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African Nations Cup MALI 2002
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
3rd place
DR Congo - Togo
Before the match:
A golden opportunity for the two teams to snatch the second pot of the group from the Ivorians who had been pre tournament favorites to become runnsers-up to Cameroon. Especially Togo have an edge bacause of their last game against the already qualified Indomitable Lions. If they wins toda, a draw will be enough in the last match. But DR Congo defeated Togo in the  1998 group match to finish surprise 3rd of the tournament. DR Congo will be eliminated if they lose today.
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DR Congo have been weakened by the surprise departure of Shabani Nonda for unknown reasons. Whether he will return is unclear. The Congolese had some promising moments in the difficult game against Cameroon and seem to have realistic chances to advance. The Ivorians will pin their hopes on them because it would make them less dependant on Cameroons approach to the last game.
Togo have a golden opportunity to reach the quarter finals after the draw with Côte d'Ivoire and the Ivorian defeat at the hands of the now qualified Cameroon yesterday. Though there is even the theoretical possibility for them to advance by three draws they now have it in their own hands: one more draw and one win will put them save among the final eight.
Togo are surprising relatively clear 43% percent favorites to win (odds: 11/10 frac. 2.1 dec.), DR Congo are rated 28% (11/5 frac. 3.2 dec.), a draw 29% (21/10 frac. 3.1 dec.).
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1ere mi-temps:
-Togo à rouge, RD Congo à jaune, Togo a changé les attaquants apres le premier match
-Togo in red, DRC in yellow, Togo have switched their attackers
-Le match est equilibré avec Les Congolais un peu plus dangereux mais Kossi Agassa en bonne forme
-DR Congo dominates the match occasionally but most of the match is careful and balanced.
mi-temps / halftime: 0:0
2ieme mi-temps:
-('60) Le guardien du but Togolais Kossi Agassa encore sauve contre les Congolais
-it is Kossi Agassa to save again against the Congolese attackers. His biggest save is against Lisasa who has been played through and attempts from already inside the penalty area.
-('79) Pour une fois c'est le Togo avec une occasion dangereux dans cet match prudent
-once it is Togo who are dangerous in this match which is still characterised by their careful and disciplined defending
-('84) RDC: grosse occasion pour LuaLua, mais raté
-DRC: LuaLua misses an opportunity at quick counter attack
-('86)-('88) Deux occasions pour le Togo et une pour le RDC, le match plus ouvert maintenant
-the match opens up as Togo want to win
-RDC semblent satisfait avec le resultat nul
-Une dernière occasion raté par les Congolais
resultat final / final score: 0:0
For a long time Togo with an organised and disciplined defending and a very good goalkeeper. The Congolese dominated the match but could not force a goal. The match also a good evidence for the influence of the ground on accurance of passing and shooting as an additional supporting cause for the shortage of goals in the tournament.
Cameroon  2 2-0 6
Togo  2 0-0 2
DR Congo  2 0-1 1
Côte d'Ivoire  2 0-1 1
Cameroon have not only secured qualification but also the first place. For them the match against Togo is about nothing  - bad news for DR Congo and Côte d'Ivoire.

match data as published by CAF Online:
Referee: Tessema Hailemalak (ETH)
Ass. Referees: Pequenino Domingos (MOZ), Justice Yeboah (GHA)
Attendance: 7,000 
DR Congo: 12-Paulin Tokala; 13-Dikilu Bageta, 5-Bakasu Essele, 20-Felix Muamba; 11-Papy Kimoto, 6-Jason Mayele, 3-Mundaba Kisombe, 8-Kapela Mbiyavanga (21-Alexis Tekumu, 53), 19-Marcel Mbayo (16-Kifu Apataki, 59); 9-Lomana Tresor Lua-Lua, 14-Jean-Paul Boeka Lisasi (7-Pathy Nsele Esengo, 66) Togo: 16-Kossi Agassa; 12-Eric Akoto, 4-Dosseh Yaouvi Abalo, 14-Koffi Olympio, 21-Zanzan Atte-Odeyi; 8-Lantame Ouadja, 13-Komlan Assignon, 9-Kossi Noutsoudje, 3-Yao Senaya; 20-Djima Oyawole (17-Abdelkader Coubadja, 52), 11-Michel Dogbe (7-Thomas Dossevi, 64, then 10-Adekambi Olufade, 85) 
RDC: 14- Lisasi (28), 19- Mbayo (44)
Togo: 13- Assignon (89)


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