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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
Zambia - Tunisia
Before the match:
For a first time Tunisia are ranked among the favorites among some experts. Those expectations seem a bit unfair as Tunisia have to find the right formula under just arrived coach henri Michel, will miss their three top strikers Jaziri, Zitouni, and Sellimi, and are drawn into the arguably most difficult group of the tournament with the adding prospect of another heavy weight in the quarter finals, if they reach them. 
And so Henri Michel has asked his players to focus solely on the first match to avoid a slip up against unfancied Zambia.
Zambia have taken over the lead in the 'who has the most homebased players' statistics from Tunisia, but this has not entirely been voluntary. In Nations Cup #1 after the great Kalusha Bwalya they are somewhere in between Zambian football in crisis and a promising display by the Zambian Under 20 at the World Youth Cup 1999.
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1st half
-Tunisia in all white, Zambia in yellow socks, black shorts, and yellow shirts
-('1) Zambia begin with a blitz attack, but #8 Charles Lota does not reach the #10 Dennis Lota cross, as the Tunisian defence is surprised
-('3) Tunisia look dangerous the first time
-the match looks to develop much less reserved than the matches so far
-('13) The match has become fragmented and despite its fast tempo not very attractive
-('15) Tunisians play through and a short cross finds #7 Mhadhebi free in front of the goal who's header goes across the bar. He claims to have been pushed from behind but the referee waves on
-('22) #7 Mhadhebi hits the goalpost with a fine effort from 10 meters
-('28) Zambia with a dangerous attack
-('35) Tunisia have a few goalscenes, but not really dangerous
-('38) a long ball on Dennis Lota causes some chaos among the Tuisian defenders, but El Ouaer intervenes in time
-('41) error in the zambian defence but the Tunisian attacker is too slow and loses the ball again
-the pace seems too high for accurate football
-'(44) brutal challenge by Tunisian #5, jumping into an opponent with two legs, but the referee does not think it's red
-('injury time) Baya with an opportunity but his curved shot is too soft for the keeper
halftime 0:0

2nd half
-('48) Tunisia begin attacking and impose pressure on the Zambian defence
-('51) Baya attempts a bycicle kick but high across the bar. Again Zambia had been under pressure after a corner
-('62) yet the Zambian defence has resisted but here it needed a courageous intervention by Zambian goalkeeper David Phiri as his defenders were already played out
-('67) Tunisian #13 Bouazizi, conspicious in midfield in first half fires high across the bar
-('69) Tunisian corner and a Zambian defender has to rescue on the line against the header by Daasi, who has come on as substitute
-('70) more Tunisian pressure, this time Phiri grabs the ball
-judging from today Zambia can hardly be expected to advance. But they could steal some points from the favorites here if they can escape until the end of the match
-('71) long ball on Dennis Lota who has escaped the defenders running towards the keeper. But he blows the ball across the bar. Maybe the ground had its influence.
-('75) chaos in the Zambian defence when Daasi and Zabi are trying to connect and defenders seem to have lost orientation, Phiri rescues
-('79) Daassi just can't reach the cross by Bouzaene, a good opportunity because two Tunisian attackers had not been tightly marked
-('83) the match exclusively takes place in the Zambian half at the moment
-('85) Zambia: a sudden counter attack via Dennis Lota and Chokri El Ouaer rescues the draw for Tunisia by a great save against the Charles Lota Shot from half left.
-('87) Zambia who have smelled three points attack with four players and this obviously confuses the Tunisians. A very dangerous situation, but offside and El Ouaer again to save the North Africans.
-Zambians seem a bit overexcited now as vwell in attack as in defence
-('90) Tunisia: half chance for Zabi

final score 0:0

match data as published by CAF Online:
Referee: Coman Coulibaly (Mali)
Ass. Referees: Matela Lazarus (RSA), Osman Hamid (SUD)
Attendance: 5,000 
Zambia: 1-Davies Phiri, 2-Laughter Chilembe, 4-Moses Sichone, 5-Elijah Tana, 7-Mark Sinyangwe (21-Hillary Makasa 68), 8-Charles Lota, 13-Numba Mumamba (18-Nsofwa Chaswe 68), 17-Gift Kampamba (6-Jones Mwewa 89), 19-Andrew Sinkala, 10-Dennis Lota, 22-Mischek Lungu 
Tunisia: 1-Chokri El Ouaer, 2-Khaled Badra, 3-Zoubeir Baya, 5-Mehdi Nafti (8-Hassen Gabsi 46), 6-Hatem Trabelsi (10-Kaies Ghodhbane 73), 14-Hamdi Marzouki, 15-Radhi Jaidi, 12-Raouf Bouzaene, 13-Riadh Bouazizi, 7-Imed Mhadhebi (21-Bessam Daassi 65), 9-Jamel Zabi 
Zambia: 7- Sinyangwe (68), 10- Lota (85)


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