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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
Egypt - Tunisia
Egypt with their backs to the wall, a loss mathematically will eliminate them from the competition. A tight North African match can be expected, a high goalscore would surprise not only because of the current scoring average of the tournament. Because of the playing style and intensity of encounters like these close matches have been the case in the past. 
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Since the first match Egypt's odds at Sportsbooks have slumped but the Pharaos should not be counted out. Two wins and they will be 100% through to the quarter finals. But since it is clear that attacking legend Hossam Hassan will not be back from injury in time and Ibrahim Saeid has been sent home for indiscipline the Egyptians do not sound overconfident at all.
Tunisia once were backboned by a functioning Esperance skeleton (> where do they play analysis)
but now have to find the right mixture between old and new players and resolve their scoring problem. Which is not to smartly detect basic problems in weak defences like Liberia in a warm up and put seven past their keeper. It is rather to crack a tough nut and infallibly convert the few chances offered like against Zambia.
Tunisa still go into the match as 37% percent favorites (odds: 7/5 frac. 2.4 dec.), Egypt are rated 32% (9/5 frac. 2.8 dec.), a draw 31% (19/10 frac. 2.9 dec.).
below the original match report by
EgyptianSoccer.com - The Pharaohs are just about to undergo yet another tough dual at the African Nations Cup. Tunisia and Egypt face off in an encounter that will surely determine which team ultimately wins a quarter-final birth. History tells us that the majority of these games have been in Egypt’s favour in friendly games, however the Carthage Eagles have always had the upper hand in crucial and decisive games. Mahmoud El-Gohary has fielded what seems to be a formation with very high offensive calibar.

Starting Lineup 

Goalkeeper: El-Hadary

Defense: Yasser Radwan, AbdelZaher El-Sakka, Hany Saeed, Mohammed Omara

Midfield: Hany Ramzy, Ahmed Hassan, Hazem Emam, Mohammed Barakat

Offense: Ahmed Hossam and Ahmed Salah Hosny.


Goalkeeper: El Ouaer

Defense: Radi Jeaidy, Hamdy El-Marzouky, Khaled Badra

Midfield: Hazem Tarabelsi, Reyad Bouaziza, Raouf Bouzaine,  Qais El-Ghodbane, Zoubair Baya

Offense: Gamel Zabi and Mourad El-Melky

Live Updates 

3’: Barakat misses a close range shot as his left foot strike went inches above El-Ouaer’s goal.

6’: Hany Saeed fumbles with the ball and and Tunisia nearly scores but El-Saqqa blocks Zabi’s shot to a corner.

9': Tunisia are playing a perfect offside trap defensive strategy, which could prove lethal if Egypt can construct quick and effective counter-attacks.

15’: Hazem Emam sends a cunning curly ball to Ahmed Hossam who failed to control the ball with only the goalkeeper to beat.

17’: Tunisia’s Zoubeir Baya struck a low but weak shot towards El-Hadary after a successful raid down Tunisia’s Left flank.

24’: Goal Hazem Emam scores Egypt’s first goal from a well constructed raid from the left flank. Barakat sent a clever low cross to Ahmed Salah Hosny, who failed to shoot the ball going to an unmarked Hazem Emam who makes no mistake scoring past Chokry El-Ouaer.

26’: Tunisia press on more offensively and Bouzaiane gets a strong shot at goal but El-Hadary excells and saves the chance.

29': Qais El-Ghodbane picks up Hany Saeed’s clearing out of the penalty box and fires a powerful shot which luckily sails over El-Hadary’s goal.

29': Qais El-Ghodbane picks up Hany Saeed’s clearing out of the penalty box and fires a powerful shot which luckily sails over El-Hadary’s goal.

35’: Egypt play a wonderfull counter-attack through Ahmed Salah Hosny and Hazem Emam, who sends a clever ball to Mohammed Barakat, but El-Ouaer proved sharp and saved Barakat’s shot.

36': An injured Ahmed Hossam leaves his spot to Khaled Bebo.

40’: AbdelZaher EL-Sakka’s pass is intercepted and created a dangerous chance for Tunisia, but Hany Ramzy saves the day and clears the ball.

43’: Ahmed Salah Hosny heads a Radwan cross over the bar.

Halftime Summary 

The Pharaohs have played a spectacular 45 minutes so far, and coach Mahmoud El-Gohary has managed to outplay his counterpart on the other side. Tunisia's coach, Henry Michel, attempted to control the midfield by playing an offside trap close to the centre line. However, Tunisia's grip on the center of the pitch did not last for long as Hany Ramzy, Mohammed Barakat and Ahmed Salah Hosny managed to regain control in the pitch. However, AbdelZaher El-Sakka and Hany Saeed fumbled with the ball on many occasions creating potentially dangerous situations.

Mahmoud El-Gohary opted to substitute Khaled Bebo for Ahmed Hossam, with the latter failing to play up to expectations and was totally out of form. Bebo on the other hand, did not get a touch of the ball after being substituted in.

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Second Half 

46’: Tunisia have substituted out Raouf Bouzaiane for Amir Al-Moqaddemy in what will surely prove a more offensive substitution.

47’ Khaled Bebo’s solo run down the right flank ends in a disappointing fashion after Bebo chose to shoot rather than pass to an unmarked Hany Ramzy. Soon after, Essam El-Hadary failed to clear a dangerous cross in which luckily misses Amir Al-Moqaddemy’s shot.

49': Tunisia press on to score the equalizer and came very close when Gamel Zabi received a low cross from Hatem El-Tarabelsi, and scored past El-Hadary. However, Tunisia’s goal was disallowed by the referee after an offside was called.

51': The second half has started in Tunisia’s favour, with several chances at goal. Egypt are awarded a free kick which Yasser Radwan shoots above the cross bar.

53'’: Emad El-Mhadheby comes in for Mourad El-Melky who has proved unsuccessful throughout the game.

60': Ahmed Hassan receives a yellow card after Emad El-Mehadheby at the edge of the penalty box. The free kick was shot straight at the goal but El-Hadary punched it out to a corner.

65’: Play is constrained in midfield as El-Gohary instructs his player to withdraw to the defense. Tunisia play in their last card as Hassan El-Gabsi comes in for Hatem El-Tarabelsi. Hazem Emam also leaves his spot for Tarek El-Sayed.

70': Tunisia are awarded a dangerous free kick but El-Mehadhaby's strike hits the wall and goes out to a corner.

75': Tarek El-Sayyed is cautioned with a yellow card after the referee believed that Sayyed dived to receive a foul.

82’: All the play is within Egypt’s half right now. Amr Fahim comes in for Ahmed Salah Hosny.

86’: Spanish Referee, Arturo Ibanez is on top form as he spots Emad El-Mehadheby  diving in the penalty box to receive a penalty. Yasser Radwan is also cautioned for wasting time in a throw-in.

87’: AbdelZaher El-Sakka excells as he intercepts several balls into Egypt’s penalty area.

88’: Yasser Radwan’s spectacular long range strike strikes the cross bar and rebounds to Khaled Bebo who misses a shot at an empty goal. Bebo returns again a few seconds later but his shot is saved by El-Ouaer.

90’: The referee calls three minutes of extra time. Tunisia press on with long balls into Egypt’s Penalty area, but El-Sakka, who is definitely Egypt’s man of the match heads out all the cross ins.

91’: Tarek El-Sayyed raids down the left flank and shot a long range strike which went inches from the crossbar.

93’: Fulltime Egypt 1 – 0 Tunisia

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match data as published by CAF Online:
Referee: Arturo Ibanez (Spain)
Ass. Referees: Paulo Ribeiro (POR), Matela Lazarus (RSA)
Scorer: Hazem Imam 23 
Attendance: 3,000 
Egypt: 16-Essam Al Hadari; 3-Mohamed Omara, 5-Abdelzaher El Saqqa, 6-Hani Said, 8-Yaser Radwan, 4-Hany Ramzy, 12-Mohamed Barakat, 14-Hazem Imam (21-Tarek El Sayed, 71), 17-Ahmed Hassan, 18-Ahmed Hossam (7-Khaled Bebo, 36), 19-Ahmed Salah Hosni (2-Amr Fahim, 82) 
Tunisia: 1-Chokri El Ouaer; 2-Khaled Badra, 6-Hatem Trabelsi (8-Hassen Gabsi, 69), 14-Hamdi Marzouki, 15-Radhi Jaidi, 12-Raouf Bouazaine (19-Slim Benachour, 46), 13-Riadh Bouazizi, 3-Zoubier Baya, 10-Kaies Ghodhbane, 9-Jamel Zabi, 20-Mourad Melki (7-Imed Mhedhebi, 56) 
Egypt: 17- A. Hassan (61), 21- T. El Sayed (81), 8- Radwan (85) Tunisia: 2- Badra (57), 13- Bouazizi (68), 7- Mhedhebi (86)

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