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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
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Cameroon - Egypt
Before the match: 
Fashion style Cameroon won all matches, did not concede a goal and looked like they would be capable of even more if necessary. But attention, it was not as easy as it seems now in review and Cameroon have to beware themselves of overconfidence. With Winnie Schaefer they have the right coach to make them refocus and so they go into the match as favorites.
If there is a coach to find a strategy against the Indomitable lions it should be master tactician Mahmoud El Gohary, who can be considered probably the top African coach so far and even if Egypt fail today. In the form of the World Cup qualifiers Egypt were a match for any team but the start at Mali 2002 has been shaky. Injury and related problems, difficult opponents, the bumpy pitch, several aspects have yet made it difficult for Egypt to find a formula to scare real lions. But they have improved every match, have won twice and will probably aim first at keeping Cameroon scoreless. In 1998 they did with the then explosive Ivorians to win on penalties. Of course they had practised them before, as Gohary teams are always well prepared...
sportsbook odds:
Cameroon are 50% favorites (decimal odds: 1.8), Egypt are rated 22 % (4.0), a draw is 28% (3.2). 
*odds are subject to adjustment by the sportsbook
Today the first time halftime and exact scoreline betting seems possible.
> more about the new possibilities of betting on the African Nations Cup and how to read odds

1st half:

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-Cameroon in yellow socks, red shorts, green (sleeveless) shirts, Egypt in white socks, white shorts, and red shirts
-('3) Cameroon have applied early pressure on the Egyptian defence and forced themselves through: a dangerous sharp shot by Eto'o is saved by Hadary
-both teams look concentrated, Cameroon slightly with a little bit more detrmining the tempo
-('11) Cameroon: Womé fires from a tight angle behind the goal. A promising attack
-('16) Egypt half a half chance through an attack over the right hand side and a low cross in for Hosni who cannot control the ball
-When the ball is in play, the match is quite intense. Cameroon forwards apply an effective pressing on the Egyptian defenders when they try to build up. When the ball is not in play players do not hurry and try to take recovery breaks in the afternoon heat.
-Cameroon are strong one against one as we know them
-('23) Cameroon: Eto'o low bouncing shot from 23 meters, wide. A minute later Egyptian keeper Hadary intercepts a long ball by head outside his penalty area
-('24) a long throw in by Cameroon and a Foe header attempt, no problem for Hadary.
-long throws had been an important tool of Cameroons success 2000, when Geremi from the right and Womé from the left brought defences into troubles serving the high balls for the strong physical attackers which then could set up shots by third players. Because of the low momentum of the throws compared to kicks they are not easy to defend without the risk that the ball falls to the feet of a striker
-('31) snapshot: Cameroon have given up pressing for the moment and Egypt pass the ball around among defenders to get some of the game which is most of the time taking place in the Egyptina half.
-('32) Eto'o has a half chance as he is free for a header but the ball came without impact on his head so he can only get off a weak header which goes high across the bar. Egypt answer with a similarly half dangerous attack and a shot high across the goal
-Cameroon dominate the match with patience. The Lions are strolling around the Egyptian defence, appearing not very hungry but in reality just waiting for their victims to offer a weak spot. Egypt seem happy with not being bitten.
-('44)('45) Cameroon get dangerous twice in the final minutes 

halftime 0:0
2nd half:
-not much has changed. Egyptian defence is overcrowded when Cameroon are in possession. Egypt seem to try to play into attack more quickly but Cameroon dominate midfield and intercept attacks early
-('50) Cameroon punctual pressing almost pays off: Eto'o intercepts a ball by Hadary, gets passed the keeper and shoots from 16 on the empty goal but the ball goes wide. he has been irritated by a defender who has hurried back and makes contact but seemingly after the shot. Eto'o wants a free kick or penalty but the referee says no. This had been a golden opportunity
-('52) Egypt substitute a defender (Amr Fahim) who has looked a bit unsure in the first half by Waaed
-it seems an Egyptian plan to surprise Cameroon at occasions by attacking with a bigger number of players. Only that the ball very seldom penetrates into the Cameroonian half.
-60 minutes played and gradually but perceptibally Egypt seem to accelate while cameroon again apply their dangerus punctual pressing
-('62) one of those pressing situations is leading to a corner. The well designed kick finds Mboma who makes a great header in to the corner at the second goalpost -1:0
-('66) Egypt: Hossam Hassan is on for Hosni
-('67) Cameroon: long cross into the Egyptian penalty area and a marking mismatch. Mboma sets up Lauren by head but the shot of the Arsenal player hits the outside of the net only. A huge opportunity
-('69) Cameroon: Eto'o is just defended after Geremi broke through on the right, the ensuing corner is dangerous again. 
-The physical force of the Cameroonians is a huge factor at set plays
-('70) Egypt play a corner indirectly and the cross finds Mido for a dangerous header. The first real opportunity for Egypt
-('71) Cameroon: Tchato sees a first yellow card for a tctical foul´stoping an Egypt attack
-('72) Egypt: Radwan makes a surprisingly dangerous free kick out of it. wide
-('73) Cameroon: Ngom in for Olembe, he sees yellow immediately for holding
-('74) Egypt: Mido wins another header from a free kick, Hossam Hassan tries to reach it but it goes out wide
-('75) Cameroon again seize the opportunity for pressing and get Egypt into some trouble
-the match clearly has accelerated since the goal
-('79) Egypt: Ramzy shows his class that has made him the most valuable African Bundesliga player of the past 10 years when he stops a Cameroonian attack all alone
-('81) Bebo in for Aahmed Assan
-('81) Hadary with a spectacular save against a shot by Ngom from outside the penalty area
-('82) AAlioum intercepts a cross designed for neglected Hossam Hassan, Cameroon answer with an Eto'o shot wide.
-('84) Hossam Hassan provokes a scuffle as he sees yellow for a frustration foul from behind. The referee stays calm.
-('86) Egyptian attacks become more dangerous
-Cameroon look very mature in singular situations..Egypt really fight now.
-Cameroon never make the mistake to neglect their attacking options
-('90) Cameroon: corner kick finds Foe for a dangerous header, just wide
-('90+2) Cameroon: Suffo in for Eto'o.
-(90+3) Cameroon keep attacking, Egypt have too hurry on their few opportunities to start attacks.
-(90+4) Cameroon keep possession in front of the Egyptian goal for more than a minute before the final whistle seals the match

final score 1:0
Cameroon are just one thing: strong (in any aspect).  The grade of dominance seems to have even increased sínce the last Nations Cup. Nobody wins football matches automatically but opponents will find it very hard to stop them as they also display concentration and seriousness.

match data as published by CAF Online:

Referee: Mourad Daami (TUN). 
Ass. Referees: Dramane Dante (MLI), Gamal El Hawari (LBY). 
Scorer: Patrick Mboma 61
Attendance: 15,000 
Cameroon: 1-Boukar Alioum; 2-Bill Tchato, 5-Raymond Kalla, 4-Rigobert Song, 8-Geremi Fotso Njitap, 3-Pierre Wome, 17-Marc- Vivien Foe, 12-Lauren Etame Mayer, 20-Salomon Olembe, (21- Daniel Ngom Kome 73), 9-Samuel Eto (19-Patrick Suffo 90), 10- Patrick Mboma 
Egypt: 16-Essam El Hadary; 3-Mohamed Omara, 4-Hany Ramzy, 5-Abdelzaher El Saqqa, 2-Amr Fahim (13-Wael Gomaa 53), 8-Yasser Radwan, 12-Mohamed Barakat, 17-Ahmed Hassan (7-Khaled El Amin 81), 14-Hazem Imam, 18-Ahmed Hossam, 19-Ahmed Salah Hosny (9- Gamal Hamza 66) 
Cameroon: 2- Tchato (70), 21- Kome (73) 
Egypt: 9- Hamzi (83) 

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