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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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3rd place
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parallel third matches:  
Nigeria-Morocco and Tunisia-Congo 

That was the situation before the matches:  
Nigeria can secure quarter finals and first place in the groupwith either a draw or a victory over Morocco. After a flamboyant second half against Tunisia (4:2) they only managed a lacklustre performance against Congo (0:0) and are now under high pressure from the home crowd. 
Nigeria has a problem in attack: Akpoborie occupies a place in the squad although he is not fit after injury. And Ikpeba yesterday was reported to have been thrown out for insulting the coach Jo Bonfrere. 
Morocco had similar problems against the lively Congolese and they blamed the heat in their first match (a lucky late 1:0). They played much better against Tunisia (0:0). Their problem could be a lack of firepower in the attack, a problem they had only temporarily overcome at France 98. One goal in two matches is not an expression of good conversion of their opportunities. 
Morocco needs a draw to reach quarter-finals or to win to reach quarter-finals and secure first place in the group. 
Both will also go through if Congo and Tunisia draw, or, if the Tunisia-Congo match has a winner but the margins of both matches are too narrow so that goal-difference still speaks for them (example: Tunisia wins by one goal and Nigeria wins by one goal - this will leave Morocco in second place) 
Tunisia and Congo fear that Morocco and Nigeria will 'agree' on a draw at some stage of the matches - that would leave them locked out whatever result they might achieve. (This is not a theory of conspiracy, but if it is for example 1:1 with 15 minutes to the end, neither of the two will take any chances. It would be silly) 
So they beg for a winner. 
But their own match is not easily won either: 
Congo has played a committed and lively game but lacking some impact in the last third (no goal yet). They will be a tough nut to win against, and an ever tougher nut to beat by two or three goals. 
Tunisia has played quite well but due to the strong opponency has not have the results. Now they want to prove they belong to the best. 
Who knows, maybe Tunisians will say big thanks for their late second goal against Nigeria in the first match at the end of this day... 
Nigeria  2 4-2 4
Morocco  2 1-0 4
Congo  2 0-1 1
Tunisia  2 2-4 1
> match reports on the four matches played yet 
1st half, Nigeria - Morocco- kicked off 1600 GMT 
-('4) Saber out of his goal in time to claim the ball against the running Babangida. He has to be treated at his arm, but does not seem serious 
Both teams look as if they could score - Nigeria by their creativvity and Morocco by counter attacks 
('15) Okocha free kick against the upper bit of the crossbar 
-('25) Shoronmu reliable against a Morocco free kick 
The match has lost the quality of the first minutes 
-('29) Kanu, on the right, with great overview, sees Finidi George in the middle, and Finidi unleashes a miracle shot from more than 20 meters into the left triangle - 1:0 
-('30) Morocco nervous? 
-('36) neat Morocco counter attack but stopped by the Nigerian defence 
-('42) Morocco: long ball on Bassir? who tries to surprise Shoronmu with a shot from difficult angle but the keeper is at the right spot 
-('45) Okocha excites the crowd as he skilfully escapes a challenge at midfield 
-('injury time) the injured Bassir is substituted 

Nigeria: 1-Ike Shoronmu; 3-Celestine Babayaro, 4-Nwankwo Kanu, 5-Furo Iyenemi, 6-Taribo West, 7-Finidi George, 8-Mutiu Adepoju, 10-Austin Okocha, 13-Tijani Babangida, 19-Benedict Akwuegbu, 21-Godwin Okpara  
Morocco: 2-Abdelilah Saber; 5-Rachid Neqrouz, 7-Mustapha Hadji, 8-Said Chiba, 12-Khalid Fouhami, 13-Ahmed Bahja, 14-Salaheddine Bassir, 15-Lahcen Abrami, 16-Youssef Mariana, 19-Jamal Sellami, 20-Taher El Khalej 

1st half, Tunisia - Congo- kicked off 1558 GMT  
-('7) #7 Bokotala, all alone plays out the entire Tunisian defence and - shoots acroos the goal 
-('9) El Ouaer has to act alerted as the Congolese come again 
-('11) more scares for the Tunisian goal 
-('12) a sample of the Congolese game: keeper claims the Tunisian corner throws 40 meters to a midfield player who immediately tries a through ball into attack - this time it is stopped 
-('16) Tunisia: good save by the Congolese keeper against a Gabsi? shot 
-('17) cross ball from right side, keeper can't claim it and Jaidi against keeper and a defender heads it into the right direction - 1:0 
-('22) Congo: Guie-Mien sets up Bokotola, but his shot wide 
-('26) Kanzari with a free kick, but keeper can save 
-('35) The Tunisian defence with problems against the neat Congolese attacks, but Congo lacks completion. 
-('36) Tunisia: deflected 20 meter shot almost lands in goal. The following corner also brings some danger. 

Tunisia: 1-Chokri El Ouaer; 2-Khaled Badra, 3-Sami Trabelsi, 9-Ali Zitouni, 11-Adel Sellimi, 12-Raouf Bouazaine, 14-Sitajeddine Chihi, 15-Radhi Jaidi, 17-Tarek Thabet, 18-Meher Kanzari, 19-Hassan Gabsi  
Congo: 1-Brice Samba; 3-Luc-Arsene Diamesso, 4-Jean-Sylvestre Nkeoua, 5-Camille Oponga, 6-Bedel Moyimbouabeka, 7-Richard Bokatola-Lossombo, 11-Oscar Ewolo, 14-Rolf-Christel Guie Mien, 15-Toussaint Service, 19-George Ngoma Nanitelamio, 21-Jules Tchimbakala 

Halftime: Nigeria - Morocco 1:0  /  Tunisia - Congo 1:0 
At halftime: Morocco is still a half goal ahead of Tunisia, but Tunisia can hope. They have not looked too good against Congo, but Congo still have their scoring problem.  
A lot depends on how the Nigerians will play the second half. Goals out of nothing are as well possible as some laissez-faire attitude torwards the end: For Nigeria a draw or a victory would mean no difference. 
2nd half, Nigeria - Morocco  2 : 0 

-1706 h (GMT) (5 minutes later) 
-('46) Julius Aghahowa, the young star out of the Under 20 side replaces Akwuegbo. 
-('47) Hadji with a solorun, gets corner 
-('62) Nigeria with an opportunity blocked by a Morocco defender 
no big goalscenes 
-('63) Okocha across the goal 
-('71) a free kick bounces high in front of the aMorocco goialkeeper but he can save 
-('72) after the corner a Nigerian rocket from 16 meters misses the target 
-('73) Kanu misses wide after a minutelong goal spell by the Nigerians 
1735: it is still Morocco a half goal in front of Tunisia in the remote duell 
-('81) ball into attack, on Julius Aghahowa who chips the ball over the keeper - 2:0 
1744h Morocco now a half goal behind Tunisia! 
-('87) Morocco attempts to attack but cannot manage a real good chance - Nigeria lets the ball circle around and stands organized 
Morocco looks paralysed like in the Congo match 
-('injury time) not more than a half chance  
- the match is over - Morocco do not look too disappointed? 

2nd half, Tunisia - Congo  1 : 0 

-1701 h (GMT) 
-('49) Congolese defence unconcentrated but Sellimi misses the target 
-('49) Congo answers but El Ouaer with a good save 
-('56) Sellimi misses the target from close range with a header 
-('59) El Ouaer alerted on two otherwise threatening occasions 
-('63) Congolese freekick into the wall 
-('64) The Congolese keep attacking  
Are the Tunisians nervous? missed tackles, midfielders look a bit mispositioned sometimes so that Congo can build up some sonsecutive attacks 
-('70) Congolese with a shot on goal and even El Ouaer looks bervous now 
-('73) Zitouni solorun against the Congolese goal and in the last moment a defender and the keeper can rescue for a corner 
('76) after a Tunisian opportunity the Conngolese counter: a Guie Mien solo run, his first attempt is saved, his second ball rolls in direction of the empty goal but is scratched off the line 
1735: it is still Morocco a half goal in front of Tunisia in the remote duell 
-('81) Tunisian opportunity - but nothing happens 
-('82) Congolese keeper takes the ball off Jaziris foot (Jaziri substitute) and a second scene 
-(''84) long ball on Gabsi who is through and brought down from behind by #21 - penalty 
-('85) #7 shoots with all the responsibility on his shoulders - keeper saves easily 
1744h Morocco now a half goal behind Tunisia! 
-('injury time) free kick fopr Congo - wide over the bar 

Final results: Nigeria - Morocco 2:0  /  Tunisia - Congo 1:0 
Tunisia did not achieve it themselves. They must thank the Nigerians who pleased their fans with a 2:0 victory in a match that seldom saw Morocco threatening the Nigerian goal.  
Congo must go home without a goal scored but leave with a positive image 
Nigeria  3 6-2 7
Tunisia 3 3-4 4
Morocco  3 1-2 4
Congo  3 0-2 1

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