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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
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Senegal - DR Congo
Before the match: 
Nigeria have reached the quarter finals not convincingly but still as the visible best team in their group. But while Algeria and Liberia were too inconsistent in depth, Mali had proved it is possible to stop the Supereagles and those had not looked like being able to gear up. Several reports have been focussing on a certain 'laziness' in running and that is where Ghana want to to seek their chance.
Ghana are only here because of a miracolous ending to their last group match with Burkina Faso. 'Supersub' Boakye scored twice in the final minutes to turn around a match against an inexperienced and nervous defence. But apart from those goals, harmlessness in attack is the greatest concern of Ghana who have to replace their promising midfielder Michael Essien because of injury. But maybe this harmlessness is their chance: As the Supereagles tend to take defence very easy when they have the feeling of superiority Ghana will have to wait for that moments and score out of the blue. Otherwise: Nigeria are clear favorites.
sportsbook odds:
Senegal are clear favorites, rated 56% (decimal odds 1.62), DR Congo 18% (5.0), draw 26% (3.4)
*odds are subject to adjustment by the sportsbook
Today the first time halftime and exact scoreline betting seems possible.
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1st half: 
-Senegal in white, DR Congo in yellow socks, blue shorts and blue shirts. Shabani Nonda will not play for DR Congo. He had to travel home again with fever for more medical treatment. Senegal have returned to their first choice squad after they had tried all their substitutes in the third group match.
-('2) DR Congo almost profit from a little error in the Senegalese defence
-the match is a typical evening match with much more tempo. Both teams waste no time and attack
-('3) not very dangerous attempt by DR Congo over the bar
-('6) great solorun through midfield by Congolese Lisasi? (was it LuaLua?) as the Congolese look very promising in their attacking attempts
-an open match both teams look capable of creating chances and excitement
-('9) DR Congo witzh a dangerous space consuming triangle play at a free kick. The eventual cross alsmost finds #14 Lisasi who is ready to put it into the net. 
-('11) Senegal: beginning with a through ball on Diouf which is just defied by the keeper a half minute long bombardement of the Congolese goal is taking place in which defenders throw themselves into shots and eventually defend their goal successfully
-('12) DR Congo try to answer rght away
-('17) Congolese keeper Tokala with two great saves against the broken through Camara
-('22) Senegal: Diouf shoots across the bar, moments before Congolese #10 Mulekelayi has injured himself badly at his knee when he jumped into emptyness and got his foot caught in the surface. He has to be carried off and replaced by #17 Manzamgala
-('24) DRC: #14 Lisasi has a great chance but cannot control the ball before three defenders arrive
-('26) the pitch spoils a Senegalese attack when the ball takes a sudden bounce into the air
-('28) Senegal now have more of the game and a couple of half dangerous attempts
-(30') free kick from the right hand side: the cross by Fadiga finds Alessane Diao who wins the header which powerfully crashes into the net - 1:0
-('35) DRC: Manzamgala with a good opportunity: his diagonal shot goes wide 
-('36) a two footed challenge by Congolese #20 Mwamba on Coly sparks a little scuffle between almost all players. Coly sees yellow for his reaction as does Mwamba.
-It seems the right solution, however, the referees seem to have the vision to get this Nations Cup over without red card
-('39) Senegal: The Congolese offside trap fails but Senegal can't make anything out of it
-the match is quicker than the tactical battle of the other quarter final but it has a lot more errors
-Senegal are dominating the match now
-both teams are missing opportunities because they fail with imediate ball control

halftime 1:0
A fast game. In the beginning an open match, now it has developed into Senegalese domination and Congolese counter attacks. Both teams not perfect in their execution, neither in attack nor in defence

2nd half: 
-('48) miserable free kick execution by Senegal
-bad passing, difficult ball control on the bumpy pitch, an error marred second half so far
-many things are explainable but invalid throws and half high corners cannot be attached to the pitch and this early in the half not to the pace
-('63) the referee, a guest from UEFA, is distributing relatively many yellow cards
-(64) DRC: a good corner a nd a fine header by Bakasu, it is cleared off the line by the defender posted at the left goal post
-('65) DRC with a next chance, a long cross from right to left, headed back into the middle, a player tries to slide in but does not hit the ball properly
-('69) Senegal: a typical scene for this second half: corner, Coly is unmarked but his head is only hitting the air
-('70) miserable free kick execution by Senegal
-('72) nice attack by DR Congo, the eventual shot, a volley attempt, is not properly hit, but it was a difficult ball
-('72) Congolose stop Diouf with their offside trap, but play with fire
-('73) bad passing, this time by Diouf, kills off another Senegalese counter attempt
-('75) #15 Diop in for #20 Sylvain Ndiaye
-('78) a good counter attack opportunity for Senegal, this time the idea, advance the ball by head,  just does not work out
-('79) a foul by Congolese Kimoto against the Senegalese keeper sparks some emotions
-('80) Senegal: #9 Souleymane Camera in foe #7 Henri Camera
-('81) DRC: #16 Apataki in for #19 Mbayo
-(84) DRC: keeper Tokala and Senegalese #9 Souleymane Camera collide in the hunt for the ball but no foul from either side says the referee
-('85) Senegal: Congolese keeper does well against a surprise shot that might have been a mistimed cross
-('87) Senegal beat the offside trap, Camera with a very good execution against a bounce of the ball on the bumpy pitch he sidefoots the ball to Diouf who scores easily - 2:0
-('89) Congolese lose their nerves and start to target target legs: a flying two footed challenge against a Senegalese player gets an immediate red card for Tekumu. This was more than red. A second player seems to try to attack the referee and is contained by another Congolese player. A scuffle breaks out and the referee team needs some minutes to continue with the match.

final score 2:0
Senegal strong one on one, but scrappy in execution of essentials, still clear winner. 
Nigeria - Senegal
Mali - Cameroon
match data as published by CAF Online:

Referee: Domenico Messina (ITA).
Ass. Referees: Paulo Ribeiro (POR), Abdel Majid Jeddaoui (MOR) 
Scorers: Alassane Diao, 31, El Hadj Ousseynou Diouf 87
Attendance: 15,000 
Senegal: 1-Tony Sylva; 2-Omar Daf, 6-Aliou Cisse, 13-Lamine Diatta, 17-Ferdinand Coly, 3-Pape Sarr, 15-Alassane Diao, 20-Sylvain Ndiaye (19-Pape Bouba Diop 75), 7-Henri Camara (9-Souleymane Camara 81), 10-Khalilou Fadiga, 11-El Hadj Ousseynou Diouf 
DR Congo: 12-Paulin Tokala; 4-Yves Yuvuladio, 13-Dikilu Bageta, 20-Felix Muamba, 5-Essele Bakasu, 11-Papy Kimoto, 19-Marcel Mbayo (16-Patrick Apataki 82), 10-Kanku Mulekelayi (17-Singa Mazangala 26), 7-Pathy Nsele Esengo, 9-Lomana Tresor Lualua, 14-Jean-Paul Boeka Lisasi (21-Alexis Tekumu 48) 
Senegal: 17- Coly (36), 15- Diao (63) 
RDC: 20- Ndiaye (36), 9- Lualua (43), 19- Mbayo (49), 12- Tokala (86), 5- Bakasu (86) 
EXPULSION: Alexis Tekumu (DR Congo) 88

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