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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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quarter-finals: South-Africa - Ghana  1 : 0 

Before the match  
Each game has its own psychology.  
And a match in which a team goes with three goals advantage is always a critical one. Not only at the Nations Cup, it can be witnessed at European Cup matches each year. 
So the Ghana almost-desaster against the Côte d'Ivoire should not be rated too high, at least as far as prognosis for the quarter-finals is concerned. 
This match starts with zero and you should not expect an ride for South Africa.  
Nevertheless the South Africans have looked a very solid team with the ability to score. What is something that has been a problem for Ghana for a long time now. 
Ghana players have expressed their confidence in the Kumasi crowd whom they believe to rally behind the team. South African players have stated a desire to play in front of a packed stadium even if the crowd might be hostile. An open game with a very slim favorite: South Africa. 
> Ghana: Otto Addo in a short portrait by The Shot That Passed Right Through The Net 1998 
(remark: in the end Otto Addo opted for Ghana while Gerald Asamoah has applied for German citizenship) 

South Africa: 22-Andre Arendse; 4-Lucas Radebe, 5-Mark Fish, 15-Pierre Issa, 21-Eric Tinkler, 19-Dumisa Ngobe, 10-John Moshoeu, 11-Helman Mkhalele, 7-Quinton Fortune, 9-Shaun Bartlett, 17-Siyabonga Nomvete.  
Ghana: 1-Richard Kingson; 2-Eben Dugbartey, 3-Emmanuel Osei Kuffour, 4-Samuel Osei Kuffour, 15-Samuel Johnson, 14-Christian Gyan, 20-Otto Addo, 8-Mark Edusei, 7-Charles Akunnor, 7-Yaw Preko, 9-Kwame Ayew  
Referee: Mourad Daami (Tunisia) 
1st half
-kickoff 1603h 
-('2) Algeria with pressure on the Cameroon build up, connquering balls early, have already indicated danger potential 
Cameroon continue getting robbed of the ball early, but react with awaiting the Algerian counters with a crowded defence 
-('8) One of the dangerous throw ins of Geremi Njitap, this time to the penalty spot: A cameroon player heads it in direction to the goal, where another Cameroon player stands all alone (seems to be Eto'o) and kicks it into the goal. An Algerian defender seems to have been closer to the goal, so no offsides - 1:0 
-('11) almost a second goal: Cameroon counterplay, Tschoutang kicks it in from the right and Eto'o, after some difficulties with controlling the ball, backheels it in direction to the goal, where a defender scratches it from the line 
The right attacking side becomes a factor for Cameroon - all attacks come from here and also Geremis throw in had been from this side. The goal has clearly shifted the momentum. 
-('15) a must goal for Cameroon, this time through the middle: great through ball by Eto'o on Olembe, who ends up having passed the goalkeeper and firing the ball from 5 meters across the bar (seems to be a highly infectious desease at this tournament) 
-('16) a cruel looking late challenge by Song against Benhamlet 
-('19) another late challenge (Njanka?) 
-('20) A Cameroon counter attack shows: the Cameroon attackers are superior to the Algerian defenders in one against one, and another Geremi throw in causes troubles 
-('21) another huge counter attack by Cameroon but Eto'o can't get it across the line 
-(''23) A free kick from the right, the ball is defended, but comes in again from the left by a Tchoutang cross ball: Foe throws in his body and heads it into the net - 2:0 
-(26) Algeria: half chance but Song interecpts the square ball inside the penalty area 
-('29) Cameroon: unlucky scene for Eto'o when he gets fouled, stumbled and runs into a kick of another player - but he returns a minute later 
-('36) Cameroon: Tchoutang, dribbling in from the right sets up Mboma who can get off some kind of shot which is grabbed by Benabdellah 
-('38) Cameroon: Tchoutang from the right, this time doing it all alone - hits the outside of the net 
-('40) Olembe steals the ball from Dziri but Benabdellah quite easily saves the Mboma? scoop 
Halftime: 1:0 
South Africa looked dominant, but the goal came when Ghana had just emancipated. Ghana answered the goal by attacks, but the psychological momentum is now on the side of the South Africans. Unless they draw back and concentrate on defending. Then the momentum could reshift. 
Do all the players for Ghana play at Europe?
who has been champions of South Africa 1996? 
the author has just informed me that the new African Yearbook 2000 is out now 
want to support the match acoustically? 

2nd half 
-('46) Ghana: Ofori-Quaye comes in for Otto Addo, who had not had much impact in the first half  
South Africa start as if they want to decide the match early 
-('48) South African Eric Tinkler commits a very small foul, and the referee shows him a second yellow card (what in fact he has forgotten in the cabin) - a very harsh decision  
-('49) Ghana: the free kick finds Johnson to head it to Kuffour who heads it against the crossbar. following a minutelong confusion in the South African penalty area. 
-('51) Ghana: Johnson heads another free kick wide 
-('53) South Africa: Nomvete all alone approaching the goal from the left side hits the outside of the net 
-('55) Ghana: Appiah replaces Akonnor 
-('61) Ghana: S.Kuffour free kick wide 
-('62) South Africa: Nomvete with another solo run, but no harm 
-('64) Ghanaian keeper Kingston with risk and skill escapes some pressure 
-('68) South Africa: Nomvete tries a surprise shot from a difficult angle and hits the outside of the net - maybe a wasted chance as there were two other South African players with him 
-('70) Ghana: Emmanuel Kuffour avoids a chance as he fouls Mkhalele 18 meters to the goal - the referee seems unwilling to show any more yellow cards 
-('70) South Africa: Fortunes's free kick is saved by Kingston for a corner 
-('72) Ghana: Ayew header across the bar - Ghana win many headers in the Soth African penalty area for which they play in the second half 
-('75) Ghana: South African defence await a free-kick as a cross from the left, but it is a square loq pass to Appiah who anleahes a rocket from 20 minutes that misses the target only close 
Against the low passing and dribbling the South Africans defend well 
Nomvete is still conspicious and most counter attacks involve him, relieving the defence 
Arendse makes no mistakes in shooting away the passes back to him 
-('86) South Africa: Ndlanya replaces Nomvete 
-('87) Ghana wants a handball penalty, but referee waves on 
-('88) Ghana: a more than 25 meter Ofori-Quaye freekick granade misses by inches 
-('injury time) Ndlanya tries to catch the keeper by a near post shot but misses wide 
-('injury time) Ghana: crosses fly into the South African penalty area but defenders can prevent a clear opportunity 

Final: 1:0 
South Africa with the tighter defence and attackers with more impact won the match despite being one man down in the second half (discussions might have been high if Ghana had won). It was the expected close and thrilling match.  
Ghana have not overcome their goal production problem, they scored 3 goals in 4 home matches 
(> preview Ghana) 
South Africa looks really strong, a well balanced team. They will play the winner of the match Nigeria-Senegal in the semi-finals at Lagos

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