives, says its a dive (which is wrong this time), gives a yellow card to Diouf and free kick for Nigeria which almost becomes dangerous
-('104) Nigeria: Ojigwe in for Lawal
halftime extratime 1:2
-('107) powerful header by Oruma but on the middle of the goal and Sylva can just save it. Aghahowa pushes him over the line with the ball but the referee has seen the fouzl well.
-('108) Nigeria: Kanu penetrates into the penalty area. He seeks contact with the defender and gets it: penalty
-'discussions' among the players and Aliou Cissé who feels provoked is lucky not to see the red card. 
-('110) Oruma sends Sylva into the wrong corner - and hits the goalpost
-('111) Aghahowa sees the second yellow for a late challenge - he has to go
-('113) yellow for Kanu
-now it is a real cup fight with a lot of challenges with the risk of being late
-('119) Senegal: dangerous counter attack stopped eventually but in the aftermatch a scuffle between Fadiga and Udeze who sees red after the referee questions the assistant. Nigeria are down to 9.
-('120+2) a last Nigerian corner kick fades

final score 1:2
The team with more vision and with the perhaps higher level of teamwork has won against the high potential of Nigeria. But they needed their portion of luck without you cannot reach a final probably.

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