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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Tunisia - Morocco 

Before the match 
Morocco snatched a lucky late winner against Congo. They blamed the heat for their apatethic performance against their lively opponents. Now they are suddenly gifted a match ball in the clash with their North African counterparts. 
Tunisia tried some risky tactics to profit from the initial unsureness of the hosts. (Nigeria had lacked match practice before the tournament). They (Tunisia) were defending with agressive offside play and seeking to exploit possible problems of the Nigerian defence in attack. In the end it all went wrong, the Nigerians came out confident and Tunisia in doubt. Will they stick to the strategies they have practised or will they get nervous? They are under pressure now: 
If Morocco wins, Morocco will be formally qualified for quarter finals and Tunisia will be formally eliminated, leaving only a minimal theoretical chance for Congo to catch up with Nigeria . 
If there is a draw, there will be some slim chances left for Congo and Tunisia. But only if the Nigeria-Morocco encounter does not end in a draw. 
If Tunisia wins, the last day of the group (Februar 3rd) will be a thriller. 
> Nigeria - Tunisia match report 
> Morocco - Congo match report 
Nigeria  2 4-2 4
Morocco  1 1-0 3
Congo  2 0-1 1
Tunisia  1 2-4 0

Morocco: 2-Abdelilah Saber, 3-Abdelkrim El Hadrioui, 6-Noureddine Naybet, 7-Mustapha Hadji, 8-Said Chiba, 9-Abdeljilil Hadda, 10-Adil Ramzi, 12-Khalid Fouhami, 18-Youssef Chippo, 19-Jamal Sellami, 20-Taher El Khalej  
Tunisia: 1-Chokri El Ouaer, 2-Khaled Badra, 3-Sami Trabelsi, 8-Zoubier Beya, 11-Adel Sellimi, 14-Sitajeddine Chihi, 15-Radhi Jaidi, 17-Tarek Thabet, 19-Hassan Gabsi, 20-Zied Jaziri, 21-Walid Azaiez  
1st half 
-('1) Tunisia: Sellimi seems to have tripped over a defender in the penalty area but referee said no foul 
Tunisia begins with fast attacks, Jaziri brakes through on the right wing. The match is starting quite fast, compared to some other afternoon matches we have seen. 
After 5 minutes the match is even, but Tunisia still leads in ball possession. 
 ('11) Tunisia again with attacking attitude - this brings a Morocco counterattack and a sharp Adel Ramzi 18 meter shot which is saved by El Ouaer 
 ('12) On the opposite side a Tunisian player brakes through on the right side and is fouled on or short before the line of the penalty area , referee says outside, the free kick opportunity fades by bad execution 
-(13) Morocco: Chippo has to be substituted (muscle injury?) 
-('15) Tunisia: Khaled Badra with an energetic solo run and a dangerous low shot wide 
-('17) Morocco counterattacks are rare but menacing 
-('25) Morocco: Tunisian defence in diffulties after a sharp diagonal by El Hadrioui into the crowded box 
Morocco has become stronger, the Tunisian game more slow  
-('3x) Morocco: sharp diagonal ball by El Hadrioui into the crowded box brings Tunisia in trouble  
commentator  (me) is cursing Microsoft and Netscape for software and computer breakdowns  
-('42) Jaziri breaks through on the left wing and is victim to a desperate foul by Sellami (yellow)  
-('45) dangerous Tunisian breakthrough on the left side (Jazari agian (?)), but the player shoots wide 

Halftime - 0:0 
Tunisia began strong but then paid trubute to the heat. At the end of the half both teams showed marks of the weather: Tunisia, in some must-win position has a hard task in front of them. Morocco can approach the second half more relaxed.  

the author has just informed me that the new African Yearbook 2000 is out now 

2nd half 
-('48) Tunisia: dangerous long diagonal ball by Sellimi from the left into the penalty box but Gabsi misses close
-('49) Tunisia: dangerous free kick position for Baya 7 meters half left side. But the wall is only 6 meters (7 yards) distance and Baya chips across the bar.
the young Jaziri, a 21 year old from Etoile du Sahel, is impressive
-('66) Morocco Giant opportunity after a well played two against two counter attack, #9 Hadda ('Camacho') sets up Ramzi, but El Ouaer makes a great save. The rebounding ball comes to Hadd(Camacho) again, who inaccurately fires, Ramzi steps in an misses the goal from about 3 meter distance (He may have been offside).
-('67) Bassir (Morocco) and (later) Kanzari (Tunisia) are brought in to give the match a decidier
-('72) Aginst the more and more open Tunisian defence two more big occasions for Morocco when Hadda(Camacho) and Bassir miss close
The Tunsians attack but has problems with the counter attacks:
-('76) Tunisia : Great save by the Morocco keeper against a surprising 30 meter rocket by Kanzari? He injures himself at the effort and gets treated
It is a fair match so many before
-('80) Tunisia: Sellimi header far wide
-('83) Tunisia: Gabsi breakes through on the right wing but his pass into the back of the defence is eavesdropped on
-('84) Tunisia: Zitouni breaks through on the left and tries a surprise shot from difficult angle, the keeper saves with his right foot
-('87) Tunisia: long ball by Gabsi into the penalty area, Zitouni wins a header, but Kanzaris shot is blocked
-('88) Tunisians hit the aluminium but referee has whistled the scene off before
-('89) Tunisia: Another desperate attack via Gabsi, goalkeeper misses the flying ball, but there is no player in that area to profit
-('90) Tunisia: Zitouni brakes through and is stopped in the last moment for a corner
5 minutes injury time
('injury time) referee is angry with Sellimi who tries to provoke a penalty
Kanzari is a lively element to the game
('injury time) Kanzaris (Bayas?) dangerous free kick from a difficult angle saved by the keeper with his fists
Tunisians with a brave match, everybody wants the ball. Morocco switches between playing time and counter attacks against the exposed defence

Final result - 0:0 
A thrilling match which Tunisia could have won but could have lost as well. Now their chances depend on what kind of action will take place in the Morocco-Nigeria clash. If those two 'agree' on a draw, Tunisians and Congolese will be locked out. If there is a winner, it will come down to a close decision. It's not over yet.
Nigeria  2 4-2 4
Morocco  2 1-0 4
Congo  2 0-1 1
Tunisia  2 2-4 1

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