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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
Egypt - Senegal
this is the original match report by
EgyptianSoccer.com - A heavily bruised Pharaoh side will have to play total soccer if they are to avenge themselves against West Africa's Senegalese Lions. Follow Egypt's first ACN encounter here with minute by minute updates

Starting Lineups:


Essam El Hadary
AbdelZaher El Sakka
Hani Said
Yasser Radwan
Mohammed Emara
Hany Ramzy
Ahmed Hassan
Mohammed Barakat
Tarek El Said
Khaled Bebo
Ahmed Hossam


Tony Sylva
Ferdinand Coly
Lamine Diatta
Aliou Cisse
Omar Daf
Khalilou Fadiga
Moussa Ndiaye
Mokhtar Nidiaye
Henry Camara
Papa Thiaw
El Hadj Diouf

0': Kick off - Bebo takes a long shot on goal, but goes above the cross bar. Fast game with Egypt sending long balls to Bebo and Mido

5': Ndiyae sends a long ball to Daf, but offside is called.

10': Dangerous ball deflected back to Hadary who comes off his line to clear the ball, Hadary is limping a little

15':Hani tackles Diouf, foul on right side goes into a goal kick. Radwan takes a 45 yard free kick but goes way wide. Moussa Ndiyae is booked for arguing with the ref.

20': Coly and Ahmed Hassan collide, he looks shaken. Another long Egyptian free kick, Mido sends the 35 yard ball high. Egypt manage two crosses inside the Senegal box, but Sylva grabs.

25': Diouf crosses low in the box, but Emara clears. Fadiga crosses in, but Hadary rises to grab his ball. Dangerous foul on the edge of Egypt's box, due to Diouf colliding with Radwan....ball is luckily blocked. Senegal trying to push the ball forward, but Egypt's defence hanging in.

30': Long ball to Mido, but he's called offside. Ball still held in midfield. Emara crosses in, Mido a yard behind the ball.

35': A totally tactical game thus far with both teams clamping down on key players. Diouf loose on the left, crosses in, but Radwan clears. Mido with a great effort, pulling the ball between two defenders and earning a corner....corner is deflected back to Sylva. Egypt starting to press a little. Camara tried to break through on the right, but Said had him covered.

40': A Diouf shot from a bizzare angle goes way wide. Emara sends another cross in, a bad one this time. Ramzy tackles Diouf, preventing a dangerous situation. Senegal pressing now. Tarek El Said fakes a fall in the box and earns a booking.

45': Fadiga almost breaks into the box from a Camara cross in, but Hani Said clears in time. Mido takes a ball into the box, and shoots from an impossible angle, too wide. Camara crosses in dangerously, Radwan heads away. Bebo with the ball in space, runs wide and slips in the box. ONE MINUTE OF INJURY TIME. 



Totally tactical first half, with both teams killing each other's flanks, leaving Egypt with a useless Barakat and Tarek El Said, both barely touched the ball. Egypt's defence looks inspired with El Saka, Hani Said and Radwan performing well. Senegal, like Egypt are trying to use their wings, but are failing, with Camara alwaus looking dangerous on the left. Expect a more enthusiastic Barakat/Bebo combination in the second half, who look like they were saving their first half energy. Mido is doing all he can, but is not being heloed with all the innacurate passing.

50': Bebo breaks away from Diatta, and crosses in, but it's cleared. Ndiaye forces a corner. DANGEROUS CHANCE, Diouf shoots on goal but Hadary saves well, he's back with a header that goes barely wide.

55': Senegal looking in the offensive. Ahmed Hassan with a good effort on the right, but his cross goes out for a goal kick. Egypt's long balls are all cut out. Long ball in, but Hadary comes up big.

60': Emara sends a free kick in to Mido, who's header is deflected away. Mido back heels a ball to Ramzy who shoots wide, but looks injured. Bebo sends a corner high, for another corner, which goes to waste.

65': Ramzy comes back on. Great cross in by Emara, and Barakat pull sit back into play, but out of danger. Camara breaks through, but Hani Said stops him. Teams are starting to free up a little, with Egypt starting to work the wings.

70': GREAT SHOT BY DIOUF from 20 yards out...Hadary with a fingertip save to a corner. Senegal definately more dangerous. ANOTHER DANGEROUS CHANCE..Hadary comes up bravely to prevent Camara from scoring. Substitution for Senegal Thaw IN/OUT Moussa Ndiaye

75': Ball held in midfield now. Camara crosses in low into Hadary's side netting. Mido booked for handling the ball. Sarr with a pass to Thiaw, but goes out for a corner. Substitution for Egypt Fahim IN/OUT Barakat, Emam IN/OUT Bebo

80': More midfield tackles, Emam earns a 25 yard free kick...goes to waste. Diouf passes wonderfully to Fadgia, who's shot goes inches above the cross bar. Another subbing for Egypt Tarek El Sayed IN/OUT Tarek El Said

85': Raid of Senegalese attacks, Diouf crosses in, Sakka clears, very dangerous situation now. GOAL FOR SENEGAL...a corner is punched out by Hadary and Lamine Diatta heads into an empty net where three Egyptian defenders couldn't clear. SUbbing for Senegal Diop IN/OUT Diaw. WHAT IS AHMED HASSAN DOING! he misses an clear chance infront of goal.

90': HADARY SAVES ANOTHER GOAL...Diouf cuts the ball from Hani Said and goes unchallenged towards goal, he tries to fake Hadary who makes a desperate successful save. Senegalese players are taking rough to Fahim. Fadiga almost breaks through but is caught offside. Eama takes two defenders on but takes a weak shot on goal instead of passing to an empty Ahmed Hassan. Ball is cleared by Fadiga infront of Ahmed HAssan. Mido sends a header over the bar, it's all Egyptian pressure now.

Moroccan referee Mohammed El Gazzaz lets out the final whistle, with Senegal winning 1-0. Some scuffles almost erupt between players.

Fulltime Summary

Egypt should conceed defeat knowing that they were not the better team on the pitch. Senegal pressed on for most of the second half, while Tony Sylva did not have a single save to make throughout the entire match, which goes to show Egypt's offesnive impotency. The Lions have thus proved once and for all who did deserve to go to Korea/Japan. Egypt's game was marred by bad passing, and a lack of linkage between midfield and offence.


match data as published by CAF Online:
Referee: Mohamed Guezzaz (Morocco)
Ass. Referees: Paulo Ribeiro (POR), Brighton Mudzamiri (ZIM)
Attendance: 20,000 
Scorer: Lamine Diatta 83, 
Egypt: 16-Essam El Hadary, 3-Mohamed Omara, 4-Hany Ramzy, 5-Abdelzaher El Saqqa, 6-Hany Said, 8-Yasser Radwan, 11-Tarek Said (21-Tarek Said 81), 12- Mohamed Barakat (2-Amr Fahim 75), 17-Ahmed Hassan, 7-Khaled Bebo (14-Hazem Emam 75), 18-Ahmed Hossam 
Senegal: 1-Tony Sylva, 2-Omar Daf, 3-Pape Sarr (19-Pape Bouba Diop 84), 17-Ferdinand Coly, 6-Aliou Cisse, 7-Henri Camara, 10-Fadiga Khalilou, 11-El Hadj Ousseynou Diof, 13-Lamine Diatta, 14-Moussa Ndiaye (18-Pape Bouna Thiaw 68), 15-Alassani Diao 
Egypt: 11 - Hamza (39), 18 - A. Hossam (72)
Senegal: 14- Ndiaye (15)

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