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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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quarter-finals: Egypt - Tunisia 0:1 

This had been the situation before the match: 
In the World Cup qualification for France 98 both were in the same group and Tunisia had the upper hand. But Egypt is coming into this match with more confidence: they have won their easier group by a clean sweep. Tunisia has struggled and needed the help of Nigeria who shot them through in the final miuntes by beating Morocco by two goals. An open match with a slim favorite in Egypt. They seem to have more scoring weapons. 
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Egypt: 1-Nader El Sayed; 2-Ibrahim Hassan, 4-Hani Ramzi, 5-Abdelzaher El Saqqa, 3-Mohamed Omara; 20-Hady Khashaba, 8-Yasser Radwan, 11-Tarek Said, 15-Ibrahim Said; 9-Hossam Hassan, 19-Ahmed Salah Hosni 
Tunisia - 1-Chokri El Ouaer; 2-Khaled Badra, 3-Sami Trabelsi, 15-Radji Jaidi, 17-Tarek Thabet; 8-Zoubier Baya, 14-Sitajeddine Chihi, 12-Raouf Bouazaine, 18-Meher Kanzari; 20-Zied Jaziri, 9-Ali Zitouni 

1st half 
-kick-off 1500h GMT
-('2) the referee (Alain Sars, France) whistles the first challenges for small fouls (holding etc.)
-('8) Egypt: first threat for the Tunisian defence by a Omara cross from the left. The attack had been initiated at the right wing and he had perfectly and unmarked occupied the opposite side waiting for the defended ball
-('11) Egypt: the Egyptian corners look dangerous - thes second of the match finds #3 who heads it wide right of the goal
Tunisia with more ball posession, Egypt came closer to the goal yet, there seems to be some changing winds, and Tunisia play with both: Kanzari and Baya, Sellmi out instead
-('16) Tunisia loses ball in build-up and stops the Egyptian attack for a free-kick from the left hand side. But Tunisians can defend against the cross and a following one from the other side. Egypt occupies wings well.
-('18) same situation on the other side when Jaziri is stopped for a dangerous free-kick cross ball by Kanzari to be fisted away by the keeper - Tunisia is a tellm with wing usage, too
-('18) Kanzari shot from dangerous position far across the bar - could be that the referee had whistled the scene off before anyway
-('20) Tunisia has to avoid getting robbed of the ball in midifield build up - this time Egypt too hastily squandered the counter opportunity
-('22) penalty for Tunisia: Said Ibrahim tackles for the ball, does not touch it and referee says he has hit Baya who has fallen - Khaled Badra's low shot goes to the left half of the goal while keeper goes for the other corner - 0:1
No clear chances in the following minutes as the teams neutralize each other.
Jaziri has been treated several times but plays on yet. 
-('38'39) Suddenly both keepers get tested, Hossam Hassan with a dangerous shot from difficult angle and the Tunsians with a distance attempt after a counter attack 
-('44) unusual untight marking in the Tunisian penalty area and a cross finds Hosny who's header goes wide and is almost reached by Hossam Hassan who instead hits the keeper - but El Ouaer can play on without a problem
-('injury time) Badra with a silly armblow to Hossam Hassans head while going for a header, but the free kick of Yasser Radwan is successfully deflected by the wall

Halftime 0:1 
Tunisia defends much better against the well-spread Egyptian attack. They profit from a rare lead against the Egyptians thanks to a penalty. Otherwise most likely there had been no goal at all. Now it will be difficult for Egypt but they have indicated they will at least be able to create a few chances in the second half. Yet they have not loosened their defence so that Tunisia should not have many counter attacks at the beginning of the second half

2nd half 
-Tunisia: Gabsi in for Zitouni, looks like a little change in tactics
-Egypt: plays with #10 Sabry now, who causes a first little havoc ('49)
-('52) Egypt: free-kick from central position, 25 meters, El Ouaer has difficulties in saving the good ball by Hossam Hassan
-('53) Tunisia: Jaziri scores set up by Kanzari, but he's offside
still many free kicks for small fouls, both teams try to suffocate the opponents game early
-('62) Badra successfully stops Hosny, most attacks end by good defending, some by overoptimistic passing
-('64) Egypt: opportunity initiated from the left wing, but Hosny cannot get off a shot without another defender deflecting it successfully
-('66) Tunisia: Bouazizi in for Baya
-('67) Sabry displays his extraordinary technical skills and gets a free kick at the corner flag, El Ouaer knocks it out by his fist
-(68) Egypt: Hossam Hassan 25 meter shot far too weak for El Ouaer
-('72) a miserable goalkick by El Ouaer (already the second of the match) and the Egyptians are stopped for a freekick from almost 25 meters: Hossam Hassans attempt is deflected by the wall
-('81) match starts to become a bit more open now, as it starts getting late for Egypt
.('84) Kanzari tries from 2o meters but balloons it high across the goal
-('86) Tunisia: this time a more dangerous counter attack but the ball in from the right side is headed fopr a corner by an Egyptian defender in the last moment
-('88) Hossam Hassan who has had a tough time is fouled again for a yellow card against #4 Boukadida (substitute)
-('injury time) Jaziri and Gabsi run a counter attack, which Jaziri tries to convert by a 20 meters lob, but Egyptian keeper well alerted
-('injury time) Jaziri gets a free kick and time off the clock
-('injury time) Jaziri wins another free-kick
-match over, Tunisians are overwhelmed with joy, thank the audience waving

Final result 0:1 
A tough match in which both teams neutraliized each other. It is hard to imagine how Tunisia whould have scored else than from a standard. They reminded more the old style of the Kasperczak era this time, concentrated on defence and scoring from standards, won by lively individuals upfront.
They might have a different face in the semi-finals again.
The Egyptians might have been the slightly more dangerous team. But they did not accomplish to work out a penalty, only free-kicks.
All in all it was a match with almost no real huge scoring opportunities.
Tunisia will now play Cameroon at the semi-finals on Thursday

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