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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
parallel third matches
Jan 29 1600 GMT, Group C - parallel third matches:

Before the matches:
Cameroon  2 2-0 6
Togo  2 0-0 2
DR Congo  2 0-1 1
Côte d'Ivoire  2 0-1 1
The scenario in Group B before the matches: 
Cameroon are already qualified for the quarter-finals and have first place secure, too.
Togo need to beat Cameroon. Or: a draw against Cameroon and a draw in the other match. Even if Togo loses there is a theoretical possibility they will advance anyway, depending on the exact results.
DR Congo and Côte d'Ivoire are in exactly the same position and playing each other: they need to win their match and Togo to draw or lose. If they draw and Togo loses it will be a question of goal-diffference. If Togo has a better one, Togo will be qualified. Otherwise it will be a two-way tie or a three-way-tie and lots will have to be drawn.
tie breaker rule as promoted by CAF:
1. points
2. goal-difference
3. goals scored
4. result direct encounter (only if only 2 teams are involved!)
5. drawing lots
(Possibility 5 would come into effect with two teams f.e. if DR Congo - Côte d'Ivoire ended 1:1 and Cameroon - Togo ended 1:0.) 
(Possibility 5 would come into effect with three teams f.e. if DR Congo - Côte d'Ivoire ended 0:0 and Cameroon - Togo ended 1:0.) 
(Possibility 4 cannot come into effect here because in all possible cases the teams would be still level)
> preview group C
DR Congo - Côte d'Ivoire  3:1 
This might become an exciting matchup if not frustration is imported through the scoreline of the parallel match.
DR Congo have pleased with some nice football and star striker Shabani Nonda has returned to help the squad. He had flown to Europe for medical treatment but is said to have recovered from illness. The Congolese have played some nice football but have not achieved to break down the solid defences of Cameroon or Togo. Today as the match shoul break open at some point they might have more luck.
Luck is what the spectacular Côte d'Ivoire attacking line has not had yet either. No goals for Kader Keita, Babayoro, Dindane, Kalou and Traoré in 180 minutes - a frustrating result. And a déjà vu after 2000: it could be to late again as Togo could run out of sight in the parallel match.
Côte d'Ivoire are 49% percent favorites to win (odds: 5/6 frac. 1.83 dec.), DR Congo are rated 24% (11/4 frac. 3.75 dec.), a draw 27% (9/4 frac. 3.25 dec.).
Cameroon - Togo  3:0
Togo will have the big advantage that in their match against Cameroon, the Lions will play for nothing. A taste of it was given two years ago when Cameroon had a three goal advantage and did not fight too hard, so Togo won 1:0 in a similar third match at Nations Cup 2000. It will be interesting to see whether coach Winnie Schaefer will hand replacements a chance to play 'their' Nations Cup match or whether he will prefer to improve team work of the regular starters in something that would be another but more serious 'test-match'.
Togo have yet played a rather careful approach and though they have had a number of opportunities those have not been enough to force a goal. Maybe they will have to take chances here in the course of the match.
Cameroon are 49% percent favorites to win (odds: 5/6 frac. 1.83 dec.), Togo are rated 24% (11/4 frac. 3.75 dec.), a draw 27% (9/4 frac. 3.25 dec.).
1st half:
-Côte d'Ivoire in green, Kalou is in for Bakayoko, DR Congo in yellow shirts and blue shorts
-the match begins with a few minutes delay after a net had to be fixed
-('1) Kader Keita with  a brilliant curved shot, missing the triangle by centimeters
-('4) DR Congo with a great attack, play out the defence , a shot can be saved by the Ivorian keeper but the ball bounces back to the feet of #10 Mulekanyi? who scores. But the referee team rules him offside at the moment of the initial shot. The goal does not count.
-('9) The Congolese intercept the ball in midfield and start a fast counter attck. It becomes dangerous but Mayele's? shot goes across the bar
-('11) Abdelkader Keita and Bonaventure Kalou play out a good opportunity
-both theams with great attacking football and only the bumpy ground can stop their artwork and combinations
-('16) Another very good attack by Côte d'Ivoire but no problem with the eventual shot for the Congolese keeper, the Congolese counter attack follows immediately
-('19) CIV: Kader Keita wins a dribbling against two defenders on the left hand side but ihis cross is well intercepted by the alerted keeper
-('20) DRC: LuaLua? with a diagonal shot wide on the ensuing counter attack
-('25) DRC: LuaLua with a dangerous curved ball from half left, but like Keita on the other side in the first minute he misses close.
-('26) Côte d'Ivoire have to bring on #11 Kante for the injured defender #5 Akassou
-('27) DRC: free kick from the right hand side finds an attacker free, the header is parried by the keeper but the ball bounces to #4 Yuvulaido who heads the ball into the net - 1:0
-('29) CIV: Ivorians answer immediately as the Congolese defence sleeps on a cross but Toure heads wide from close range - a golden opportunity
-The Ivorian defence has no chance in stopping the dangerous Congolese attacks, the only chance for the Ivorians seems to be score more goals. One attack after the other is rolling towards the two goals.
-('33) The Congolese keeper touches a dangerous across the bar
-('35) Congolese defence looks odd at a free kick cross from right
-('38) Côte d'Ivoire bring on a second player in star attacker Ibrahima Bakayoko
-('41) Great trick by Kader Keita on the left wing, good for a corner
-('44) after minutes of Ivorian pressure a counter attack which unveils an Ivorian problem: 5 players spot the opportunity to attack but only the defense four are running back to defd, no midfielder supports the outnumbered defenders
-('injury time) time after time Ivorian left winger Keita is cutting through the right defence side of the Congolese, but yet no goal has resulted

halftime 1:0
spectacular attacking fireworks by both teams and especially the Ivorian defence looking odd against the fast counter attacks of the Congolese. Most conspicious still young player Abdelkader Keita who once had his breakthrough in Africa at the side of his brother when Africa Sports won the Afriocan Cup Of Cup Winners 1999.

1st half:
-Cameroon play with most of their first team regulars
-two opportunities for Togo in the opening quarter for Togo
-('15) huge opportunity for Togo as two strikers brake through, Alioum saves but a second attacker has the second chance but blows the ball across the empty goal
-('39) a Fue goal (header after corner) is called back by the referee (foul?)
-Chances 6:4

halftime 0:0
not enough for Togo unless the other match ends in a draw

2nd half:
-('46) Ivorian #6 Kouasii with a brutal ellbowing against the neck of DRC # 10. No red not even yellow. It is not the first hidden foul that is ignored by refereeing at this Nations Cup and in this game as well. The Congolese player is lucky that this is not another case for the ambulance.
-('49) Abdelkader Keita with another Okocha-stlye highlight
-The Ivorians play well but the Congolese defence of course is much more crowded than their own
-('56) The Congolese offside trap fails (not the first time) at an Ivorian cross but Bakayoko's attempt to redirect the ball into the goal with one touch goes far wide
-('58) sensational save by the Congoles keeper against the low shot by Gyapi Yapo from 17 meters
-('59) Keita now on the right wing But his promising low cross again very good intercepted by the Congolese keeper
-('60) next opportunity for the Ivorians: long range attempt across the bar
-The pitch is still one of the biggest enemies of the fast sophisticated game of the Ivorian 'Elefants'.
-('67) first 2nd half counter attack by the Congolese. They have the Ivorian defence outnumbered and mispositioned, Lua Lua sets up Nonda and he scores - 2:0
-('68) Bakayoko wants a penalty but does not get it
-('69) counter attacks on both sides and good saves by the keepers
-the match now breaks open wildly
-('72) Congolese counter and Lua Lua is all free but fires wide
-('73) the Ivorian defence in disarray and Lua Lua fires another shot which is saved by the Ivorian keeper for a corner
-The Ivorians look frustrated, pressiing attempts fail because not all players seem to believein their chance anymore
-('77) CIV: Kader Keita wants a penalty but does not get it either
-('80) CIV: #6 Kouassi (again) with a wild challenge at the edge of the penalty area. He sees yellow, the referee says its inside - penalty
-'(81) Kimoto sends the keeper into the wrong corner - 3:0
-('84) CIV: substitute Kandia Traoré over the bar
-('86) a third appeal by the Ivorians for a penalty, but again no.
-('86) answered by another Congolese counter attack
-('90) Kader Keita sets up Traoré who scores from a tight angle - 3:1
-('injury time) Traoré tries again but across the bar
-('injury time) Ivorian defenders look sluggish but the keeper stops Lua Lua as he wants to curve around him
-'injury time) a rough tackle stops Keita's last attempt

final score 3:1
A cruel game for the Ivorians who lost this match because their defence was not able to contain the dangerous Congolese counter attacks. Their own sophisticated attacking game did not produce goals against the crowded Congolese defence and the bumpy pitch.
DR Congo qualified.

match data as published by CAF Online:

Referee: Felix Tangawarima (ZIM)
Ass. Referees: Ali Tomusange (UGA), Justice Yeboah (GHA) 
DR Congo: Yves Yuvuladio 27, Shabani Nonda 66, Papy Kimoto 81pen 
Ivory Coast: Kandia Traore 89 
Attendance: 10,000
DR Congo: 1-Paulin Tokala, 3-Mundaba Kisombe, 13-Dikilu Bageta, 20-Felix Muamba, 4-Yves Yuvuladio, 11-Papy Kimoto, 6-Jason Mayele (17-Pierre Mazangala, 66),10-Kanku Mulekelanyi (16-Kifu Apataki, 85); 7-Pathy Esele Nsengo (21-Alexis Tukumu, 62), 9-Lomana Tresor Lua Lua, 18-Shabani Nonda. 
Ivory Coast: 1-Losseni Konate, 2-Habib Toure, 3-Mamadou Coulibaly, 6-Blaise Koffi Kouassi, 8-Ibrahima Kone, 4-Lassina Diabate (10-Ibrahima Bakayoko, 37), 5- Ghislain Akassou (11-Seydou Kante, 25), 13-Siby Badra Aliou, 17-Gilles Yapi Yapo, 12-Abdelkader Keita, 15-Bonaventure Kalou (9-Kandia Traore, 72). 
DR Congo: 13- Dikilu (37), 3- Kisombe Mundaba (43), 6- Jason Mayele (50)
I. Coast: 6- Kouassi Koffi (80)

2nd half:
-#13 Mettome scores on a cross from the right hand side
-now Togo will need to score a goal, there is no other scenario for them left
-Togo want offside as Cameroon breaks through, but ref waves on and two attackers (Mboma sets up Eto'o) have no problem to score the second goal
-Cameroon score a third goal against the offside trap, a one-two Olembe Eto'o Olembe goal

final score 3:0
Cameroon with the cynics of real champions, Togo have to travel home frustrated. Nice play no goal.final score 3:0
Cameroon with the cynics of real champions, Togo have to travel home frustrated. Nice play no goal.
Cameroon  3 5-0 9
DR Congo  3 3-2 4
Togo  3 0-3 2
Côte d'Ivoire  3 1-4 1

match data as published by CAF Online:

Referee: Petros Mathabela (RSA)
Ass. Referees: Dramane Dante (MLI), Farag Wagih (EGY)
Scorers: Lucien 52, Samuel Eto`o 79, Salomon Olembe 89 
Attendance: 6,000 
Cameroon: 1-Boukar Alioum; 4-Rigobert Song, 5-Raymond Kalla, 2-Bill Tchato; 8-Geremi Njitap Fotso, 17-Marc Vivien Foe, 21-Daniel Ngom Kome, 18-Eric Djemba Djemba (7-Cyrille Ndo 46), 13-Lucien Mettomo (20-Salomon Olembe 63), 10-Patrick Mboma (11-Pius Ndiefi 82), 9-Samuel Eto`o 
Togo: 16-Kossi Agassa; 12-Eric Akoto, 4-Dosseh Yaouvi Abalo, 14-Koffi Olympio, 21-Zanzan Atte-Odeyi (20-Djima Oyawole 62), 2-Maman Gafarou, 6-Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor (10-Adekambi Olufade 74), 3-Yao Senaya, 19-Salifou Moustapha, 11-Michel Dogbe, 17-Abdelkader Coubadja (7-Thomas Dossevi 78) 
Cameroon: 4- Song (38)



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